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This database cannot contain all information that has ever been collected and presented in the web regarding Marvel comics. But why should I try? There are other great sites you can visit, so here we go!

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item Creator's homepages and fan pages

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Sites for national Marvel comics

Marvel comics have been translated to many languages since they exist. Here is a selection of national Marvel comics collections (sorted alphabetically):

Finnish (1)SarjakuvalistauksiaThis site has listings with more minimalistic information about the contents, but contains comprehensive cover galleries and a much broader collection of comics including Disney, Manga and the French-Belgian axis. (Thanks to Rami Rautkorpi and the site's owner Antti Peltola for the info.)
Finnish (2)SarjakuvarockThis site contains information (writers, pencillers, pages, original numbers etc.) of all Marvel comics ever published in Finland. (Thanks to Rami Rautkorpi and the site's owner Petteri Oja for the info.)
FrenchComics VF-
GermanUHBMCC GermanOur German sibling site maintained by Gerald Berse.
ItalianArchivio Italia Marvel-
SpanishUniverso Marvel-

On a more serious matter...

Spider-Girl (I) #89 features some internet links offering help to abuse victims: (National Domestic Violence Hotline or call 1-800-799-SAFE), (American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence), Family Violence Prevention Fund is no longer active), (MenWeb-Domestic Violence), (See it and Stop it!)

Hope Gaskins provided me with some more links of organizations helping children and young people:
Futures Without Violence, Lakeview Health addiction treatment, Family Violence Prevention and Services Resource Centers, Protect Your Child: Health Plans in the U.S. for Minors.

Monica Kent asked me to link to Morningside Recovery.

Susan Bartlett asked me to link to Dealing with peer pressure in college.

Nick Ohler from The Bluffs rehab center asked to have links to some of their guides Impact of Substance Abuse on Families and Prevent Teens from Using-Drugs.

Kevin Dawson asked me to link to the blog entry Addictions in College: What They Are & How to Avoid Them.

James Corbyn and his team published an article about a new kind of addiction, Doomscrolling.

Legal note: I have no connections to any of the organisations mentioned above and I cannot take any responsibility concerning the respectability of those organisations. But if you have problems with drugs or alcohol or any other kind of addiction, get help. Now.

The Mighty Avengers

A top website honoring the mightiest heroes of the Marvel Universe

Avengers Infocenter

This site by Ben Chenier collects info about all issues of the Avenger's long history and the cast of colourful characters from that history.

Black Panther

Who knows better which future stalks the Black Panther then the man who holds BP's life in his hands? Go to Christopher James Priest's official web site to see what's coming next:

The Complete Marvel Universe Reading Order

Now you've got all these wonderful comics with stories weaving the fine tapestry of the Marvel Universe. But what is the best way to unravel the wonders of this tapestry? Travis Starnes offers you a way: Read it in the chronological order the stories were meant to be, as since the early days Marvel has made sure that there is such a chronological order.
Travis has started "The Complete Marvel Universe Reading Order (A Massive Work In Progress)" to cover the main timeline of the MU at


For detailled info on Daredevil you'll have to see this site. It features new, reviews, covers, infos about comics, previews, interviews, and much more:

The Interactive Index to the Fantastic Four Comicbooks

Need some more information on the Fantastic Four? Then go to this page by Sean Conran

Howard the Duck

This site has bios of Steve Gerber, Gene Colan, Klaus Janson, informs about the magazines, the movies, the newspapers strips and much more. A fine site, not only for fine days for ducks:


The Incredible Hulk Page's strength is a chat forum (although, even should Old Green Skin be around, he won't have much to say), pics and posters, the Hulk's history and cartoons:

Loose Cannons

Wakefield Carter provided us with the information that the series "Loose Cannons" was never actually published. But he and Mark Harrison have put it on the 'net


One of the lesser known Marvel characters, Satana never got the attention her brother did. Even her planned mini-series was aborted some years ago. Nonetheless with only a few appearencs she managed to bewitch people with her hellish beauty:

Silver Surfer

News, the history, profiles, comics and collectibles, reviews, a gallery, fan fiction, a message board: Everything you need for a truly cosmic experience:

The Amazing Spider-Man Gallery

When you are a fan of the web-crawling wonder go to Eric Gillette's site that has "Spider-Man and everything you ever wanted to know about Spider-Man (...) From News, Covers, Villains, History, Entertainment, and much much more!"

Spider-Man's Crawl Space

This here is another great site dedicated to our favorite wall crawler. It feature reviews, news, a message board, a chat room and more.

