PG+/PSR+/Parental Advisory (15+)

Marvel Super Action (I) (Magazine)1976
Thunderbolts (I)1997-2003
Startling Stories: Banner2001
Agent X2002-2003
Elektra: Glimpse and Echo2002
Elektra and Wolverine: The Redeemer2002
Marvel Knights Double-Shot2002
Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive2002
Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do2002-2006
Startling Stories: The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man2002
The Ultimates2002-2004
The Call2003
Emma Frost2003-2005
Startling Stories: Fantastic Four - Unstable Molecules2003
Startling Stories: The Thing - Night Falls on Yancy Street2003
Wolverine (III)2003-2009
Wolverine: Snikt!2003
Black Widow (III) (Natalie Romanova)2004-2005
Bullseye: Greatest Hits2004-2005
Elektra: The Hand2004-2005
Loki (I)2004
Man-Thing (IV) (Movie Prequel)2004
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Daredevil 20042004
The Pulse2004-2006
Punisher: The End2004
Tomb of Dracula (III)2004-2005
Black Panther (IV) (T'Challa)2005-2008
Black Widow (IV) (Natalie Romanova)2005-2006
Blade: Nightstalking (DVD Special)2005
Daredevil: Redemption2005
Daredevil vs. Punisher2005-2006
Ghost Rider (IV) (John Blaze)2005-2006
Hercules (III)2005
Hulk: Destruction2005
Punisher: The Cell2005
Punisher: Red X-Mas2005
Shanna, the She-Devil (II)2005
She-Hulk (II) (Jennifer Walters)2005-2009
Ultimate Iron Man (I)2005-2006
Ultimates 2 (I)2005-2007
Ultimates Annual2005-2006
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures2006-2008
Claws (I)2006
Daughters of the Dragon2006
Ghost Rider (V) (John Blaze)2006-2009
Giant-Size Wolverine2006
Moon Knight (V)2006-2009
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.2006-2007
Punisher: Bloody Valentine2006
Punisher: Silent Night2006
Punisher vs. Bullseye2006
Saga of Squadron Supreme2006
Squadron Supreme (II)2006
Thunderbolts (II)2006-2012
Wolverine: Origins2006-2010
X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl2006
Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock2007
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born2007
Dark Tower: Gunslinger's Guidebook2007
Dark Tower Sketchbook2007
Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears (Caleb)2007
Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter: The First Death2007
Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing2007
Legion of Monsters: Morbius2007
Legion of Monsters: Satana2007
Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night2007
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans2007
Marvel Zombies 22007-2008
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness2007
Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons and Various Monstrosities2007
Marvel Zombies Dead Days2007
The Punisher War Journal (II)2007-2009
Punisher: X-Mas Special2007
Shanna the She-Devil: Survival of the Fittest2007-2008
Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk2007
Ultimate Marvel Sampler2007
What If? Wolverine: Enemy of the State2007
White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)2007
Wolverine Annual (I)2007-2008
Wolverine: Origins Annual2007
X-23: Target X2007
Dark Tower: End-World Almanac2008
Dark Tower: The Long Road Home2008
Dark Tower: Treachery2008-2009
Deadpool (III)2008-2012
Ender's Game: Battle School2008-2009
Ghost Rider Annual (II) (John Blaze)2008
Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch (Daniel Ketch)2008-2009
Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas2008
Lords of Avalon: Sword of Darkness2008
Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick2008
Marvel Zombies 32008-2009
Moon Knight Annual (I)2008
Newuniversal: 19592008
Newuniversal: Conqueror2008
Newuniversal: Shockfront2008
NYX: No Way Home2008-2009
Skaar: Son of Hulk2008-2009
Skaar: Son of Hulk Presents - Savage World of Sakaar2008
Squadron Supreme (III)2008-2009
The Stand: Captain Trips2008-2009
Sub-Mariner: The Depths2008-2009
True Believers2008-2009
Ultimate Iron Man II2008
Ultimates 32008
Wolverine: The Amazing Immortal Man and Other Bloody Tales2008
Wolverine: Dangerous Games2008
Wolverine: Killing Made Simple2008
Wolverine: Manifest Destiny2008-2009
X-Force (III)2008-2010
X-Force Special: Ain't No Dog2008
X-Men: Magneto Testament2008-2009
X-Men: Original Sin2008
Black Panther (V) (Shuri)2009-2010
Daredevil Noir2009
Dark Reign: Hawkeye (Bullseye)2009-2010
Dark Reign: The Hood2009
Dark Reign: The List - Punisher2009
Dark Reign: The List - Wolverine2009
Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead2009-2010
Dark Tower: Guide to Gilead2009
Dark Tower: Sorcerer2009
Dark Wolverine (Daken)2009-2010
Deadpool: Games of Death2009
Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth2009-2010
Deadpool Special2009-2010
Deadpool: Suicide Kings2009
Ender's Game: Command School2009-2010
