Marvel Two-In-One Annual (1976-1982) Save link
Front coverJack Kirby, Joe Sinnott1
Ti:Their name is Legion!35
Cr:W-Roy Thomas   P/L-Sal Buscema   I/F-Sam Grainger, George Roussos, John Tartaglione   L-John Costanza   C-Phil Rachelson   Ed-Roy Thomas
Rm:Story continued from Fantastic Four Annual (I) #11 and continues in Marvel Two-In-One #20
Ch:Liberty Legion, Thing
Rp:Reprinted in ...
21977CCA Marvel Unlimited$0.60
Front coverJames Starlin
Marvel Preview
Ti:Death watch!34
Cr:W-James Starlin   P/L-James Starlin   I/F-Josef Rubinstein   L-Annette Kawecki   C-Petra Goldberg   Ed-Archie Goodwin
Rm:Story continued from Avengers Annual #7
Ch:Avengers I, Spider-Man I, Thing, Adam Warlock
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Front coverSal Buscema1
Ti:When strike the Monitors! / The mystery unfolds! / As Tokyo goes, so goes the world! / Wrath of the Monitors!34 (6-11-10-7)
Cr:W-Marv Wolfman   P/L-Sal Buscema   I/F-Frank Giacoia, David Hunt   L-Annette Kawecki, Joe Rosen   C-Phil Rachelson   Ed-Marv Wolfman
Rm:Essential Nova #1 gives Annette Kawecki as letterer, Essential Marvel Two-In-One #2 gives credits to her and Joe Rosen.
Ch:Nova I, Thing
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Front coverJoe Sinnott1
Ti:A mission of gravity! / Black hole... Black heart... Black holocaust!34 (17-17)
Cr:W-Allyn Brodsky, David Michelinie   P/L-Jim Craig   I/F-Bob Budiansky, Bruce D. Patterson   L-Irving Watanabe   C-George Bell   Ed-Roger Stern   E-i-C-James Charles Shooter
Ch:Black Bolt I, Thing
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Front coverAlan Edward Kupperberg, Joe Sinnott1
Ti:Skirmish with Death / Sands of doom! / There shall come a Stranger / The power and the peril! / Havoc in Hades!34 (4-4-3-7-16)
Cr:W-Alan Edward Kupperberg   P/L-Alan Edward Kupperberg   I/F-Pablo Marcos   L-John Costanza   C-Nelson Yomtov   Ed-James Salicrup   E-i-C-James Charles Shooter
Ch:Hulk I, Thing
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Front coverEdward Hannigan, Walter Simonson1
Ti:An Eagle from America! / The American Eagle! / Never break the chain! / --The dinosaur graveyard38 (11-11-5-11)
Cr:W-Doug Moench   P/L-Ron Wilson   I/F-Gene Day   L-Pierre Bernard Jr.   C-George Roussos   Ed-David Anthony Kraft   E-i-C-James Charles Shooter
Ch:American Eagle III, Ka-Zar, Thing
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Front coverRon Wilson, Frank Giacoia1
Ti:And they shall call him... Champion!39
Cr:W-Tom DeFalco   P/L-Ron Wilson   I/F-Bob Camp, Michael Esposito, Frank Giacoia, Armando Gil, Daniel Green, Charles Eber Stone   L-James R. Novak   C-George Roussos   Ed-James Salicrup   E-i-C-James Charles Shooter
Ch:All the Big-Shots of Earth, Thing
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Marvel 2-In-One (III) (2018) Save link
Front coverJim Cheung, Justin Ponsor1
Variant coverJon Malin
Lenticular Homage Variant Cover; Inspired by the cover of Fantastic Four (I) #159 by Richard Buckler / Joe Sinnott.
Variant coverMichael McKone
Legacy Headshot Variant Cover
Variant coverAlex Ross1
Variant coverArthur Adams1
Variant coverJohn Byrne
Remastered Variant Cover
Variant coverJack Kirby
1965 T-Shirt Variant Cover
Variant coverJack Kirby
Kirby 100th Anniversary Variant Cover
Variant coverJohn Tyler Christopher
Trading Card Variant Cover
Ti:The Fate of the Four 1?
Cr:W-Chip Zdarsky?   P/L-Jim Cheung?
Ti:Marvel Primer?
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Front coverJim Cheung, Justin Ponsor
Inspired by the cover of Fantastic Four (I) #1 by Jack Kirby
Variant coverGabriele Dell'Otto
Avengers Variant Cover
Ti:The Fate of the Four 2?
Cr:W-Chip Zdarsky?   P/L-Jim Cheung?
Ti:Marvel Primer?