Book Specific Translations G

Book specific translations

Generation Hope #6

Original languageEnglish
EntbindungsstationMaternity ward
Krankenhaus"Sick persons house", Hospital
Sssh Danke (in German it should be spelled "Sssch")Sssh Thank you

Generation Hope #7

Original languageEnglish

Generation X (I) #13

Original languageEnglish
Deinem BruderTo your brother
Mein Name is[t] BulwarkMy name is Bulwark

Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1

Original languageEnglish
Entschuldigen Sie, bitte. (Considering that Kurt and Peter are friends, "Entschuldige, bitte." would be more fitting.)Excuse me, please.

Giant-Size Invaders #1

Original languageEnglish
Krieghund (correct: Kriegs|hund)War dog

Giant-Size Invaders #2

Original languageEnglish
Der TeufelThe devil
Nein! Der verdammte Sub-MarinerNo! The damned Sub-Mariner

Giant-Size X-Statix #1

Groot (I) #3

Guardians of the Galaxy (IV) #2

Original languageEnglish
Fakakta (Yiddish?), bekacktCrappy

Guardians of the Galaxy (IV) #6

Guardians of the Galaxy (IV) #7

Guardians of the Galaxy (IV) #8

Guardians of the Galaxy (IV) #9

Guardians of Infinity #3

Original languageEnglish
Zayt mir gezunt un shtark! (Yiddish, German: Seid mir gesund und stark!)Be healthy and strong!

Guardians of Knowhere #4

Original languageEnglish
The translations, as far as I could decipher them with the help of some Skrull alphabet found on the internet. The trick is, that each Skrull glyph can stand for more than one letter or even for punctuation marks and vice versa. And there seem to be some typing errors.Page 2, panel 5: Burger?!
Page 3, panel 1: Where can I get one?
Page 4, panel 3: [Just?] Looking for some lunch ladies!!!
Page 5, panel 4: I'm weeshing no seafood?
Page 5, panel 7: [...]
Page 6, panel 4: Hello I want to place an order?
Page 6, panel 5: Hello, anyone?
Page 7, panel 3: Nevermind on the seafood / watch the hands
Page 14, panel 2: Maybe somewhere to get some steak!
Page 15, panel 2: With avacodo[?] would be nice!
Page 15, panel 3: But ham and cheese on rye would do!
Page 15, panel 6: Glad now?
Page 16, panel 1: No not veganf[?] meat meat!
Page 16, panel 5: Why is it so hard to get an order
Page 17, panel 1: Oh come on
Page 17, panel 3: Man the food better be amaming[?] here

Guardians Team-Up #6

Original languageEnglish
Frau ScreetMs. Screet
FreundinGirl friend
KleinSmall, little
Liebchen (not: Liebschen)Sweetheart, darling
Mehr Whisky, bitte!More whisky, please!
Mit AusdauerWith perseverance, endurance
SchachfigurChess piece
TäuschungRuse, scam, con

Book specific translations



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