Ender's Game: Recruiting Valentine2009
Ender's Shadow: Battle School2009
Ender's Shadow: Command School2009-2010
Exiles (II)2009
Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire (John Blaze, Daniel Ketch)2009-2010
Jesse James is a Dead Man (Custom Comic)2009
Lords of Avalon: Knight of Darkness2009
Marvel Divas2009
Marvel Zombies 42009
Marvel Zombies Return2009
Moon Knight: Silent Knight2009
Planet Skaar Prologue2009
Punisher (VIII)2009-2010
Punisher Annual 20092009
Punisher Noir2009-2010
Punisher War Zone (II)2009
Rampaging Wolverine2009
Savage She-Hulk (II) (Lyra)2009
Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos One-Shot2009
Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu (B&W) One-Shot2009
Son of Hulk (Hiro-Kala)2009-2010
The Stand: American Nightmares2009
The Stand: Soul Survivors2009-2010
Strange Tales (V)2009-2010
Trojan War2009
Ultimate Comics Avengers2009-2010
Vengeance of the Moon Knight (I)2009-2010
Wolverine: The Anniversary2009
Wolverine: Chop Shop2009
Wolverine: Flies to a Spider2009
Wolverine Noir2009
Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant-Size2009
Wolverine: Revolver2009
Wolverine: Switchback2009
Wolverine Weapon X2009-2010
X-Force/Cable: Messiah War2009
X-Men Noir2009
Daken: Dark Wolverine2010-2012
Daredevil Black and White2010
Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill2010
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins2010
Dazzler (II)2010
Deadpool Corps2010-2011
Deadpool Pulp2010-2011
Deadpool Team-Up (II)2010-2011
Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War2010
Death of Dracula2010
Deathlok (IV) (Mike Travers/Luther Manning)2010
Ender's Game: The League War2010
Ender's Game: Mazer in Prison Special2010
Ender's Game: War of Gifts Special2010
Girl Comics (II)2010
Hit-Monkey (II)2010
Indomitable Iron Man (B&W)2010
Iron Man: Kiss and Kill2010
Iron Man Noir2010
Iron Man: Titanium!2010
Lady Deadpool2010
Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher2010
Marvel Zombies 52010
Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution2010
The Mystic Hands of Dr. Strange (B&W)2010
Orson Scott Card's Ender in Exile2010
Prelude to Deadpool Corps2010
The Rawhide Kid (IV)2010
Realm of Kings Son of Hulk (Hiro-Kala)2010
The Savage Axe of Ares (B&W)2010
Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow2010
Shadowland: Elektra2010
Shadowland: Ghost Rider (John Blaze)2010
Shadowland: Moon Knight2010
Spider-Man: Fever2010
The Stand: Hardcases2010-2011
Stephen King's N.2010
Strange Tales (VI)2010-2011
Thor: For Asgard2010-2011
Tomb of Terror2010
Ultimate Avengers 22010
Ultimate Avengers 32010-2011
Ultimate New Ultimates2010-2011
Uncanny X-Force (I)2010-2013
Weapon X Noir2010
Wolverine (IV)2010-2012
Wolverine: Mr. X2010
Wolverine: The Road to Hell2010
Wolverine Special (I)2010-2011
Wolverine: Under the Boardwalk2010
Wolverine: Wendigo!2010
X-23 (II)2010
X-23 (III)2010-2012
X-Force Annual (II)2010
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Blade2010
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Smoke and Blood2010
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Storm and Gambit2010
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - X-Men vs. Vampires2010
X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain2010
X-Men Origins: Deadpool2010
5 Ronin2011
Bullseye: Perfect Game2011
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Battle of Tull2011
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria2011
Deadpool Annual (I)2011
Deadpool and Cable2011
Deadpool Family2011
Fear Itself: Deadpool2011
Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force2011
Fear Itself: Wolverine2011
Formic Wars: Burning Earth2011
Ghost Rider (VI) (Alejandra Jones)2011-2012
Incredible Hulk (V)2011-2012
Iron Man: Rapture2011
Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine2011
Marvel Zombies Supreme2011
Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead2011
The Punisher (IX)2011-2012
Punisher: in the Blood2011
Red Skull (I)2011-2012
The Stand: The Night Has Come2011-2012
The Stand: No Man's Land2011
Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood2011
Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates2011
Ultimate Captain America2011
Ultimate Comics Captain America2011-2017
Wolverine: The Best There Is2011-2012
Wolverine and Black Cat: Claws 22011
Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy (Digital Exclusive Comic)2011
Wolverine: Debt of Death2011
Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters and Mutants2011
Zombies Christmas Carol2011
Age of Apocalypse (I)2012-2013
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Man in Black2012
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Way Station2012
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe2012
