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Book specific translations

Red Skull (I) #1

Original languageEnglish
ButterhandlungButter shop
Die Stärke der Staaten beruht auf den großen Männern, die ihnen zur rechten Stunde geboren werden. (Friedrich der Große)The strength of states is based upon the great men that are born to them at the right hour. (Friedrich the Great)
Reichsmark"Empire mark", the currency of Germany at the time the story takes place

Red Skull (I) #2

Original languageEnglish

Red Skull (I) #3

Original languageEnglish
Reichstag"Realm day" - the parliament of Germany (The German tribes held their meetings - called Thing - on Tuesdays, named after their god Ziu or Tyr. Later, the word "Tag" was used to name a meeting held on a defined day. A day-long meeting is called "Tagung" in German.)
Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker (Friedrich Nietzsche)What does not kill me, makes me stronger (Friedrich Nietzsche; Although the Nazis used many of Nietzsches ideas - especially the concept of the Übermensch - Nietzsche was against the Nazi ideology (according to Wikipedia))

Red Skull (I) #4

Original languageEnglish
Agiert unabhängig als Ebenbild zur S.S. (Schutzstaffel)Acts independently as image of the S.S. (Protection squad)
Als Auszeichnung für ausserordentliche Dienste, nun Himmlers Gleichgestellter.As accolade for excellent services, now Himmler's equal.
Beförderung für den Roten SchädelPromotion for the Red Skull
Berlin, Donnerstag 10. März 1930Berlin, Thursday March, 10th 1930
Böhmen und Mähren wieder im ReichBohemia and Moravia again in the realm
Der Völkische Beobachter - Der StürmerThe National Observer - The Stormer
Einzelpreis 20Pf (Pfennig = 1/100th of a Mark)Price of a single item 20 pfennigs
Kampfblatt der nationalsozialistischen Bewegung Großdeutschlands"Combat newspaper" of the national-socialistic movement of Great Germany
Norddeutsche AusgabeNorth-German edition
Red SküllThese are not actual German words.

The Ren and Stimpy Show #37

Original languageEnglish
LeiderhosenSorry trousers, suffer trousers; but they mean: Lederhosen - leather trousers

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