Face Thief
Faceless Man
Faceless One
Factor Three
Factor X

Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

X-Men Chronicles 1.FT

Falcon (Samuel Thomas Wilson)

Samuel Thomas Wilson
Gender: ♂
Alias of: Samuel Thomas Wilson
Alternate version(s): Blackbird, Falcon (Samuel Wilson) (Alt), Falcon (Samuel Wilson) (Earth SuperHeroSquad), Falcon (Samuel Wilson) (Earth TV), Falcon (Samuel Wilson) (Ultimate)
Associated with: Defenders (I)
Member of: Avengers (I)

Avengers (IX) 672
Avengers: Falcon TPB (I) 1
Avengers TPB: Solo Avengers 1
Captain America (I) 220, 276 - 278, 400, 408
Captain America Annual (I) 11
Captain America Epic Collection TPB 10, 18
Captain America and Falcon (III) 1
Captain America (HC): Sentinel of Liberty 1
Captain America Omnibus (HC) By Mark Waid and Ron Garney 1
Captain America Sentinel of Liberty 8 - 9
The Essential Captain America 6
Essential Marvel Team-Up 2 - 3
Falcon (II) 1
Falcon TPB (II) 1
Falcon TPB: Take Flight 1
Marvel Comics Presents (I) 23, 147
Marvel Fanfare (II) 1
Marvel Legacy (HC) 1
Marvel Legacy TPB 1
Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers 2nd Edition (HC) 18
Marvel Masterworks: Captain America 2nd Edition (HC) 12
Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-Up (HC) 3
Marvel Premiere 49
Marvel Super-Heroes (III) 2, 12
Marvel Team-Up (I) 30, 71, 114
Pet Avengers Classic TPB 1
Solo Avengers 6
Super Spider-Man (Marvel UK) 257 - 258, 261, 270, 276, 280 - 283
Uncanny Avengers (III) 28
Uncanny Avengers TPB: Unity 5
U.S.Avengers 11
U.S.Avengers TPB 2

Captain America (V) 29 - 30
Civil War (I) 2 - 3
Civil War Premiere (HC): Avengers 1
Civil War TPB: New Avengers 1
Decades TPB: Marvel in the '00s - Hitting the Headlines 1
Luke Cage TPB: Avenger 1
The New Avengers (I) 21 - 22
New Avengers TPB By Brian Michael Bendis: The Complete Collection 2

Civil War (I) 1
Marvel's Captain America TPB: Civil War (Movie Prelude) 1

Civil War Premiere (HC): Marvel Universe 1
Civil War Premiere (HC): The Underside 1
Civil War Premiere (HC): X-Men 1
Civil War TPB: Heroes For Hire/Thunderbolts 1
Civil War TPB: Young Avengers and Runaways (Ii) 1
Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways 1
Runaways TPB: The Complete Collection 3
Thunderbolts (II) 104
Wolverine (III) 42

Avengers Annual (I) 18.FT
Captain America (I) 350.FT
Captain America Annual (I) 10.FT, 12.FT - 13.FT
Civil War Files 1.FT
Civil War TPB: Companion 1.FT
Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1.FT
Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 1.FT
Essential The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition 1.FT
Guidebook to the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Marvel's Ant-Man 1.FT
Heroic Age: Heroes • Heroic Age: Super Heroes 1.FT
Marvel Age 7.FT
The Marvel Comics Index (G&T Enterprises) 8A.FT
Marvel Previews (I) 68.FT
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Hero Up! 1.FT
Marvel Super-Heroes (III) 12.FT
Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game: Guide to the Hulk and the Avengers (HC) 1.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 4.FT, 15.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2004 1.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 4.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition 23.FT
Spidey Super Stories (TV) 13.FT
Super Hero Squad Magazine 1.FT

Falcon (Samuel Wilson) (Alt)
Falcon (Samuel Wilson) (Earth SuperHeroSquad)
Falcon (Samuel Wilson) (Earth TV)

Samuel Wilson
Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Falcon (Samuel Thomas Wilson)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Marvel Animaverse

Spidey Super Stories (TV) 13

Falcon (Carl Burgess) (GoldAge)
Falcon (Samuel Wilson) (Ultimate)
Falcon (Samantha Wilson-Bradley) (Alt YA)

Samantha Wilson-Bradley
Gender: ♀
Child(ren): Bucky (Steve Wilson-Bradley) (Alt YA)
Member of: Avengers (I) (Alt YA)
Spouse(s): Captain America (Elijah Bradley) (Alt YA)

Falcon (Joaquin Torres)

Joaquin Torres
Gender: ♂

Tony Falcone

Gender: ♂
Member of: Daily Bugle Staff


Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Darkhawk
Member of: Morgana Le Fey's Alternate Avengers

Fall People

Warren Kenneth Worthington III
Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Angel (Warren Kenneth Worthington III)
Member of: Six
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth Mutant X-Verse (Earth-1298)

Mutant X 1.FT

Fallen Angels
Fallen One

Individual of: Kree

Famine (I)

Individual of: Axi-Tun
Member of: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Famine (Autumn Rolfson)
Fancy Dan
Fandral (M2)

Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Fandral
Individual of: Aesir (M2)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth M2 (Earth-982)

Fang (I)
Fang (II)

Gender: ♂
Member of: Lilin


Trin Richards-Banner
Gender: ♀
Member of: Fantastic Four 2061


Gender: ♀
Member of: People's Protectorate

Fantastic Five
Fantastic Force (I)
Fantastic Force (II)
Fantastic Four

Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Alternate version(s): Challengers of the Fantastic, Fantastic Four (Alt), Fantastic Four (Earth MiniM), Fantastic Four (Earth MutantX), Fantastic Four (Earth TV), Fantastic Four (M2), Fantastic Four (MAdvent), Fantastic Four (Ultimate)
Headquarter(s): Baxter Building, Four Freedoms Plaza
Member(s): Black Panther (T'Challa), Crystal, Human Torch (Jonathan Lowell Spencer Storm), Invisible Girl, Invisible Woman (Susan Richards), Medusa (Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon), Mister Fantastic, Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura), Power Man (Lucas Cage), She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Storm (Ororo Munroe), Thing
Owner(s) of: Fantasticar, H.E.R.B.I.E., Pogo Plane
Spoof(s): Fantastical Four, Phantastic Phour

100th Anniversary Special: Fantastic Four 1
Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way! 2
Captain Britain (I) (Marvel UK) 1 - 18, 20 - 38
Civil War (HC): Fantastic Four 1
Death's Head II (I) (Marvel UK) 2
Essential Godzilla 1
Essential Marvel Two-In-One 4
Essential Moon Knight 3
FantaCo Chronicles 2
Fantastic Four (IV) • The New Fantastic Four 543
Fantastic Four Epic Collection TPB 21
Fantastic Four Omnibus (HC) By John Byrne 2
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC) Lost Adventures by Stan Lee 1
Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Classic TPB 1
Fantastic Four TPB: Lost Adventures by Stan Lee 1
Free Comic Book Day 4 (Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up 1) 2005 1
Godzilla 20 - 24
Heroic Age TPB 1
Incoming 1
King-Size Kirby Slipcase (HC) 1
Marvel 100th Anniversary TPB 1
Marvel Adventures (I) 9, 12
Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up 1
Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up Digest TPB: A Little Help from my Friends 1
Marvel Comics Presents (I) 64 - 68
Marvel Digital Holiday Special 2
Marvel Fanfare (I) 14, 37, 43, 46
Marvel Firsts TPB: The 1970s 3
Marvel Firsts TPB: The 1980s 3
Marvel Graphic Novel 17
Marvel Holiday Digest TPB 1
Marvel Holiday Magazine 2010 1
Marvel Holiday Special 1
Marvel Holiday Special 2004 1
Marvel Holiday Special 2005 1
Marvel Holiday Special TPB 1
Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four 2nd Edition (HC) 22
Marvel Super Hero Island Adventure 1
Marvel Tales Annual • Marvel Tales (II) • Marvel Tales Starring Spider-Man 250
Marvel Team-Up (I) 100, 133
Marvel Team-Up (III) 3
Marvel Team-Up TPB 1
Marvel Two-In-One (I) 96
Marvel Universe Omnibus (HC) By Frank Miller 1
Marvel Visionaries (HC) Jack Kirby 1
Marvel Visionaries TPB: Jack Kirby 1
Mephisto TPB: Speak of the Devil 1
Mephisto vs. ... 1
Mephisto vs. Premiere (HC) 1
The Mighty World of Marvel (I) (Marvel UK) 1 - 6
Moon Knight (I) 35
Moon Knight Epic Collection TPB 3
New Mutants Epic Collection TPB 1
New Mutants Omnibus (HC) 1
Origins of Marvel Comics 1
Origins of Marvel Comics TPB 1
Road to Empyre TPB 1
Sergio Aragonés massacres Marvel 1
Spider-Man: Ben Reilly Omnibus (HC) 1
Spider-Man Family (II) 3
Spider-Man Family Digest TPB: Back in Black 1
Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in Hard Choices (Custom Comic) • Elks Custom Comic (Elks / Marvel) 1
Spider-Man (HC): The Complete Frank Miller 1
Spider-Man Team-Up 3
Spider-Man TPB: The Complete Ben Reilly Epic 4
Spider-Man TPB: Spider-Man's Greatest Team-Ups 1
Strange Tales (V) 2 - 3
Strange Tales (VI) • Strange Tales II 3
Strange Tales (HC) 1
Strange Tales II (HC) 1
Strange Tales II TPB 1
Strange Tales TPB 1
Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain (Marvel UK) 233 - 236, 238 - 239
TeachersCount/Office Max Custom Comic 1
True Believers: Fantastic Four - What If? 1
True Believers: What If the Fantastic Four Had Different Super-Powers? 1
True Believers: What If the Fantastic Four Had Not Gained Their Powers? 1
The Uncanny X-Men Omnibus (HC) 2
What the -- ?! 17, 26
What If? (I) 1, 6, 11, 21, 31, 36 - 37, 42
What If? (II) 11, 15, 18, 27, 30, 70, 89, 109
What If? Classic TPB 1 - 2, 4 - 7
What If? Classic TPB The Complete Collection 1 - 4

