Common phrases

As Markus's mother language is German (or rather a local version of it), he often notices that the translations used in the comics books are not what they should be. So this page is intended to keep you guys and gals up on what the German speaking characters are really saying in the comics. :-) Phrases are translated as phrases. (Here some hints on the pronounciation.)

Original languageEnglish
Ach du Lieber!Oh my dear!
Alter FreundOld friend
AmerikanerAmerican, Americans
Arbeit macht freiWork sets free (an absolutely cynical and cruel statement, considering that the prisoners in Death Camps had to work until they died or were murdered)
Auf Wiedersehen (not: Auf Weidersehen)Good bye
BlitzFlash (of lightning)
BlitzkriegA lightning-fast war
BuchenwaldBeech wood, the name of a German town where the Nazis established a death camp.
BunkerAir-raid shelter
Danke [dahn-keh]Thank you
Der JahrmarktThe carnival (Der Zirkus would be the more fitting German phrase)
Der, die, das, dem, denThe
Donnerwetter!Golly!, Gosh! Damn it!
DummkopfFool, nitwit
EinA, one
FrauWomen, Ms., Mrs.
Fraulein (corr: Fräulein)Miss
Führer (or Fuehrer)Leader, guide
GestaltForm, figure
Gestapo (Geheime Staats-Polizei)Secret state police
Gott im Himmel! (not: in)God in heaven!
Guten AbendGood evening
Guten MorgenGood morning
Guten TagGood morning/afternoon
Hauptmann ("Main-man" or "Head-man")Captain
HeilHail (but also imperative of heal)
HerrMister, master
Herr Doktor"Mister doctor" - in German the usual way to address an doctor without using his name
Ich bin traurig.I am sad.
Ja, jawohlYes
Kamerad, Kameraden (not: Kamerade or Kamraden)Comrade, comrades, fellow, fellows
Katzchen (corr: Kätzchen)Kitty
KriegerfrauWarrior Woman
Leibchen [ly-b-chen]Bodice (but actually they mean ->Liebchen)
Liebchen [lee-b-chen]Sweetheart, darling. This word is very old fashioned, "Liebling" is more current.
Lieber GottDear God
Liebling (not: Leibling)Darling (although not a real German word, I think most German women would understand "Leibling" as a hint that they are too fat)
Luftwaffe"Air weapon", Air Force
Mach schnell!Make haste!
Mein FreundMy friend
Mein GottMy God
Mein HerrWhen directly adressing a man: Mister, master, sir
Mein Kampf"My fight", the book Adolf Hitler wrote and that became very important to Nazi philosophy
Meine HerrenMy masters, my lords; when directly adressing men: Gentlemen
MenschMan, human being
Mjölnir (or Mjoelnir) = "Zermalmer"Grinder, crusher
Nicht wahr?Isn't it? (In the German language the phrase does not depend on the sentence before it.)
PanzerArmor, tank
Phantastisch (the more usual spelling is: Fantastisch)Fantastic
ReichRich (adj.) or realm (subst.)
(Reichs)Kristallnacht"The (realm's) night of the crystals" - The night when Nazis smashed, looted and burnt Jewish temples, stores and whatever else they saw as "un-German" throughout Germany and Austria. Many people were killed during that night, even more were arrested and later brought to Death Camps.
Russian: Belka (белка)Squirrel
Russian: Boshe moi (Боже мой)Great god!, My god!
Russian: Chto eto (Что это)?What shall?
Russian: Da (да)Yes
Russian: Do svidaniya (До свида́ния)Good bye
Russian: Dobro pozhalovat (Добро пожаловать)Coridally welcome
Russian: Dyadya (Дядя)Uncle
Russian: Idi k chertu (иди(?) к чёрту)Go to the devil, Go to hell
Russian: Neimovernyy (Неимовериый)Incredible
Russian: Nyet (нет)No
Russian: Snezhsinka (Снежйнка)Snowflake
Russian: Tovarish (това́рищ)Friend
Russian: Ya sobirayus' ubit' tebyaI kill you altogether(?)
Russian: Продолжение следуетContinuation follows, to be continued
SauerkrautSauerkraut (sour cabbage)
Schnell!Make haste!
Schnell! Schneller! Mach schnell!Make (more) haste!
Schwein, SchweineSwine, swines
Sehr gutVery good
Über-Super-, Over-
Was ist das? (not: Vas...)What is that?
Was ist...? (not: Vas is or Vas ees?)What is...?
Was...? (not: Vas...?) Was ist...?What...? What is...?
Wehrmacht (not: Wermacht)"Defending force", old German name for the armed forces
ZeitgeistGenius of the period, Time Spirit
Zum Teufel (not: Zum Tueful)Hell!

