Civil War TPB: Companion (2007)

Front coverSteve McNiven
ISBN: 978-0-785-12576-1 / Marvel Preview
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rp:Reprint from Civil War Files #1
Cr:W-Ronald Hugh Byrd Jr., Anthony Flamini   P/L-Scott Kolins, Various   I/F-Scott Kolins, Various   L-[N.G.]   C-[N.G.]
Rm:See Details  

The detailed demage report:

Tony Stark's letter to the president1-Introduction
International reaction5-Worldwide reaction to the Super-Human Registration Act, featuring some non-American superheroes as well. Text deals with Wakanda, Israel, Japan, Attilan, Great Britain, Latveria, France, Canada, China, South America and Atlantis.
The Pan-African Congress on the Treatment of Superhumans (Afrikaa, Zanda, Queen Ororo, King T'Challa, Man-Ape, Moses Magnum, President N'Dingi)
Japan: Otomo, Honey Lemon, Red Ronin, Sunpyre, Baymax, Hiro Takachiho, Ebon Samurai and GoGo Tomago
Great Britain: Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine, Alistaire Stuart, Commodore Lance Hunter, Joseph Hauer, Pete Wisdom, Captain Britain, Union Jack
France: Le Peregrine vs Raptor
New Pangea, Capital Province of Atlantis
Ant-Man III (O'Grady)1/2SHRA violator-
Arachne II1/2Unregistered, SHRA violations dropped-
Arana1/2RegisteredArt from Ms. Marvel (II) #8 by Roberto de la Torre/Jonathan Sibal
Bad Girls, Inc1/2--
Bantam1/2Registered (deceased)-
Battlestar1/2SHRA violator-
Black Panther1/2Unregistered, diplomatic immunity-
Black Widow1/2Registered-
Bloodshed1/2SHRA violator-
Brother Voodoo1/2Registered-
Cable1/2Indeterminate, non-US resident-
Captain America1SHRA violator (deceased)Art from Civil War (I) #1 by Steve McNiven/Dexter Vines; also from Captain America (V) #25 by Steve Epting
Cage1/2SHRA violatorArt looks like Yu's from The New Avengers (I) #22
Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)1/2RegisteredArt from Civil War: The Return by Tom Raney/Scott Hanna
Captain Rectitude1/2SHRA violator-
Cloak and Dagger1/2SHRA violatorsArt seems to be from Civil War (I) by Steve McNiven/Dexter Vines
Coldblood-71/2SHRA violator-
Commission of Superhuman Activities1/2--
Cybermancer1/2SHRA violator-
Damage Control, Inc1/2-Art seems to be Humberto Ramos from the Wolverine (III) Civil War tie-in
Daredevil1/2SHRA violator (fugitive)-
Digitek1/2SHRA violator (deceased/unconfirmed)-
Doc Samson1/2Registered-
Doctor Strange1/2Pending (exempt from SHRA)Cover art from New Avengers: Illuminati (I) by Gabriele Dell'Otto
Equinox1/2SHRA violator (in custody)-
Falcon1/2RegisteredArt looks like McNiven's from Civil War (I)
Fantastic Four1/2-Cover art from Fantastic Four (IV) #544 by Michael Turner/Brandon Peterson
Nick Fury1/2Exempt from SHRA (fugitive)-
Ghost-Maker1/2SHRA violator (in custody)-
Gladiatrix1/2SHRA violator (in custody)-
Goldbug1/2SHRA violator (deceased)-
Goliath III1/2SHRA violator (deceased)-
Great Lakes Champions1/2--
Green Goblin1/2Registered-
Hammerhead1/2SHRA violator-
Hercules1/2SHRA violator (fugitive)Art looks like McNiven's from Civil War (I)
Heroes for Hire1/2--
Howard the Duck1/2Existence not acknowledged by US governmentArt from cover of Civil War: Choosing Sides by Leinil Francis Yu
Hulk1/2SHRA violator-
The Initiative1/2--
Iron Fist1/2Unregistered, status awaiting legal decisionArt from cover of Civil War: Choosing Sides by Leinil Francis Yu
Iron Man1/2RegisteredArt from last page of Civil War (I) #1 by Steve McNiven/Dexter Vines