Formic Wars: Silent Strike2012
Infernal Man-Thing2012
Magneto: Not a Hero2012
Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers2012-2013
Marvel Zombies Destroy!2012
Marvel Zombies Halloween2012
Punisher: War Zone (III)2012-2013
Six Guns2012
Space: Punisher2012
Wolverine (V)2012-2013
Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega2012
Cable and X-Force2013-2014
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Evil Ground2013
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Sheemie's Tale2013
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - So Fell Lord Perth2013
Deadpool (IV)2013-2015
Deadpool Kills Deadpool2013
Deadpool: Killustrated2013
Iron Man Premiere (HC) Season One2013
Punisher: Nightmare2013
Punisher: Trial of the Punisher2013
Savage Wolverine2013-2014
Thunderbolts (III)2013-2014
Uncanny X-Force (II)2013-2014
Wolverine (VI)2013-2014
Wolverine: In the Flesh2013
Axis: Carnage2014-2015
Dead Rising 3 (Custom Comic)2014
Deadpool Annual (II)2014
Deadpool Bi-Annual2014
Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet2014
Deadpool vs. Carnage2014
Deadpool vs. X-Force2014
Deadpool's Art of War2014-2015
Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America2014
Dexter Down Under2014
George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act One2014
George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act Two2014-2015
Magneto (III)2014-2015
Moon Knight (VII)2014-2015
Night of the Living Deadpool2014
Origin II2014
The Punisher (X)2014-2015
Thunderbolts Annual2014
Wolverine (VII)2014
Wolverine Annual (III)2014
X-Force (IV) (X-Force VI)2014-2015
All-New Miracleman Annual2015
Deadpool and Cable: Split Second (Infinite Comic)2015
Deadpool vs. Thanos2015
Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars2015
Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program2015
George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act Three2015
M.O.D.O.K. Assassin2015
Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos2015
Old Man Logan (I)2015
Return of the Living Deadpool2015
Secret Wars: Secret Love2015
Squadron Sinister2015-2016
Where Monsters Dwell (II)2015
All-New Wolverine (Laura Kinney)2016-2018
Color Your Own Deadpool2016
Deadpool (V)2016-2017
Deadpool Annual (III)2016
Deadpool: Back in Black2016-2017
Deadpool and Cable: Split Second2016
Deadpool: Last Days of Magic2016
Deadpool and the Mercs For Money2016
Deadpool and the Mercs For Money (II)2016-2017
Deadpool: Too Soon?2016-2017
Deadpool: Too Soon? (Infinite Comic)2016
Deadpool v Gambit2016
Jessica Jones (I)2016-2018
Marvel Civil War II Free Previews2016
Marvel Free Previews 20162016-2017
Marvel New Stories/Road to Civil War II Previews2016
Nighthawk (II) (Raymond Kane)2016
Old Man Logan (II)2016-2018
The Punisher (XI)2016-2017
The Punisher Annual (II)2016
Slapstick Infinite Comic2016-2017
Solo (II) (James Bourne)2016-2017
Thunderbolts (IV)2016-2017
Black Eyed Peas Presents: Masters of the Sun - The Zombie Chronicles (HC)2017
Color Your Own Wolverine2017
Deadpool: Bad Blood OGN-HC2017
Deadpool the Duck2017
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again2017
Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan2017-2018
Deadpool vs. the Punisher2017
Despicable Deadpool2017-2018
Foolkiller (III) (Greg Salinger)2017
Slapstick (II)2017
Thanos (II)2017-2018
Black Panther vs. Deadpool (T'Challa)2018-2019
Color Your Own Deadpool Again!2018
Cosmic Ghost Rider (I) (Frank Castle)2018-2019
Deadpool (VI)2018-2019
Deadpool: Assassin2018
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (Marvel Digital Original)2018
Domino (III)2018-2019
Domino Annual2018
Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda2018
Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer2018
Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends2018
Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor2018
Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost2018
Jessica Jones: Blind Spot (Marvel Digital Original)2018
Legacy Free December Previews Spotlight2018
Legacy Free November Previews Spotlight2018
Marvel Zombie2018
Old Man Hawkeye (Clint Barton)2018-2019
Old Man Logan Annual2018
The Punisher (XII)2018
The Punisher (XIII)2018-2019
Return of Wolverine2018-2019
Thanos Annual (II)2018
The Weeknd Presents: Starboy2018
You Are Deadpool2018
Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool2019
Age of Conan: Bêlit2019
Age of Conan: Valeria2019-2020
Conan the Barbarian (III)2019-2021
Conan the Barbarian: Exodus2019
Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History (Frank Castle)2019
Dead Man Logan2019
Deadpool Annual (IV)2019
Deadpool MPGN TPB: Secret Agent Deadpool2019
Death's Head (II)2019
Domino: Hotshots2019
Giant-Size X-Statix2019
Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter (Marvel Digital Original)2019
