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Book specific translations

The X-Cellent (I) #1

Original languageEnglish
Doop speak page 14Huh.
Doop speak page 16I thought X-Statix needed another member.
Doop speak page 3-
Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren.Good day, ladies and gentlemen (literally: Good day, my ladies and lords)

X-Factor (IV) #240

Original languageEnglish
Aufpassen, Idioten Hauptling! (That is wrong, it should be: "Pass auf, Vollidiot!")Watch up, chief of idiots! ("Aufpassen" is the infinitive, but here the imperative must be used which is "Pass auf". While "chief" can be translated to "Häuptling" (mind the 'ä') that is only the boss of an Indian tribe. I do not know of a common expression in German meaning "chief of idiots" in any way of translation, so I used "Vollidiot" which means "downright idiot".)

X-Factor (V) #5

Original languageEnglish
VolksgeistSpirit of the People

X-Force (I) #64

Original languageEnglish
SturmfängerStorm catcher

X-Force Annual '99 #1

Original languageEnglish
NeustrelitzA town in Germany (
VerschiagenOn the last panel it looks like the name could be "Verschlagen" = cunning, wily

X-Infernus #1

Original languageEnglish
Meine kleine FeeMy little fairy

X-Infernus #2

Original languageEnglish
Liebchen (not: Liebschien)Darling ("Liebschien" sounds more like "dear rail")

X-Infernus #4

Original languageEnglish
Meine FreundeMy friends

X-Men (II) • New X-Men (I) • X-Men Legacy (I) #80

Original languageEnglish
Mein KindMy child

X-Men (II) • New X-Men (I) • X-Men Legacy (I) #202

Original languageEnglish

X-Men (II) • New X-Men (I) • X-Men Legacy (I) #204

Original languageEnglish
Das ist klar.That is clear.

X-Men (II) • New X-Men (I) • X-Men Legacy (I) #231

Original languageEnglish
Was für--? (This is the word-by-word translation and seems to be wrong. "Wozu?" would be a better one.)What for--?

X-Men (II) • New X-Men (I) • X-Men Legacy (I) #234

Original languageEnglish
In den [..]mmel [..]fahren [..]stCould be the Catholic credo, the part about Jesus ascending into Heaven.

X-Men (II) • New X-Men (I) • X-Men Legacy (I) #235

Original languageEnglish
Meine lieben DamenMy dear ladies

X-Men (II) • New X-Men (I) • X-Men Legacy (I) #249

Original languageEnglish
AhnenerbeAncestor's heritage
Also, sind Sie ein Jude?So, you are a jew?
SonderkommandoSpecial squad

X-Men 2 Movie #1

Original languageEnglish
Ich bin die Ausgeburt (not: Ausgebert) des Bösen!I am a fiend of evil!
Ich bin ein Bote des Teufels!I am an emissary of the devil!
Ich bin ein Dämon ("Daemon" is an alternate way to write "Dämon")!I am a demon!

X-Men/Alpha Flight (I) #2

Original languageEnglish
Das ist unglaublichThat is incredible

X-Men: Children of the Atom #1

Original languageEnglish

X-Men Divided We Stand #1

Original languageEnglish
Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen ReproduzierbarkeitThe work of art in the age of its technical reproducibility
Rede, du Bestie.Talk, you beast.
ScheusalAbomination, monster

X-Men: Endangered Species One-Shot #1

Original languageEnglish
Er hat den Knaben wohl in den [dem] Arm, er fasst ihn sicherHe holdeth the boy tightly clasp'd in his arm, He holdeth him safely,... (This is a part of the poem "Der Erlkönig" (The Erl King) by Wolfgang Goethe, see also or which is bi-lingual.)
Passen Sie auf! (Considering that Kurt and Logan are close friends, "Pass auf!" would have been correct.)Watch up!

X-Men: First Class (II) #8

Original languageEnglish
Das ist kein deutsches Boot.That is no German boat.
Die sehen wie Franzosen aus!They look like Frenchmen!
Runter von diesem U-Boot!Get off this sub-marine!

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills - Special Edition #1

Original languageEnglish
Sehr schlecht (not: Sehr sechlecht)Very bad

X-Men: Gold (II) #18

Original languageEnglish
Gott lebendig (corr: Lebendiger Gott - I cannot remember having heard that outside a mass)God living

X-Men: The Hellfire Club #4

Original languageEnglish
Also sprach SebastianThus spoke Sebastian

X-Men: Magneto Testament #1

Original languageEnglish
EisenhardtIron hard
Ich habe deußtcher Mädchen geßchändert! (corr: Ich habe ein deutsches Mädchen geschändet!)I have raped a German girl.
KalbCalf (the little cow)

X-Men: Magneto Testament #2

Original languageEnglish
Grynszpan is the Polish way to spell the German "Grünspan"Verdigris
Juden sind hier unerwünschtJews are unwanted here
Schulmann"School man"

X-Men: Magneto Testament #3

Original languageEnglish
Einsatzgruppe, EinsatzgruppenTask force, task forces
UmschlagplatzReloading point

X-Men: Magneto Testament #4

Original languageEnglish
KalbCalf (in this case it is a name)
SonderkommandoSpecial squad
UnterscharführerSub-troop leader

X-Men: Magneto Testament #5

Original languageEnglish
BirkenauBirches river meadow
BuchenwaldBeech forest
Leichenkommando(Dead) Body squad
RavensbrückBridge over the Raven (a river)
ZigeunernachtGypsy night

X-Men: Manifest Destiny Nightcrawler #1

Original languageEnglish
Die Heimat des Nachtkriechers! (I just wonder why a German town would write their welcome in English.)The Home of Nightcrawler!
Vielfras (should be "Vielfraß", pronounced like "feelfrahs", the German word leads to assume this means "eat a lot", but it comes from a Scandinavian word meaning "rock cat")Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler #1

Original languageEnglish
Gott wird dich richten.God will judge you.
SauerbratenSour roast (a well known German dish)

X-Men: Prelude to Schism #2

Original languageEnglish
Achtung JudenBeware jews
Eisenhardt"Iron hard"
KristallnachtCrystal night
SonderkommandoSpecial squad
VernichtungslagerExtermination camp

X-Men True Friends #1, 2, 3

Original languageEnglish
HeidelbergA town in Germany with a famous university
Ich bin ein Junker, Geist.I am a young nobelman, Ghost.

X-Men Unlimited (I) #19

Original languageEnglish
WinzeldorfMaybe "small village"; a former village in Germany (

X-Men Unlimited (I) #38

Original languageEnglish
Yartzeit (yidd.)Anniversary (yar=year, tzeit=time)

X-Men: The Wedding Album #1

Original languageEnglish
Liebchen (not: Liebschen)Darling

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