Kingpin1/2Status under review-
Kogar and Shadow Slasher1/2SHRA violators (in custody)-
Lectronn1/2SHRA violatorArt looks like McNiven's from Civil War (I)
Lightbright1/2SHRA violator-
Living Mummy1/2Registered (in custody)-
Mandarin's Avatars1/2--
Marvel Boy1/2Under reviewArt seems to be from Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways
Micromax1/2Foreign operative-
The Mighty Avengers1/2-Cover art of Mighty Avengers #1 by Frank Cho
Moon Knight1/2SHRA status disputedArt seems to be by David Finch
Ms. Marvel1/2RegisteredArt by Frank Cho
Namor the Sub-Mariner1/2Exempt as foreign head of stateArt from variant cover of Civil War (I) #6 by Michael Turner
The New Avengers1/2-Art by Leinil Francis Yu from The New Avengers (I) #27
New Warriors1/2-Refers to the yet unpublished New Warriors (IV), but uses arts from The New Warriors (III)
Nextwave, Agents of H.A.T.E.1/2-Art should be by Stuart Immonen
Nitro1/2SHRA violator (in Atlantean custody)Art by Humberto Ramos from the Wolverine (III) Civil War tie-in
Omega Flight1/2-Cover art of Omega Flight #1
O*N*E1/2-Just a logo, no real art
Penance III (Baldwin)1/2RegisteredArt might be from the Deodato Jr. cover of Thunderbolts (I) #110
Phone Ranger1/2Registered-
Plunderer1/2SHRA violator (deceased)Art looks like McNiven's from Civil War (I) #5
Prodigy1/2SHRA violator (in custody)-
Prowler1/2SHRA violator-
Punisher1/2His crimes are of such severity as to disqualify him for any consideration of amnesty for the purpose of SHRAArt by Ariel Olivetti from The Punisher War Journal (II)
Ricadonna's Rogues1/2--
Runaways1/2-Art from cover of Runaways (I) #25
Sabra1/2Foreign operative-
S.H.E. (Super-Heroes of Europe)1/2--
S.H.I.E.L.D.1/2-Art is the S.H.I.E.L.D. Eagle logo
Shockwave1/2SHRA violator (in custody)-
Shroud1/2SHRA violator (in custody)-
Silverclaw1/2SHRA violator-
Solo1/2SHRA violator-
Spider-Man1/2Registered (wanted)-
Spider-Woman (Drew)1/2Registered (fugitive)Art seems to be by the Luna Brothers
Storm1/2Unregistered, diplomatic immunity-
Thor (clone)1/2RegisteredAt from Civil War (I) #3 by Steve McNiven/Dexter Vines
Thor Girl1/2Registered-
Thunderbolts1/2-Art is the variant cover of Thunderbolts (I) #110 by Mike Deodato Jr.
Thunderclap1/2SHRA violator (wanted)-
Typeface1/2SHRA violator (deceased)-
US Agent1/2RegisteredArt from cover of Civil War: Choosing Sides by Leinil Francis Yu
Vienna1/2Exempt from the SHRA-
War Machine1/2Registered-
Wasp1/2RegisteredArt from cover of Mighty Avengers #1 by Frank Cho
Wildstreak1/2SHRA violator-
Winter Soldier1/2Exempt pending determination of current allegiance-
Wonder Man1/2RegisteredArt from cover of Mighty Avengers #1 by Frank Cho
X-Factor Investigations1/2-Art is one of the early covers by Ryan Sook
X-Men1/2-Art is cover of Civil War: X-Men #4 by Juan Doe
Yellowjacket (Pym)1/2RegisteredArt seems to be McNiven's from Civil War (I)
Young Avengers1/2-Art seems to be from Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways
Civil War Files Appendix5-Only pictures with minimal data, including their status

These guys are listed in the appendix:

Absorbing Manenemy combatant-
Agent Xpotential recruit-
El ??guilapotential recruit-
American Eagleenemy combatant-
Americoppotential recruit-
Annexpotential recruit-
Aquarianpotential recruit-
Ardinapotential recruit-
AresInitiative recruit (Avengers)Frank Cho?