The Marvel Art of Conan the Barbarian (HC)2019
Marvel Monsters2019
Old Man Quill2019-2020
Punisher Kill Krew2019-2020
Red Goblin: Red Death2019
Savage Avengers (I)2019-2022
Savage Avengers Annual2019
The Savage Sword of Conan (II)2019-2020
Thanos (III)2019
War of the Realms: Punisher2019
Wolverine: Infinity Watch2019
Wolverine: The Long Night Adaptation2019
X-Force (V)2019
Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown2020
Conan: Serpent War2020
Deadpool (VII)2020-2021
Giant-Size X-Men: Fantomex2020
Marvel Zombies: Resurrection (II)2020-2021
The Philosophy of Deadpool (HC)2020
The Punisher vs Barracuda2020
Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider (Frank Castle)2020
Robert E. Howard's Dark Agnes2020
Warhammer 40,000: Marneus Calgar2020-2021
Weapon Plus: World War IV2020
Wolverine (VIII)2020-2023
X-Force (VI)2020-2023
Alien (I)2021-2022
Aliens: Aftermath2021
Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing2021
Carnage: Black, White and Blood2021
Deadpool: Black, White and Blood2021-2022
Deadpool: Invisible Touch (Infinity Comic)2021
Deadpool Nerdy 302021
King-Size Conan2021
The Legend of Shang-Chi2021
Warhammer 40,000: Sisters of Battle2021-2022
Wolverine: Black, White and Blood2021
X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation2021
Alien (II)2022-2023
Alien Annual (I)2022
Elektra: Black, White and Blood2022
King Conan (II)2022
Life of Wolverine (Infinity Comic)2022
Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood2022
Predator (I)2022-2023
The Punisher (XIV)2022-2023
Punisher War Journal: Blitz2022
Punisher War Journal: Brother2022
Sabretooth (IV)2022
Savage Avengers (II)2022-2023
Wastelanders: Black Widow2022
Wastelanders: Doom2022
Wastelanders: Hawkeye2022
Wastelanders: Star-Lord2022
Wastelanders: Wolverine2022
X Deaths of Wolverine2022
X Lives of Wolverine2022
The X-Cellent (I)2022
X-Force Annual (III)2022
X-Terminators (II)2022-2023
Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal (Infinity Comic)2022
Alien (III)2023
Alien Annual (II)2023
Blade (V)2023
Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch)2023
Dark X-Men (II)2023
Deadpool (VIII)2023
Deadpool: Badder Blood2023
Ghost Rider Annual (III) (John Blaze)2023
Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha2023
Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Omega2023
Marvel Zombies: Black, White and Blood2023
Predator (II)2023
Predator vs Wolverine2023
Sabretooth and the Exiles2023
The X-Cellent (II)2023
Alien (IV)2024
Carnage (IV)2024
Deadpool: Seven Slaughters2024
The Punisher (XV)2024
Thanos (IV)2024
Punisher (HC)2002-2004
Born (HC)2004
Elektra TPB (II) vol.3: Relentless2004
Elektra TPB (II) vol.4: Frenzy2004
Punisher Max TPB vol.1: In the Beginning2004
Punisher: The Movie TPB2004
Punisher TPB (I) vol.5: Streets of Laredo2004
Punisher TPB (I) vol.6: Confederacy of Dunces2004
Punisher TPB: Born2004
Truth: Red, White and Black TPB (Isaiah Bradley)2004
The Ultimates (HC)2004
Witches TPB2004
Wolverine Legends TPB vol.5: Snikt!2004
Wolverine/Punisher TPB2004
Wolverine TPB (II) vol.2: Coyote Crossing2004
Wolverine TPB (II) vol.3: Return of the Native2004
X-Statix TPB vol.3: Back from the Dead2004
Blade TPB: Black and White2005
Bullseye TPB: Greatest Hits2005
Daredevil TPB: Redemption2005
Elektra TPB: The Hand2005
Ghost Rider (IV) Director's Cut (John Blaze)2005
Hercules TPB: New Labors of Hercules2005
Loki (HC)2005
Man-Thing TPB: Whatever Knows Fear2005
Marvel Must Haves: NYX #1-32005
Marvel Must Haves: NYX #4-52005
Marvel Must Haves: The Ultimates 2 #1-32005
Marvel Must Haves: Wolverine #20-222005
NYX/X-23 (HC)2005
Punisher Max TPB vol.2: Kitchen Irish2005
Punisher Max TPB vol.3: Mother Russia2005
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Enemy of the State2005-2006
Wolverine TPB: Enemy of the State (I)2005-2006
X-Statix TPB vol.4: X-Statix vs. the Avengers2005
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter in Guilty Pleasures Exclusiv Preview Edition2006
Ares TPB2006
Black Widow TPB: The Things They Say About Her (Natalie Romanova)2006
Daredevil vs. Punisher TPB2006
Daughters of the Dragon TPB: Samurai Bullets2006
Essential Marvel Horror2006-2008
Ghost Rider Premiere (HC): Road to Damnation (John Blaze)2006
Marvel Zombies (HC)2006-2009
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Crayon Butchery Variant2006
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. (HC): This is What They Want2006
Nextwave Director's Cut2006
NYX TPB: Wannabe2006
Punisher Max TPB vol.5: The Slavers2006
Shanna, the She-Devil Premiere (HC)2006
Spider-Man/Black Cat Premiere (HC): The Evil that Men Do2006
Ultimate Annuals TPB2006-2007
Ultimate Iron Man Premiere (HC)2006
Ultimate Iron Man TPB2006
Wolverine (HC): Enemy of the State - The Complete Edition2006
