The All-New, All-Different UHBMCC

The UHBMCC has now been online for more than 20 years. The then-web standard was HTML 3, frames were a usual way to present data. There were no smartphones. Variant covers and features were seldom found in comics. But the times they are a-changeing.

Today, HTML 5 has been established as web standard for years with all the improvements it brings along, however for better or worse, frames are no longer supported. There are more smartphones sold than PCs. And almost every comicbook is published with one or more more variant covers.

So it was more than overdue to bring the technical side of the UHBMCC to the modern age - as you can see by these pages. Welcome to the all-new, all-different UHBMCC. Hope you like the experience.

About the UHBMCC

Big logoThe Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators is a collection of data for all comics ever published by Marvel Comics (at least that is the long-time goal). The UHBMCC presents the titles, dates and - most important - the names of the creators that brought us our favorite stories. Please use the buttons in the menu bar on top of this page to go directly to the desired information.

This site is dedicated to listing Marvel comics, comics with Marvel characters, co-operations of Marvel with other companies and of books, magazines etc. published about Marvel comics, the characters, spoofs of characters, and about creators that worked for Marvel.

Authorized Marvel Fan Site

Since the fall of 2001 the "Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators" is an Authorized Marvel Fan Site.

The UHBMCC family

UHBMCC German - Lists all Marvel comics that have been published in German.


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