The History of Marvels Comics (2000) Save link
Front coverKyle Hotz1
Ti:The history of Marvels Comics15
Cr:W-Tom Brevoort   P/L-[N.G.]   I/F-[N.G.]   L-[N.G.]   C-Thomas Velazquez
Rm:There is one additional page with the recap/intro the credits.
SketchPolice sketch, artist Kyle Hotz's renderings of the elusive Spider-ManKyle Hotz1
SketchArtist Eddy Newell's sketches of Daredevil and his Hell's Kitchen helpersEddy Newell1
Marvels Comics: Captain America (2000) Save link
Front coverJohn Romita Sr.1
Ti:Time Rip part 5: World War:II People:021
Cr:W-Peter David   P/L-Mark Bagley, Ronald Frenz   I/F-Joe Sinnott, Al Vey   L-Comicraft, Troy Peteri, Richard Starkings   C-Joe Rosas   Ed-Tom Brevoort   E-i-C-Bob Harras
Marvels Comics: Daredevil (2000) Save link
Front coverEddy Newell?1
Cr:W-Tony Isabella   P/L-Eddy Newell   I/F-Eddy Newell   L-Comicraft, Jason Levine, Richard Starkings   C-Jason Wright
Marvels Comics: Fantastic Four (2000) Save link
Rm:Cover date is 2000/07, imprint gives 2000/05
Front coverPaul Martin Smith1
Ti:The life fantastic! / Theory of relatives / Out of the frying pan... / ...It's clobberin' time! / The fantastic finish!17 (1-4-4-4-4)
Cr:W-Karl Kesel   P/L-Paul Martin Smith   I/F-Paul Martin Smith   L-Comicraft, Jason Levine, Richard Starkings   C-Jason Palmer   Ed-Tom Brevoort   E-i-C-Bob Harras
Fun/GameGrimm's gym: Exercise tips approved by the FF's own man-mountain of muscle!Mike Wieringo, Karl Kesel1
Fun/GameThe Invisible Woman's fantastic photo album: A window into the world of the FF's family and friends!Joseph Jusko1
Fun/GameFantastic Fan page (bogus letter page)?2
Fun/GameJohnny Storm's hot lists! The latest faves and raves of the here and now's most sizzling super hero!Carlos Pacheco, Jesús Merino1
Fun/GameUnstable molecules: Reed Richards' Fantastic Facts of ScienceThomas Grummett, Bob Wiacek1
Marvels Comics: Spider-Man (2000) Save link
Front coverKyle Hotz1
Ti:The menace of Spider-Man: Caught! / Getting what you want / Along came the Spider / Betrayal22 (4-8-6-4)
Cr:W-Paul Grist   P/L-Kyle Hotz   I/F-Kyle Hotz   L-Comicraft, Troy Peteri, Richard Starkings   C-Steve Oliff   Ed-Tom Brevoort   E-i-C-Bob Harras
Marvels Comics: Thor (2000) Save link
Front coverDerec Aucoin?1
Ti:Friendly fire22
Cr:W-Ty Templeton   P/L-Derec Aucoin   I/F-Walden Wong   L-Wes Abbott, Richard Starkings   C-Rick Taylor   AsiEd-Frank Dunkerley   Ed-Tom Brevoort   E-i-C-Bob Harras
Fun/GameLet's Yammer About the Hammer (bogus letter page)?1
Marvels Comics: X-Men (2000) Save link
Front coverSean Phillips1
Ti:How I learned to love the bomb!22
Cr:W-Mark Millar   P/L-Sean Phillips   I/F-Duncan Fegredo   L-Comicraft, Troy Peteri, Richard Starkings   C-Kevin Somers   Ed-Tom Brevoort   E-i-C-Bob Harras