Wolverine: Origins Director's Cut2006
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.1: Born in Blood2006
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Origins and Endings2006
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Origin2006
X-23 TPB: Innocence Lost2006
X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl TPB2006
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures (HC)2007-2008
Civil War TPB: Wolverine2007
Essential Man-Thing2007-2008
Ghost Rider Premiere (HC): Trail of Tears (Caleb)2007
Ghost Rider TPB: Road to Damnation (John Blaze)2007
Legion of Monsters (HC)2007
Loki TPB (I)2007
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness (HC)2007
Marvel Zombies (HC): The Covers2007
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Bottom2007
Moon Knight TPB (I) vol.1: The Bottom2007
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Premiere (HC): I Kick Your Face2007
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. TPB vol.1: This is What They Want2007
Punisher TPB: Very Special Holidays2007
Shanna, the She-Devil TPB2007
Spider-Man/Black Cat TPB: The Evil that Men Do2007
Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk TPB2007
Squadron Supreme Premiere (HC) vol.1: Prewar Years2007
The Ultimates 2 TPB vol.2: Grand Theft America2007
White Tiger TPB: A Hero's Compulsion (Angela Del Toro)2007
Wolverine and Black Cat (HC): Claws2007
Wolverine Black and White2007
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.2: Savior2007
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.3: Swift and Terrible2007
Wolverine Origins TPB vol.1: Born in Blood2007
Wolverine Origins TPB vol.2: Savior2007
Wolverine Origins TPB: Origins and Endings2007
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Evolution2007
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Evolution Black and White2007
Wolverine TPB: Blood and Sorrow2007
X-23 TPB: Target X2007
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The First Death (HC)2008
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures TPB2008-2009
Daredevil TPB: Battlin' Jack Murdock2008
Dark Tower: The Long Road Home (HC)2008
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger Born2008
Ghost Rider TPB (I) vol.4: Revelations (John Blaze)2008
Ghost Rider TPB: Trail of Tears (Caleb)2008
Logan Premiere (HC)2008
Lords of Avalon Sword of Darkness (HC)2008
Marvel Illustrated: Iliad Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans TPB2008
Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Zombies (HC): Dead Days2008
Marvel Zombies TPB2008-2011
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.2: Midnight Sun2008
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.3: God and Country2008
Moon Knight TPB (I) vol.2: Midnight Sun2008
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. TPB vol.2: I Kick Your Face2008
Punisher Omnibus (HC) By Garth Ennis2008
The Punisher Premiere (HC): Circle of Blood2008
Punisher Premiere (HC): Welcome Back Frank2008
Punisher War Journal TPB (I) vol.3: Hunter/Hunted2008
Shanna the She Devil TPB: Survival of the Fittest2008
Tomb of Dracula Omnibus (HC)2008-2010
Ultimate Iron Man II Premiere (HC)2008
Ultimates 2 (HC)2008
Ultimates 3 March on Ultimatum Must Have2008
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Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.5: The Deep End2008
Wolverine Origins TPB vol.3: Swift and Terrible2008
Wolverine Origins TPB vol.4: Our War2008
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Death of Wolverine2008
Wolverine TPB: The Death of Wolverine2008
Wolverine TPB: Enemy of the State Ultimate Collection2008
Wolverine TPB: Evolution2008
Wolverine TPB: Get Mystique2008
Wyrms TPB2008
X-Force: Legacy of Vengeance2008
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.1: Angels and Demons2008
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures (HC): The Complete Collection2009
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter TPB: The First Death2009
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Truth (Steve Rogers)2009
Dark Reign TPB: Deadpool/Thunderbolts2009
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): Treachery2009
Deadpool (HC): Suicide Kings2009
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.1: Secret Invasion2009
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.2: Dark Reign2009
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.1: Secret Invasion2009
Ender's Game Premiere (HC): Battle School2009
Ender's Shadow Premiere (HC): Battle School2009
Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch TPB: Addict (Daniel Ketch)2009
Ghost Rider TPB (I) vol.5: Hell Bent and Heaven Bound (John Blaze)2009
Ghost Rider TPB: The Last Stand (John Blaze)2009
Ghost Rider TPB: Trials and Tribulations (John Blaze)2009