ArmadilloInitiative recruit (Texas, Rangers)-
Atlas (Josten)Initiative recruit (Thunderbolts, comatose)-
Baseforeign national-
Batroc the LeaperInitiative recruit-
Bedlampotential recruit-
BengalInitiative recruit-
Bible Johnundetermined-
Black Crowpotential recruit-
Blackwulfpotential recruit-
Blazing Skullpotential recruit-
Blind Justicepotential recruit-
Blindsidepotential recruit-
Blistikpotential recruit-
Blitzianapotential recruit-
Baron Von BlitzschlagInitiative recruit (research)Art from Avengers: The Initiative #1
Blue Shieldpotential recruit-
Bobsterpotential recruit-
Bountypotential recruit-
Brasspotential recruit-
Brother Naturepotential recruit-
Cadaverpotential recruit-
Cainpotential recruit-
Canastapotential recruit-
Captain Ultrapotential recruit-
Captain Zeropotential recruit-
Cardiacpotential recruit-
Catianapotential recruit-
Rufus "Super Midnight" Cartersympathizer-
Challengerpotential recruit-
Chi Demonpotential recruit-
Clearcutpotential recruit-
Cloud 9Initiative recruit-
Comet Manpotential recruit-
ConstrictorInitiative recruit-
Crime-Busterpotential recruit-
Crimson Daffodilpotential recruit-
Cripplerpotential recruit-
Crusaderpotential recruit-
Jaine Cutterundetermined-
Deadheadpotential recruit-
Deathlok (Larry Young)potential recruit-
Dementiapotential recruit-
Destroyer of Demonspotential recruit-
Devil-Slayerpotential recruit-
D-Manpotential recruit-
Dominic Fortune (Fortunow)sympathizer-
Dominic Fortune (unknown)potential recruitArt looks painted so maybe is the Sable and Fortune LS)
Dragon Lordpotential recruit-
Dragonflyforeign national-
Echopotential recruitDavid Mack
Electroenemy combatant (incarcerated)David Finch from The New Avengers (I) #1
Elegguapotential recruit-
Enigmaforeign national-
Exterminatrixenemy combatant (incarcerated)-
Fateballpotential recruit-
Fireboltpotential recruit-
The FixerInitiative recruit (tech staff)-
Frankie and Victoriapotential recruit-
Freak of Sciencepotential recruit-
Free Spiritpotential recruit-
Frog-Man (Patilio)potential recruit-
GargoyleInitiative recruit-
Jonathan "John" Garrettpotential recruit-
GauntletInitiative recruit (drill sergeant)-
Geigerpotential recruit-
G-Forceforeign national-
Ghost Dancerpotential recruit-
Gibbonpotential recruit-
Glitchpotential recruit-
Gomi and Bill the Lobsterpotential recruit-
Googampotential recruit-
Gorilla Girlpotential recruit-
HardballInitiative recruit-
Hardnosepotential recruit-
Heart Attackpotential recruit-
HellcatInitiative recruit-
High-Techpotential recruit-
Hit-Makerpotential recruit-
Hope and Chi-Cheeforeign nationals-
Huntarapotential recruit-
Hurricanepotential recruit-
Hybridpotential recruit-
Infamniapotential recruit-
It the Living Colossuspotential recruit-
Jack Flagenemy combatant (incarcerated)-
Jack O'LanternInitiative recruit (Thunderbolts, deceased)-
The JesterInitiative recruit (Thunderbolts, deceased)-
JoystickInitiative recruit (incarcerated)-
Juntapotential recruit-
JusticeInitiative recruit (staff counselor)-
Kaineenemy combatant-
Jennifer Kaleundetermined-
Hannibal Kingundetermined-
KomodoInitiative recruit-
Lazaruspotential recruit-
Link and Poltergeistpotential recruit-
Living LightningInitiative recruit-
Living Pharaohpotential recruit-
Living Totempotential recruit-
Lord Delphisforeign national-
Lyja the Laserfistforeign national-
Maceforeign national-