Common names

Here some creator's names, very loosely translated. Please don't take it too serious.

Original languageEnglish
AffeApe, monkey
AhnAncestor, forefather
AltergottOld god
Altman, AltmannOld man
AltstaetterSomeone from the old place
AmmermanBunting man
-bachNames ending with "Bach" are usually named after a place beside a creek.
BacheA female wild boar
Baer, BärBear
BaumannConstructor, builder
BaumgartnerTree gardener
Becker (variant of Bäcker)Baker
-berg, -bergerNames ending with "Berg" mean a mountain, with "Berger" mean someone living on a mountain
BesterThe best
BierbaumBeer tree
BinderSomeone who binds or ties something
BlausteinBlue stone
BlumenreichRich of flowers
Blumfield (variant of Blumfeld)Flower field
BodenheimHome of the ground, floor
BonnerSomeone from the former German capital, Bonn
BreitweiserBroad sage, or it could be an adapted spelling of "Breitwieser" = someone owning or living on a broad meadow
BrunnerSomeone living at a well or fountain
-burg, -burgerNames ending with "Burg" mean a castle, with "Burger" someone living in or near that castle
BusiekOK, that's not German. But Kurt once said his name comes from a place in Poland.
-dorf (variant spelling -dorff), -dorfer, dörflerNames ending with "Dorf" mean a village, with "Dorfer" or "Dörfler" someone living in a village
Dose(Tin) Can
EisenbergIron mountain
EisensteinIron stone
Faerber (variant of Färber)Dyer
FassBarrel, but also the command for a dog to seize someone.
FaucherSomeone who hisses or snarls
FeisterSomeone who is stout
-feld, -felderNames ending with "Feld" means some field, with "Felder" someone owning or living near that field
Feld, Felder, FeldmannField, someone living at or working on a field
FellCoat, pelt
FernFar away
Fleisher (variant of Fleischer)Butcher
Frank, FrankeSomeone from the German tribe of the Franks
FriedmanPeaceful man
FriedrichA man who is rich in peace
FrostFrost (OK, same word)
Fröhlich, FrölichHappy, joyful
Furman (variant of Fuhrmann)Carter, driver
Gaertner (variant of Gärtner)Gardener
Geldhof, GeldhoffMoney yard
Gersten-MillerCould be someone how grinds barley
GlanzmanA man who is sparkling or glowing
GlassGlaß (same word)
GoldGold (same word)
GoldbergGold mountain
GoldenGolden (same word)
GoldkindGolden child
GoldzungGolden tongue
GrellShrill, harsh
Gross, GrossmanTall or great, a man who is tall or great
Grothkopf (maybe a variant of Großkopf)Large head
Gruenwald, GrünwaldGreen forest, Greenwood
GutwirthGood host
HahnCock, rooster
HalbleibHalf body
HallCan be a hall, an echo or a place where salt is mined (like in Hallein or Hallstadt)
HallerCould be someone mining salt
HeilemannCould be "healer"
HeiligHoly, sacred
-heim, -heimerNames ending with "Heim" mean some home, with "Heimer" someone living at that home
HornHorn (same word)
HornungOld German word for February (bevor they took the Latin names)
JungkuntzYoung Conrad (Kuntz is an variant of Konrad)
Kaalberg (could be a variant of Kahlberg)Bald mountain
KämpeFighter, combatant
KieferPine or jaw
Kinstler (could be a variant of Künstler)Artist
Kirch, KirchnerChurch, someone living in or near a church
KirschenbaumCherry tree
Kish (maybe from the Hungarian name Kiss)Small, little
Klein, Kline (adapted spelling)Small, little
KnappTight, scarce; but could also be a short variant of "Knappe" = page, square, miner
KnaufKnob, pommel
KraftPower, force
Kramer (variant of Krämer), maybe also KremerShopkeeper
Krantz (variant of Kranz)Garland
Krueger (variant of Krüger)Someone making jugs or pitchers(?)
Kupperberg (could be a variant of Kupferberg)Copper mountain
Kurtzberg (variant of Kurzberg)Short mountain
Kurtzman (variant of Kurzmann)Short man
LandLand (same word)
LandgrafCountry earl
LauLukewarm (OK, that's just a coincidence)
LeistenThe plural of border, a last or to perform
LentzOld German word for spring (the season)
LichtnerSomeone who makes lights
Lieber (variant spelling is Leiber), LiebermanSomeone who is dear or kind