Hulk (HC): Planet Skaar2009
Hulk: Skaar - Son of Hulk Premiere (HC)2009
Hulk: Skaar - Son of Hulk TPB2009
Iliad GN-TPB2009
Lords of Avalon: Knight of Darkness (HC)2009
Marvel Must Haves: X-Force #1-32009
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness TPB2009
Marvel Zombies TPB: Dead Days2009
Moby Dick GN-TPB2009
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.4: Death of Marc Spector2009
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.5: Down South2009
Moon Knight TPB (I) vol.3: God and Country2009
Moon Knight TPB (I) vol.4: Death of Marc Spector2009
Moon Knight TPB (I) vol.5: Down South2009
NYX Premiere (HC): No Way Home2009
NYX Premiere (HC): Wannabe2009
NYX TPB: No Way Home2009
The Odyssey Premiere (HC)2009
The Punisher Premiere (HC): Dark Reign2009
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.4: Jigsaw!2009
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.5: Secret Invasion2009
Punisher War Journal TPB (I) vol.4: Jigsaw2009
Punisher War Journal TPB (I) vol.5: Secret Invasion2009
Punisher: War Zone Premiere (HC): The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci2009
Punisher: War Zone TPB (II)2009
Ruins (Collection)2009
Squadron Supreme TPB: Bright Shining Lies2009
Squadron Supreme TPB: Power to the People2009
Squadron Supreme TPB: The Pre-War Years2009
The Stand Premiere (HC): Captain Trips2009
Sub-Mariner Premiere (HC): The Depths2009
Supreme Power: Hyperion Premiere (HC)2009
Supreme Power: Nighthawk Premiere (HC)2009
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): Contact2009
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): High Command2009
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): Powers and Principalities2009
Ultimate Iron Man II TPB2009
The Ultimates 3 Premiere (HC): Who Killed the Scarlet Witch2009
Ultimates Omnibus (HC) By Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch2009
The Ultimates TPB vol.3: Who Killed the Scarlet Witch?2009
Wolverine: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Prince (Daken)2009
Wolverine (HC): Old Man Logan2009
Wolverine Noir Premiere (HC)2009
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Dark Reign2009
Wolverine Origins TPB vol.5: Deadpool2009
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Dangerous Games2009
Wolverine TPB: Dangerous Games2009
Wolverine TPB: Flies to a Spider2009
Wolverine TPB: Logan2009
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.2: Old Ghosts2009
X-Force TPB (II) vol.1: Angels and Demons2009
X-Force TPB (II) vol.2: Old Ghosts2009
X-Men: Magneto Premiere (HC) - Testament2009
X-Men: Magneto TPB Testament2009
X-Men Noir GN-TPB2009
X-Men Noir Premiere (HC)2009
X-Men Origins (HC)2009-2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): Original Sin2009
X-Men TPB: Original Sin2009
Alias Marvel's Greatest Comics2010
Brian Michael Bendis: 10 Years at Marvel TPB2010
Daredevil Noir GN-TPB2010
Daredevil Noir Premiere (HC)2010
Dark Reign: Hawkeye TPB (Bullseye)2010
Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead Premiere (HC)2010
Dark Tower: The Long Road Home TPB2010
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Battle of Jericho Hill2010
Dark Tower TPB: The Gunslinger Born2010
Deadpool Corps Premiere (HC) vol.1: Poolocalypse Now2010
Deadpool Corps Premiere (HC): Prelude2010
Deadpool Marvel's Greatest Comics2010
Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth (HC): Head Trip2010
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.3: X Marks the Spot2010
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.4: Monkey Business2010
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.5: What Happened in Vegas2010
Deadpool Team-Up (HC) vol.1: Good Buddies2010
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.2: Dark Reign2010
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.3: X Marks the Spot2010
Deadpool TPB: Suicide Kings2010
Deathlok: The Demolisher Premiere (HC)2010
Dracula Premiere (HC)2010
Ender's Game Premiere (HC): Command School2010
Ender's Game Premiere (HC): War of Gifts2010
Ender's Shadow Premiere (HC): Command School2010
Fortune and Glory: A True Hollywood Comic Book Story Deluxe (HC) Anniversary Edition2010
Ghost Rider Omnibus (HC) By Jason Aaron (John Blaze, Daniel Ketch)2010
Ghost Riders TPB: Heaven's on Fire (John Blaze, Daniel Ketch)2010
Girl Comics (HC)2010
Hit-Monkey (I)2010
Hulk (HC): Son of Hulk - Dark Son Rising (Hiro-Kala)2010
Hulk TPB: Planet Skaar2010
Hulk TPB: Son of Hulk - Dark Son Rising (Hiro-Kala)2010
Iron Man Noir Premiere (HC)2010
The List (HC)2010
The List TPB2010
Marvel Divas TPB2010
Marvel Super Special (II)2010
Marvel Zombies Marvel's Greatest Comics2010
Marvel Zombies Premiere (HC)2010
Marvel Zombies Return (HC)2010
Marvel Zombies Return TPB2010