Mach-IVInitiative recruit (tech staff)-
Machine Teenpotential recruit-
Magdelenapotential recruit-
Man-Eaterpotential recruit-
Man-Elephantpotential recruit-
Marvel Boy (Bank)potential recruit-
Masked Marvelpotential recruit-
Masked Rosepotential recruit-
Mastermind Excelloenemy combatant-
Mayhempotential recruit-
Ian McNeeundetermined-
Mechamagepotential recruit-
Lynn Michaelssympathizer-
Mikado and Moshapotential recruit-
Monstro the Mightypotential recruit-
Mop Manpotential recruit-
Michael MorbiusInitiative recruit-
El Muertoforeign national-
"Mutant Shaman"undetermined-
MVPInitiative recruitArt should be from Avengers: The Initiative #1
Namoraundetermined (reportedly deceased)-
Neurotappotential recruit-
Night Nursesympathizer anti-SHRA-
Nocturnepotential recruit-
Nosferatapotential recruit-
Obituarypotential recruit-
Pao Fuundetermined-
Paybackpotential recruit-
Phantom Blondepotential recruit-
Phantom RiderInitiative recruit-
Pixiepotential recruit-
Portalpotential recruit-
Protocideundetermined (reportedly deceased)-
PumaInitiative recruit-
Pyrepotential recruit-
RageInitiative recruit-
Raving Beautypotential recruit-
Reaperpotential recruit-
Red Ninepotential recruit-
Red Raven (Dania)foreign national-
Red Wolf (Talltrees)Initiative recruit (Texas, Rangers)-
Ricochetpotential recruit-
Riot Grrlpotential recruit-
Rocket RacerInitiative recruit-
Ruby Thursdayenemy combatant, incarcerated-
Ryderpotential recruit-
Ry'lorforeign national-
Sangrepotential recruit-
Savage Steelpotential recruit-
Scorpion (Camilla Black)Initiative recruit-
Screamenemy combatant-
Shadow-Hunterpotential recruit-
Shadowomanenemy combatant-
Shooting StarInitiative recruit (Texas, Rangers)-
Shrikerpotential recruit-
Siegepotential recruit-
Sister Luciaundetermined-
SkyhawkInitiative recruit (Washington)-
SlapstickInitiative recruit-
Sleekpotential recruit-
Soulfirepotential recruit-
Spectrapotential recruit-
Speedopotential recruit-
Spellcheckpotential recruit-
Spider-Woman III (Franklin)potential recruitBart Sears?
Spritesympathizer pro-SHRA, deceasedJohn Romita Jr.?
Stained Glass Scarletpotential recruit-
Steel Ravenpotential recruit-
Steel Spiderenemy combatant-
Stem Cellpotential recruit-
Stentorpotential recruit-
Stepford Cuckoospotential recruit-
Stilt-ManInitiative recruit (deceased)Ariel Olivetti
Strongarmpotential recruit-
Suicidepotential recruit-
Sunstreakpotential recruit-
Sunturionpotential recruit-
Tagak the Leopard Lordundetermined-
Tailhookpotential recruit (reportedly deceased)-
Tempoenemy combatant-
Texas TwisterInitiative recruit (Texas, Rangers)-
Thirty-Threepotential recruit-
Thunderboltpotential recruit-
Topspinpotential recruit-
Toxinpotential recruit-
Chloe Tran of the Knights Templarundetermined-
Trapsterenemy combatant, incarcerated-
TraumaInitiative recruit-
TriathlonInitiative recruit-
Two-Gun KidInitiative recruit-
Ultra-GirlInitiative recruit-
Uktra-Marinepotential recruit-
Vagabondpotential recruit-
Rafael Vegasympathizer-
Kimberly "Kim" Vescoundetermined-
White Fangpotential recruit-
White Tiger (Kole)potential recruit-
Winky Manpotential recruit-
Wolfpotential recruit-
Wysperpotential recruit-
X-Cutionerpotential recruit-
Zero GInitiative recruit-
Rp:Reprint from Civil War: Battle Damage Report #1
Cr:W-John Rhett Thomas   P/L-[N.G.]   I/F-[N.G.]   L-[N.G.]   C-[N.G.]