Thing: The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Home Page

Mark O'English has created a fan-site for the idol of millions, the ever-lovin' blue-eye Thing at

Amalgam Universe

Markus enjoyed both runs of the Amalgam Universe, but was a little lost because his knowledge of the DC Universe is next to nothing. But then he found this little gem of website, that got him out whenever he was stuck: The Handbook of the Amalgam Universe

Archivo Italia Marvel

For all Marvel fans from Italy, Stefano Chiesa has created an archive for all Marvel comics in Italian language at

The ComicsDB

This site is maintained by Randall L. Wolf and "(...) is dedicated to comic book enthusiasts everywhere. At this site you will find a database of comic book titles, issues, artists, and related information."

Comics priceguide

Did you ever wonder how much your favorite comic is worth? Then you might want to take a look at this online comics priceguide:

The Condensed History of the Marvel Universe

Ed Chang has shouldered an enormous task with his web site: Giving a short history of the Marvel Universe, year by year. So if you want to know what happened when in the comics visit Ed's site.

Cover scans

On the site you can find many, many cover scans of Marvel and other comics. (The original site has been hi-jacked.)

Make Mine Marvel

The Watcher sees all! And good for us Uatu puts what he sees on This blog focuses on news from the Marvel Universe, with previews of hot issues, interviews with the makers, news from the movies and new merchandise products.

Das Marvel Archiv

German speaking Marvel fans should try the "Marvel Archiv" for informations on the comics, the movies, German reprints, authors, artists and more.

Marvel and DC Fireside Book Series

A list of books featuring character's origins and other great stories:

The Marvel novels formerly edited by Keith

Keith: "This page dedicated to the Marvel novels is completely unofficial, since I am no longer involved in the project. It includes a list of recommended books, as well as the complete list of books published from 1994 to the present."

Marvel Stamps

You still remember the little colorful pieces looking like real stamps appearing in almost all Marvel comics of that time? Never got the full set? Was it worth to ruin a near-mint book? All these questions can be answered at the site
Marvel Value Stamps, Series A and Series B - A Comprehensive Index.

The Marvel Chronology Project

Have you ever wondered how all the characters manage to cram so many adventures into their spare time, even considering that Marvel time runs much slower than real time? But there are those guys who can help you: The MCP list the appearence of all major Marvel characters and in which sequence these appearences take place. This site is recommended by the professionals themselves, so do not miss it!

Star Wars

Jay Shepard is compiling an index of all Star Wars comics between the Marvel series and the Dark Horse books. So if you want to be a Jedi Knight or just love the sounds R2-D2 makes, go to

The Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe

These sites offers an extensive list of character description in the best tradition of the Official Handbook.

And do not forget to visit the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe

X-title Chronology

With Darren Duncan we have exchanged data from his site, which "... is meant to be a description of all the x-titles, as well as some other titles, arranged in order of continuity. At the same time, it is meant to be an index to all these titles, complete with synopsis, characters present, creator credits, and other fun things." Interested? Then this is the place to go:

The Artist's Choice

Long time Marvel Comics professional artists such as Joe Rubinstein, Mark Bagley, John Romita jr., Jackson Guice, George Perez and many more who have helped make the Marvel Universe we love are offering fans the chance to own recreations of previously published art. The artists are also receiving comissions to create new artwork for their fans.

The Artist's Choice is a website with access to the largest selection of artists and artwork in the industry. They offer a wide selection of material from fan favourites and veteran artists. Their recreations include material done by the artists themselves or that others have done in the past.

Bud Plant Illustrated Books

This site offers more then 100 biographies like Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, Moebius


Biographys of Jack Kirby, Norm Breyfogle, Steve Ditko, Gil Kane and many others at

Comic Book Profiles

The Magazine about Comic Book Professionals at

The Grand Comic Book Database Project

Another site dedicated in indexing comics is the Grand Comic Book Database Project at The GCDB is "a simple database that will be easy to use and understand, easy to add to, and easy for people to contribute to ... include information on creator credits, story details, and other information useful to the comic book reader and fan ... This project is for us, and the people like us. We will use this as a comic-book database which can be searched and sorted. The database will be a resource for fans, hobbyists and collectors, with no commercial objectives."

Guild Works Productions

From their "About us" page:
GWP was formed to provide a creative environment for today's rising talent and established talent alike. GWP is a partnership between the Comicbook Artists Guild's founder, Keith Murphey and Mark Mazz.

The Hero Initiative

This is a charity set up to help those comic book creators who have fallen on difficult times, and need financial help. It has done good for many people, including helping to pay for funeral costs for the families of creators who have died.
If you want to help, too, visit

Jeff Jaworski's Collected Original Art

Jeff, who is one of our most active supporters, is collecting original art of various artists. He has uploaded them to the site where you can browse through his collection.

The Wizard's Keep

WizardsKeep logo
If you liked the art of Tim Perkins in various Marvel UK titles, this is the place for you to see more of his work.

Creator's homepages and fan pages

These links are a loose collection of homepages of creators (not only Marvel related) and of fan pages dedicated to one of the many creators. They are by no means complete and what we have is with only a few exceptions the hard work of Randy Tischler, who collected the data and gave us permission to publish it.



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