LinsnerSomeone who growing lentils or (more far-fetched) someone who is peeking
Luster (variant of Lüster)Lustre
MahlstedtSomeone living or working at a place where something is ground (a mill)
Maier, Mayer, Meier, Meyer (and all variants with just -r instead of -er at the end)Landsholder's steward
MannMan, male
MarxA variant of the name Markus
Moeller (variant of Möller), MüllerMiller
Moench (variant of Mönch)Monk
MoorlandMoorland (same word)
Nagy (a Hungarian name)Big, large
NasserSomeone who is wet (;-))
Novak (a name from Poland)Someone who is new
Oksner (maybe from Ochsner)Someone breeding oxes
Pfeifer, Pfeufer (variant spelling)Someone who whistles or who plays a whistle
PostPost (same word for mail)
PreissSomeone from the German tribe of the Prussians
Raab (variant spelling of Rabe)Raven
RauschDrunkeness, ecstasy
ReinmanPure man
ReinwandClean wall
Rex Lokus (latin)The law of the location
RohrbacherSomeone living beside a creek with reeds (there are many towns called Rohrbach)
Rose, RosenRose (same word), roses
RosenbaumA tree with roses
RosenbergRose mountain
RosenthalRose valley
RossbachSteed creek
Roth (variant spelling of Rot)Red
RubinsteinRuby stone
SagendorfMyth village
Schaefer, SchäferShepherd
Schaeffer (variant spelling of Schäfer)Shepherd
ScharfSharp, hot (food)
ScherbergerScher is a short form of Schere (scissors) or a mole (the animal), Berger is someone living near or on a mountain
SchillerSchiller (same word)
Schmidt (variant of Schmied)Smith
Schmitz (variant of Schmied)Smith
SchreckFright, shock
Schroeder, Schubert, SchultzAlthough German names, I have no idea what they mean (have to look it up later)
SchwabSomeone from the German tribe of the Swabians
Schwartz (variant of Schwarz)Black
SchwartzbergBlack mountain
SiegelSeal, signet
Snider, Snyder (adapted spellings of Schneider?)Taylor
Spiegle (adapted spelling of Spiegel?)Mirror
SpringerSomeone who jumps, the knight in a game of chess
-stadt, -statt, -staetter, -stetterNames ending with "Stadt" mean a town, with "Statt" a place, with "Staetter" or "Stetter" someone living at a certain place
StallmanA man working in a stable
StarrRigid, stiff
Stasi = StaatssicherheitState Security, the infamous East German secret service
StegbauerSomeone building foot-paths of footbridges or a farmer living near a footbridge
SteigerwaldProbably someone living in an ascending forest
-stein, -steiner, (-stin is an adapted spelling)Names ending with "Stein" mean some stone or mountain, with "Steiner" someone living near or on the mountain
Stein, Stine (adapted spelling)Stone
SteinbergStone mountain
Steiner, Stiner (alternate spelling)Someone living near or on a rock or mountain
SteinleLittle stone
StrnadYellow-hammer (is not a German name, but I was told by someone with that name)
StuckerMaybe someone making stuccoworks
TiefenbacherSomeone living beside a deep creek
TischmanTable man, maybe a variant of joiner
TotlebenDead living
UlmUlm ("Elm") is a German town, the home of the well-known Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern- schplenden- schlitter- crasscrenbon- fried- digger- dingle- dangle- dongle- dungle- burnstein- von- knacker- thrasher- apple- banger- horowitz- ticolensic- grander- knotty- spelltinkle- grandlich- grumblemeyer- spelterwasser- kurstlich- himbleeisen- bahnwagen- gutenabend- bitte- ein- nürnburger- bratwurstle- gerspurten- mitz- weimache- luber- hundsfut- gumberaber- shönendanker- kalbsfleisch- mittler- aucher von Hauptkopft of Ulm.
UngarSomeone living in Hungaria
WackerBrave, stout
WeinbaumVine tree
WeingartnerSomeone owning a vine yard
WeinsteinWine stone
Weiss (alternate of Weiß)White
WeltmanMan of the world
WenglerSomeone from a town called "Wengen"
WiesenfeldMeadow field
WinterWinter (same word)
WohlWell (the feeling)
WolfWolf (same word)
ZahlerSomeone who pays, but it could be a variant of "Zähler" = counter, teller
Zigler (variant of Ziegler)Brickmaker
ZinsmeisterMaster of (monetary) interest

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