Rm:Sketches, character designs, scripts, interviews; see Details  

Detailled listing of the contents:

1Plugging in the SpotlightIintroduction (with art from the Turner cover)
2Marvel Spotlight Official Handbook : Steve McNivenWith photo and Marvel work list
3-13The Spotlight Interview with Steve McNivenWith art from The New Avengers (I) #7, #16; Marvel Knights: 4 #3, #6, #7; Ultimate Secret #1, #2; Civil War (I) #1
14Unpublished full-color artUltimate Secret #3
15-16Two-page spread from The New Avengers (I) #9Progress and finished
17Marvel Spotlight Official Handbook : Mark MillarWith picture and Marvel work list
18A panel from Civil War (I) #1 and TPBs with Millar's work-
19-27The Spotlight Interview with Mark MillarWith art from Civil War (I) #1; The Ultimates #5, #9, #12, Ultimates 2 (I) #4; Ultimate Fantastic Four #6
Sidebar: "Cast of Characters: The Ultimates"-
28-32Spotlight Commentary on Civil War (I) #1-
33Fans in the SpotlightLetter page plus AD for next issue
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Spotlight: Mark Millar / Steve McNiven #1
Cr:W-John Rhett Thomas, Dugan Trodglen, Jeph C. York   P/L-[N.G.]   I/F-[N.G.]   L-[N.G.]   C-[N.G.]
Rm:Sketches, character designs, scripts, interviews; see Details  

Detailled listing of the contents:

0Plugging in the SpotlightContents and art from Civil War: Front Line #1 cover
1-3Top 10 Moments of Civil WarEach entry has the specific scene from the series:
10 - Cap escapes from S.H.I.E.L.D. - Civil War (I) #1
9 - Punisher to the rescue - Civil War (I) #5
8 - Meet the Yancy Street Gang - Fantastic Four (IV) #538-539
7 - The coming of Thor! - Civil War (I) #3
6 - Speedball's transformation into Penance - Civil War: Front Line #1
5 - Meet the "new" New Thunderbolts - Civil War (I) #4
4 - Death of Goliath - Civil War (I) #4
3 - Cap versus Iron Man - Civil War (I) #3-4, 7
2 - Spider-Man unmasks - Civil War (I) #2
1 - Death of Captain America - Captain America (V) #25
4-7Aftermath: The Casualties of WarEach character has a picture (some of The New Warriors (III), some from Civil War (I) and Civil War: Front Line):
Night Thrasher, Namorita, Microbe, Cobalt Man, Coldheart, Speedfreek, Don Fernandez, Bantam, Goliath, Digitek, Stilt-Man, Jack O'Lantern, Jester, General Demetrius Lazer, Harold "Happy" Hogan, Walter Declun, Slyde, Hammerhead, Goldbug, Plunderer, Typeface, The Residents of Stamford Ct.
8-13Civil War Aftermath: Iron Man - Interview with Daniel and Charles Knauf, art by Roberto de la TorreArt: Iron Man (IV) #14, and Torre's pencils (#15?)
14-18Civil War Aftermath: Ms. Marvel - Interview with Brian ReedArt: Ms. Marvel (II) #10, #11, #14, and a sketch by Lopresti
19-21Civil War Aftermath: Fantastic Four - Interview with Dwayne McDuffieArt: cover of Black Panther (IV) #26, covers of Fantastic Four (IV) #544-545
22-23The Art of the FF - Interview with Paul PelletierArt: some of his pencils for upcoming issues of Fantastic Four (IV)
24-27Civil War Aftermath: Black Panther - Interview with Reginald HudlinArt: Black Panther (IV) #19, #21, #18, cover of Black Panther (IV) #28 and Portella's character sketches.
