Free Comic Book Day 4 (Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up 1) 2005 (2005) Save link

Title on cover is "Marvel Adventures".

12005/06 $0.00
Front coverRandall Green, Rick Ketcham, Christopher Sotomayor
Reprints cover of Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up #1
Ti:The Chameleon strikes!22
Cr:W-Todd DeZago   P/L-Michael O'Hare   I/F-Derek Fridolfs   L-David Sharpe   C-Digital Rainbow   Ed-John Barber   ConsEd-MacKenzie Cadenhead, Ralph Macchio   E-i-C-Joe Quesada   Pub-Dan Buckley   Inspiration-Stan Lee, Steve Ditko (The Amazing Spider-Man (I) #1)
Ch:Fantastic Four, Spider-Man I
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up #1
Text with art/photosHow to build a comic book! (featuring sketches, pencils, inks, colors, letters from Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up #1)John Barber8
Marvel Age Fantastic Four Tales (2005) Save link
12005/04All ages Marvel Unlimited$2.25
Front coverRandall Green, Rick Ketcham, SotoColor, John Rauch
Marvel Preview
Ti:The challenge of the Black Panther!23
Cr:W-Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Brandon Thomas   P/L-Ronald Lim, Michael O'Hare   I/F-Jonathan Glapion, Mostafa Moussa   L-David Sharpe   C-J. Brown, SotoColor
Rp:Reprinted in ...