Book Specific Translations M

Book specific translations

Marvel #5

Original languageEnglish
Mein Gott! Mein Führer! Captain Amerika ist tot!My god! My leader! Captain America is dead!

Marvel Comics (80th Anniversary Special) #1001

Original languageEnglish
GesundheitHealth, Bless you
SchadenfreudeMischief joy
Verklemmt (not: Verklempt)Inhibited, gotten stuck

Marvel Comics Presents (I) #101, 101, 103, 104, 105, 106, 108, 110

Original languageEnglish
Der Jahrmarkt (not: der Jarrmacht)The carnival
Freund (not: Fruend)Friend
Meine Freunde (not: mein Freunds)My friends

Marvel Comics Presents (III) #1

Original languageEnglish
Töte die Schweine! (But this is singular, it most likely should be plural: Tötet die Schweine!)Kill the pigs!

Marvel Comics Presents (III) #3

Original languageEnglish
Merci pour le petit bonheur.Thank you for the little happiness.

Marvel Comics Presents (III) #5

Original languageEnglish
Mein lieber JungeMy dear boy
Sei nicht beunruhigt, Irene. Ich werde dich nicht fallen lassen.Do not worry, Irene. I will not let you fall.

Marvel Fanfare (I) #3, 4

Original languageEnglish
Ach -- mein Kopf!Oh, my head!
Nicht wahr?Don't we? or Isn't it? (In the German language the phrase does not depend on the sentence before it.)

Marvel Mystery Comics (I) #17

Original languageEnglish
Das Metall (not: Der Metal)The metal
Ja (not: ya)Yes

Marvel Mystery Comics (I) #42

Original languageEnglish
DonnerwetterThunder storm, as curse: Damn it!
Dummköpfe (not: Dumbkopfs)Fools, nitwits
SchickelgruberFamily name of Hitler's anchestors
Schweinehund (not: Swinehund)Filthy swine
Verstehen Sie?Do you understand?
Was ist? Was ist das? (not: Vass iss das?)What is? What is that?

Marvel Previews (I) #28

Original languageEnglish
Eidgenössische Technische HochschuleSwiss Institue of Technology (the people of the Switzerland call themselves Eidgenossen = Companions of the Oath, because in 1291 a confederacy was forged - and sealed with oaths - that was the origin of todays country)

Marvel Universe #1, 2, 3

Original languageEnglish
An U-62: Treffen mit dem Drachen Knotenpunkt AlphaTo U-62: Meeting with the dragon point of intersection alpha
Bismarck, Otto vonGerman's chancellor (1815 - 1898)
KleinLittle, Small (here a name)

Marvel Westerns: Western Legends #1

Original languageEnglish
Brandwunde, Daemon!Ouch. Another case of dictonary misuse. "Brandwunde" is a wound gotten by burning. But I am sure they mean "Burn, demon" and that is "Brenne, Dämon!"
Der Rot Wulf (is wrong, correct: Der Rote Wolf)The Red Wolf
Scher dich zum Teufel!Go to Hell! (lit: Move yourself to the devil!)
So wahr mir Gott helfe! Nein!So help me God! (lit: As true as God helps me!) No!

Marvels Comics: Captain America #1

Original languageEnglish
NeinNo (the English pronounciation of the digit 9 is like the German word Nein)
Ratskeller (Rathskeller is an unusual spelling)The cellar of a city hall having a restaurant.

The Marvels Project #5

Original languageEnglish
Geheim-Akte von SS (=Schutzstaffel ) Maj. KerfootSecret files of SS (protection squadron) major Kerfoot

The Marvels Project #7

Original languageEnglish
Sozialdemokratische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (the rest of the document is too small to read)Social Democratic German Labourparty

Midnight Sons Unlimited #9

Original languageEnglish
Mein FlammenwerferMy flame-thrower
VergeltungswaffeWeapon of revenge
Was zum Teufel?What the heck?

Mighty Avengers (II) #4

Original languageEnglish
Dann müssen wir beenden ihre bösen Plan -- oder beim Versuch sterben! (Correct: Dann müssen wir ihren bösen Plan aufhalten -- oder beim Versuch sterben!) (Isn't it strange that Hauptmann Deutschland cannot speak proper German?)Then we must stop their evil plan -- or die trying!
Wir haben fünfzehn Minuten vor dem W.E.S.P.E. zerstören die Welt mit ihren Stechen-Gas, mein Freund! (Correct: Wir haben fünfzehn Minuten bevor W.E.S.P.E. die Welt mit ihrem Stech-Gas zerstört. mein Freund!)We have fifteen minutes before the W.A.S.P. destroy the world with their sting-gas, my friend!

Monsters Unleashed (I) #3

Original languageEnglish
Allow me some historical notes.In 1935 Austria was a republic, officially there were no nobles anymore and no fiefs either. Former nobles were, however, still holding power due to their wealth (in positions like "politician" or "business man").
When Nazi Germany occupied Austria in 1938 it was not done by force of arms. Since years, the Nazis had grown as political force in Austria, putting pressure on everyone who opposed them, while the politicians of the other parties were too busy fighting each other. In 1938 basically the resistance in Austria was broken and Hitler and his troops "brought the country back home into the Reich".
Schwartzhof"Black yard"

Mystique #15, 15, 16, 17

Original languageEnglish
Ich töte dich! (not: Töt dich!) (although as Austrian he would have said: I bring di um! or: I drah di ham!)I'll kill you!
Klonento clone
LinzCapital of the Austrian federal country "Oberösterreich" (Upper Austria)
Nein, ich habe David Hasselhof im Konzert noch nicht (not: nicht schon) gesehenNo, I have not yet seen David Hasselhof in concert
Salzburg"Salt castle" (capital of the Austrian federal country with the same name)
Was ist los (not: loss)?What's going on?

Book specific translations



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