28-32Civil War Aftermath: Thunderbolts - Interview with Molly Lazer,and Mike Deodato Jr.Art: cover of Thunderbolts (I) #111, art of #111, #110, Moonstone and Radioactive Man character skecth by Deodato Jr., pencils and inks from #112
33-36Civil War Aftermath: She-Hulk - Interview with Dan SlottArt: She-Hulk (II) #15 and some b/w art by Burchett
37Civil War Aftermath: New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, the Initiative-
38-39The New and the Mighty: Bendis on the Avengers Aftermath - Interview with BendisArt: The New Avengers (I) #27, Mighty Avengers #1
40The Art of New Avengers: Leinil Francis Yu - Interview with YuArt from The New Avengers (I) #27
41-43Avengers: The Initiative - Interview with Dan SlottArt from Mighty Avengers #1, Avengers: The Initiative #1
44-48Civil War Aftermath: The Coming of Omega Flight - Interview with Oeming and KolinsArt: cover of Omega Flight #1, Ms. Marvel (II) #13, The New Avengers (I) #16, character designs by Kolins (Arachne, Beta Ray Bill, Talisman), Civil War: Choosing Sides (US Agent)
49Civil War in Collected EditionsChecklist
50-Cover of Marvel Spotlight: Captain America Remembered
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Spotlight: Civil War Aftermath #1
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rp:Reprint from Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special #1

Infos and statsIntroduction (by Tony Stark)?1
Infos and statsArachne (Registered/Fugitive)?1
Infos and statsAtlantis (Namor, Andromeda, Namorita, Seth, Vashti, Namora, Kormok, Arkus, Madoxx, Raman)Humberto Ramos, Skottie Young2
Infos and statsThe Avengers (Luke Cage, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Sentry, Wolverine)Humberto Ramos1
Infos and statsBishop (Registered)?1
Infos and statsCable (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)Leinil Francis Yu1
Infos and statsLuke Cage (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)?1
Infos and statsCaptain America (Registered/Fugitive)Howard Chaykin1
Infos and statsCommission on Superhuman Activities (Dr Valerie Cooper, Henry Peter Gyrich, Gen Lewis Haywerth, George Mathers, Dallas Riordan, Adrian Sammish, Orville Sanderson, Raymond Sikorski)?2
Infos and statsDaredevil (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)?1
Infos and statsDeadpool (Registered)?1
Infos and statsFalcon (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)?1
Infos and statsSally Floyd (Civilian, photo only)?1
Infos and statsGoliath (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)?1
Infos and statsGreen Goblin (Registered)?1
Infos and statsHercules (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)Steve McNiven1
Infos and statsHuman Torch (Registered)?1
Infos and statsInvisible Woman (Registered)?1
Infos and statsIron Man (Registered)?1
Infos and statsMr. Fantastic (Registered)?1
Infos and statsMs. Marvel (Registered)Frank Cho1
Infos and statsMoon Knight (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)David Finch1
Infos and statsNew Warriors (Aegis, Bandit, Bolt, Dagger, Darkhawk, Debris, Firestar, Helix, Hindsight, Justice, Microbe, Namorita, Night Thrasher, Nova, Powerhouse, Rage, Scarlet Spider, Silhouette, Slapstick, Speedball, Timeslip, Turbo, Ultra Girl)Skottie Young2
Infos and statsNitro (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)Humberto Ramos1
Infos and statsO*N*E (Cooper, Lazer, Reyes, Rhodes)?1