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. TPB Ultimate Collection2010
The Odyssey GN-TPB2010
Punisher: Franken-Castle - The Birth of the Monster2010
Punisher Noir GN-TPB2010
Punisher Noir Premiere (HC)2010
The Punisher Premiere (HC): Dead End2010
Punisher TPB: Dark Reign2010
Punisher TPB: Dead End2010
Raymond E. Fiest's Magician Master Premiere (HC): The Great One2010
Siege Premiere (HC): X-Men2010
Spider-Man TPB: Fever2010
The Stand Premiere (HC): American Nightmares2010
The Stand Premiere (HC): Soul Survivors2010
Stephen King's N. Premiere (HC)2010
Strange Tales (HC)2010
Strange Tales TPB2010
Sub-Mariner TPB: The Depths2010
Tomb of Dracula TPB2010-2011
Trojan War GN-TPB2010
Trojan War Premiere (HC)2010
Ultimate Comics Avengers Premiere (HC): Crime and Punishment2010
Ultimate Comics Avengers TPB vol.1: The Next Generation2010
Ultimate Comics Iron Man TPB: Ultimate Collection2010
Ultimate Origins Director's Cut2010
Ultimates II TPB: Ultimate Collection2010
Ultimates TPB: Ultimate Collection2010
Ultimatum (HC)2010
Vengeance of the Moon Knight 1-3 Must Have2010
Vengeance of the Moon Knight TPB vol.1: Shock and Awe2010
Wolverine and Black Cat TPB: Claws2010
Wolverine: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.2: My Hero (Daken)2010
Wolverine: Dark Wolverine TPB vol.1: The Prince (Daken)2010
Wolverine: Dark Wolverine TPB vol.2: My Hero (Daken)2010
Wolverine Marvel's Greatest Comics2010-2011
Wolverine Noir GN-TPB2010
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Romulus2010
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Seven the Hard Way2010
Wolverine Origins TPB: Dark Reign2010
Wolverine Origins TPB: Romulus2010
Wolverine Origins TPB: Seven the Hard Way2010
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Reckoning2010
Wolverine TPB: Old Man Logan2010
Wolverine Weapon X Premiere (HC) vol.1: Adamantium Men2010
Wolverine Weapon X Premiere (HC) vol.2: Insane in the Brain2010
Wolverine Weapon X Premiere (HC) vol.3: Tomorrow Dies Today2010
Wolverine Weapon X TPB vol.1: Adamantium Men2010
Wolverine Weapon X TPB vol.2: Insane in the Brain2010
X-Force/Cable TPB: Messiah War2010
X-Force (HC)2010-2012
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.3: Not Forgotten2010
X-Force TPB (II) vol.3: Not Forgotten2010
X-Men Noir Premiere (HC): Mark of Cain2010
X-Men Origins TPB2010-2011
X-Necrosha (HC)2010
5 Ronin (HC)2011
Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine: Another Fine Mess Must Have2011
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): Big Break2011
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): Empire (Daken)2011
Daken: Dark Wolverine TPB: Empire (Daken)2011
Daken/X-23 Premiere (HC): Collision2011
Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead TPB2011
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Marvel's Greatest Comics2011
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins2011
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria2011
Dark Tower TPB: Treachery2011
Deadpool Corps Premiere (HC) vol.2: You Say You Want a Revolution2011
Deadpool Corps TPB vol.1: Poolocalypse Now2011
Deadpool Corps TPB: Prelude2011
Deadpool (HC)2011
Deadpool (HC): Wade Wilson's War2011
Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth TPB: Head Trip2011
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.6: I Rule, You Suck2011
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.7: Space Oddity2011
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.8: Operation Annihilation2011
Deadpool Pulp GN-TPB2011
Deadpool Pulp Premiere (HC)2011
Deadpool Team-Up (HC) vol.2: Special Relationship2011
Deadpool Team-Up (HC) vol.3: BFFs2011
Deadpool Team-Up TPB vol.1: Good Buddies2011
Deadpool Team-Up TPB vol.2: Special Relationship2011
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.4: Monkey Business2011
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.5: What Happened in Vegas2011
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.6: I Rule, You Suck2011
Deadpool TPB: All in the Family2011
Deadpool TPB: Dead Head Redemption2011
Deadpool TPB: Wade Wilson's War2011
Deathlok the Demolisher TPB2011
Dracula GN-TPB2011
Emma Frost Ultimate Collection TPB2011
Ender Premiere (HC): Ender in Exile2011
Ender Premiere (HC): Speaker for the Dead2011
Ender's Game: Formic Wars Premiere (HC) - Burning Earth2011
Girl Comics TPB2011
Hit-Monkey TPB: Year of the Monkey2011
Iron Man Noir GN-TPB2011
Iron Man TPB: Rapture2011
Marvel Point One TPB2011-2012
Marvel Super Action (III)2011
Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher (HC)2011
Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher TPB2011
Marvel Zombies Supreme (HC)2011
Mighty Marvel: Women of Marvel TPB2011
Punisher (HC): Franken-Castle2011
Punisher (TPB): Franken-Castle2011
Punisher TPB: In the Blood2011