Black Panther (IV) 30 - 31
Black Panther TPB: Four the Hard Way 1
Marvel Zombies (HC): Dead Days 1
Marvel Zombies TPB: The Complete Collection 1
Marvel Zombies TPB: Dead Days 1
Marvel Zomnibus (HC) 1

Avengers (I) • The Mighty Avengers 3, 13, 25
Avengers Epic Collection TPB 1 - 2
Avengers Premiere (HC) By Lee and Kirby (Slipcase Edition) 1
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection TPB 1
Marvel Comics Digest (Archie Comics) 5
New Warriors (IV) 2
Thor vs. Hulk TPB 1

Avengers (I) • The Mighty Avengers 41
Avengers Epic Collection TPB 3
Avengers Omnibus (HC) 2
Black Widow Omnibus (HC) 1

Adventures of the Thing 1.FT
The Amazing Spider-Man (I) 350.FT
The Amazing Spider-Man Annual (I) 1.FT
Annihilation: Conquest 2.FT
Avengers (I) • The Mighty Avengers 210.FT
Avengers Strikefile 1.FT
Battlezones: Dream Team 2 (Malibu Comics) 1.FT
The Best of Marvel Comics 1.FT
Captain America (I) 260.FT
Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special 1.FT
Daredevil (II) 102.FT
Dream Team (Malibu Comics) 1.FT
Empyre Handbook 1.FT
Essential Fantastic Four 2.FT, 4.FT
Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1.FT
Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 1.FT
Essential The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition 1.FT
Fantastic Firsts TPB 1.FT
Fantastic Four (I) 15.FT, 34.FT, 220.FT, 224.FT, 250.FT, 358.FT, 380.FT
Fantastic Four Annual (I) 1.FT, 5.FT, 8.FT, 25.FT
Fantastic Four Annual 2000 1.FT
Fantastic Four: A Death in the Family 1.FT
Fantastic Four Director's Cut 500.FT, 527.FT
Fantastic Four Epic Collection TPB 2.FT
Fantastic Four: The Legend 1.FT
Fantastic Four: The Movie 1.FT
Fantastic Four TPB: Monsters Unleashed 1.FT
Fantastic Four Unlimited 2.FT - 4.FT, 6.FT - 9.FT, 12.FT
Fantastic Four Unplugged 1.FT, 3.FT - 5.FT
Fantastic Four Visionaries TPB: John Byrne 2.FT
FF: 50 Fantastic Years • Fantastic Four Fifty Fantastic Years 1.FT
Giant-Size Super-Stars Featuring Fantastic Four • Giant-Size Fantastic Four 5.FT
House of M: Avengers 2.FT
Hulk TPB: From the Marvel UK Vaults 1.FT
The Incredible Hulk (II) 450.FT
The Invincible Iron Man (V) 23.FT
Marvel Calendar 2011 1.FT
Marvel Calendar 2012 1.FT
The Marvel Comics Index (G&T Enterprises) 4.FT
Marvel Fanfare (I) 41.FT, 45.FT
Marvel Holiday Special 1.FT - 2.FT
Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue 1.FT
Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook 1.FT
Marvel Legacy: The 1960s-1990s Handbook TPB 1.FT
Marvel Legacy: The 1970s Handbook 1.FT
Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook 1.FT
Marvel: Portraits of a Universe • Marvel: Portraits 1.FT
Marvel Poster Magazine 1.FT
Marvel Previews (I) 21.FT, 52.FT
Marvel Super-Heroes (III) 10.FT
Marvel Swimsuit Special 1.FT - 2.FT
Micronauts Annual 1.FT - 2.FT
The Mighty World of Marvel (I) (Marvel UK) 6.FT
The Mighty World of Marvel Pin-Up Book (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster) 1.FT
Ms. Marvel (II) 22.FT
The New Avengers Military Giveaway: Guest Starring the Fantastic Four 1.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 4.FT, 15.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 4.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Fantastic Four 2005 1.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition 13.FT - 14.FT
The Official Marvel Index to the Fantastic Four 1.FT
The Order (II) 5.FT
Rom 50.FT
Siege (I) 2.FT
Spider-Man Family (II) 3.FT
Spider-Man/Red Sonja (Dynamite Entertainment / Marvel) 5.FT
The Super Heroes Annual (Marvel UK) 2.FT
Target Fantastic Four Classic: Fantastic Firsts (Target / Marvel) 1.FT
Target Fantastic Four Presents the Marvel Super-Heroes (Target / Marvel) 1.FT
Ultimate Iron Man II 1.FT
Ultimate X-Men (I) 88.FT
Ultimates 3 1.FT
Uncanny X-Men (I) • X-Men (I) 335.FT
What If? (II) 41.FT
Wizard: Marvel's Heroes Return (Wizard Publication) 1.FT
Wolverine Encyclopedia 1.FT
X-Men Forever (II) 15.FT