Infos and statsThe 198 (Collective Man, Erg, Fever Pitch, Johnny Dee, Leech, Lorelei, Mammomax, Outlaw, Peepers, Sack, Scalphunter, Skids, Toad, Caliban, Domino, Shatterstar)Salvador Larroca1
Infos and statsPunisher (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)Ariel Olivetti1
Infos and statsQuicksilver (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.)?1
Infos and statsRunaways (Chase, Karolina, Molly, Nico, Old Lace, Victor, Xavin)?1
Infos and statsSentry (Registered)?1
Infos and statsS.H.I.E.L.D. (Bridge, Carter, Dugan, Fontaine, Fury, Hill, Khanata, Quartermain, Sitwell, Woo)Steve Dillon1
Infos and statsShe-Hulk (Registered)?1
Infos and statsSpeedball (Wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D./Captured)Steve McNiven, Steve Lieber1
Infos and statsSpider-Man (Registered)?1
Infos and statsThing (Registered)Adi Granov1
Infos and statsThunderbolts (Ajaxis, Aqueduct, Asylum, Atlas, Batroc, Beetle 1, Beetle 2, Beetle 3, Blacklash, Blizzard, Bloodstrike, Boomerang, Bushmaster, Coronary, Death Adder, Doctor Octopus, Eel, Fixer, Ironclad, Joystick, Killer Shrike, King Cobra, Machete, Mach IV, Mongoose, Moonstone, Over-Mind, Ox, Porcupine, Pretty Persuasion, Primus, Quicksand, Radioactive Man, Rattler, Red Ronin, Slyde, Smiling Tiger, Smuggler, Snake Marston, Songbird, Swordsman, Tatterdemalion, Texas Twister, Unicorn, Vapor, Vector, Vermin, Whiplash, Whirlwind, X-Ray, Zaran, Baron Zemo)?3
Infos and statsWolverine (Registered)Humberto Ramos1
Infos and statsX-Factor Investigations (M, Madrox, Rictor, Siryn, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane)?1
Infos and statsX-Men (Beast, Cable, Cannonball, Colossus, Cyclops, Darwin, Dust, Elixir, Emma Frost, Havok, Hellion, Iceman, Lockheed, Marvel Girl, Mercury, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Polaris, Professor X, Rockslide, Rogue, Sabretooth, Shadowcat, Surge, Warpath, Wolverine, X-23)John Cassaday, Christopher Bachalo, Robert Liefeld, Mike Mayhew, Billy Tan, Rodolfo Migliari2
Infos and statsYellowjacket (Registered)?1
Infos and statsYoung Avengers (Hawkeye, Hulkling, Patriot, Speed, Stature, Vision, Wiccan)?1
Infos and statsCivil War Files Appendix (Aegis (fugitive), Arana (registered), Bantam (registered/KIA), Battlestar (incarcerated), Black Cat (registered), Black Widow (Agent of SHIELD), Cloak and Dagger (fugitives), Coldblood 7 (incarcerated), Digitek (incarcerated), Doc Samson (Agent of SHIELD), Doctor Strange (unregistered/post-human exception), Doorman (registered), Flatman (registered), Gladiatrix (incarcerated), Hellcat (registered), Hulk (fugitive), Humbug (registered), John Jameson (registered), Mercedes "Misty" Knight (registered), Lectronn (incarcerated), Lightbright (incarcerated), Living Mummy (incarcerated), Marvel Boy (incarcerated), Mister Immortal (registered), Micromax (agent of MI-13/SHIELD), Network (incarcerated), Night Nurse (fugitive), Nighthawk (fugitive), Phne Ranger (incarcerated), Prodigy (incarcerated), Prowler (incarcerated), Sabra (agent of Mossad/SHIELD), Shang-Chi (registered), Shroud (fugitive), Silverclaw (incarcerated), Solo (incarcerated), Squirrel Girl (registered), Stingray (unregistered), Tarantula (registered), Thor (agent of SHIELD), Thunderclap (fugitive), Tigra (agent of SHIELD), Two-Gun Kid (registered), Typeface (incarcerated), Wasp (agent of SHIELD), Wildstreak (incarcerated), Colleen Wing (registered), Wonder Man (agent of SHIELD))William Tucci, John Romita Jr., Steve McNiven1



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