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Book specific translations

War Comics #16

Original languageEnglish
Deutschland über allesGermany above all; this is the beginning of the Deutschlandlied ("Germany song") by Hoffmann von Fallersleben which became the national anthem in 1922, since 1952 only the third strophe is sung.
Hoch lebe der KaiserThree cheers for the Emperor (word-by-word means: High live the Emperor)
SchweinehundFilthy swine

War is Hell (II) #1

Original languageEnglish
Swing verboten ("Swing" as the Jazz music style is used as foreign word in the German language)Swing forbidden

War Machine (I) #15, 16

Original languageEnglish
GruppenführerLeader of a group (of soldiers)
Ist ein--Is a--
Mainz (not: Meinz)A large German town on the river Rhein near Frankfurt, famous for its carneval traditions
Zeitkrieg (not: Zietkrieg)Time war

Weapon X (I) #3

Original languageEnglish
Komme gibt mir diener handt (Correct: Komm gib mir deine Hand)Come, give me your hand (This was also the title of one of the few songs the Beatles recorded in German and was the translation of "I wanna hold your hand")

Weapon X Noir #1

Original languageEnglish
Eure HoheitYour highness
Meine Damen und HerrenLadys and gentlemen
Vorsicht, meine Liebe.Be careful, my love.

The West Coast Avengers Annual • Avengers West Coast Annual #6

Original languageEnglish
Kapitän Amerika is wrong, it should be Hauptmann Amerika (Captain = Kapitän for ships, Hauptmann for military)Captain America

What If? (I) #3

Original languageEnglish
DoppelgängerDoppelganger ("double walker")

Wolverine (II) #35, 36, 37

Original languageEnglish
Er ist tot!He is dead!
Japanische TeufelsmädchenJapanese devil-girl
Kapitan (should be "Kapitän")Captain
Legion "Kondor"Legion "Condor"
Luftwaffe Feld GendarmerieAir Force (battle) field constabulary
Luftwaffen Feldvermessung (not: Feldvermessen) LandkarteAir Force field survey map
MesserschmittA German name, builder of air planes, the name's meaning is "knives' smith", "forger of knives"
Nicht wahr?Don't you? (In the German language the phrase does not depend on the sentence before it.)
OberfeldwebelStaff sergeant
Reichs MarschallMarshal of the Realm
Schiessen! Schiessen!Shoot! Shoot!
Stuka ("Sturz-Kampf-Bomber")Dive (combat) bomber

Wolverine (II) #81

Original languageEnglish

Wolverine (III) #32

Original languageEnglish
Commandant, KommandantCommander

Wolverine (III) #58

Original languageEnglish
Nazi BoschWolverine says that Lazaer does not smell like "Nazi Bosch". The National Socialistic German Labour Party was founded in 1922 - so during WWI the word "Nazi" was unknown. In WWI all German soldiers where imperial soldiers (just like the British where royal soldiers). (Which of course does not mean that there were no people following the same ideology as the Nazis later did.)

Wolverine (III) #72

Original languageEnglish
Arschkriecher"Arse crawler", arse licker

Wolverine Annual '95 #1

Original languageEnglish
Dämon or Daemon (not: Deämon)Demon
Entschuldigen, bitte (is wrong, should be Entschuldige, bitte or Entschuldigen Sie, bitte depending on how familiar two persons are)Excuse me, please or I am sorry

Wolverine: Origins #8

Original languageEnglish

Wolverine: Origins #17

Original languageEnglish
Streng GeheimTop secret ("Strictly secret")

Wolverine: Origins #19

Original languageEnglish

Wolverine and the X-Men (II) #11

Original languageEnglish
Doopspeak, page 12That.s it. I.m retired. Colonel daddly.
Doopspeak, page 8Yea. Big talk with that tiny rocket launcher... Don'tcha wanna look me in the eye. See what's going on in there when you turn out my lights. Or is the widdle diaper baby scared.

Women of Marvel (I) #1

Original languageEnglish

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