The Rawhide Kid TPB: The Sensational Seven2011
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Moon Knight2011
Shadowland TPB: Moon Knight2011
Siege TPB: X-Men2011
The Stand Premiere (HC): Hardcases2011
The Stand Premiere (HC): No Man's Land2011
The Stand TPB vol.1: Captain Trips2011
Stephen King's N. TPB2011
Strange Tales II (HC)2011
Strange Tales II TPB2011
Thor (HC): For Asgard2011
Thor and Loki (HC): Blood Brothers2011
Thor TPB: For Asgard2011
Ultimate Comics Avengers Premiere (HC): Blade vs. Avengers2011
Ultimate Comics Avengers TPB vol.2: Crime and Punishment2011
Ultimate Comics Avengers TPB vol.3: Blade vs. Avengers2011
Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates Premiere (HC): Death of Spider-Man2011
Ultimate Comics Captain America Premiere (HC)2011
Ultimate Comics New Ultimates Premiere (HC): Thor Reborn2011
Ultimate Comics New Ultimates TPB: Thor Reborn2011
The Ultimates Marvel's Greatest Comics2011
Uncanny X-Force: The Apocalypse Solution Must Have2011
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): The Apocalypse Solution2011
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): Deathlok Nation2011
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.1: The Apocalypse Solution2011
Vengeance of the Moon Knight TPB vol.2: Killed, not Dead2011
Wolverine: The Best There Is - Contagion Must Have2011
Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy2011
Wolverine (HC)2011
Wolverine/Hercules TPB: Myths, Monsters and Mutants2011
Wolverine Omnibus (HC) By Jason Aaron2011
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Wolverine Goes to Hell2011
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Wolverine vs. The X-Men2011
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Wolverine's Revenge2011
Wolverine TPB: The Reckoning2011
Wolverine TPB: Wolverine Goes to Hell2011
Wolverine Weapon X TPB vol.3: Tomorrow Dies Today2011
X-23: Innocence Lost Marvel's Greatest Comics2011
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Killing Dream2011
X-23 TPB (I) vol.1: The Killing Dream2011
X-Force: Angels and Demons Marvel's Greatest Comics2011
X-Force: Sex and Violence (HC)2011
X-Force TPB: Sex and Violence2011
X-Men Noir GN-TPB: Mark of Cain2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): Curse of the Mutants - Mutants vs. Vampires2011
X-Men TPB: Curse of the Mutants - Mutants vs. Vampires2011
X-Necrosha TPB2011
5 Ronin TPB2012
Age of Apocalypse TPB vol.1: The X-Terminated2012
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse Ultimate Collection TPB2012
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): No More Heroes (Daken)2012
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Pride Comes Before the Fall (Daken)2012
Daken: Dark Wolverine TPB: Big Break2012
Daken: Dark Wolverine TPB: The Pride Comes Before the Fall (Daken)2012
Daken/X-23 TPB: Collision2012
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Battle of Tull2012
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Way Station2012
Dark Tower TPB: The Battle of Jericho Hill2012
Dark Tower TPB: The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins2012
Deadpool Corps TPB vol.2: You Say You Want a Revolution2012
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe TPB2012
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.9: Institutionalized2012
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.10: Evil Deadpool2012
Deadpool Team-Up TPB vol.3: BFFs2012
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.7: Space Oddity2012
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.8: Operation Annihilation2012
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.9: Institutionalized2012
Deadpool TPB (I) vol.10: Evil Deadpool2012
Elektra TPB By Greg Rucka Ultimate Collection2012
Ender's Game: Formic Wars Premiere (HC): Silent Strike2012
Ender's Game TPB: Ultimate Collection2012
Ender's Shadow TPB: Ultimate Collection2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Ghost Rider (Alejandra Jones)2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Wolverine / New Mutants2012
Ghost Rider TPB By Daniel Way Ultimate Collection (John Blaze)2012
Ghost Rider TPB By Rob Williams The Complete Series (Alejandra)2012
Hulk Premiere (HC): Return of the Monster2012
Incredible Hulk (HC) By Jason Aaron2012-2013
Infernal Man-Thing TPB2012
Magneto TPB: Not a Hero2012
Man-Thing Omnibus (HC)2012
Marvel Firsts TPB: Before Marvel Now!2012
Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine (HC)2012
Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine TPB2012
Marvel Zombies Destroy! (HC)2012
Marvel Zombies Supreme TPB2012
Marvel Zomnibus (HC) (I)2012
Punisher Omnibus (HC) By Rick Remender2012
The Punisher Premiere (HC) By Greg Rucka2012
The Punisher TPB By Greg Rucka2012-2013
Red Skull TPB: Incarnate2012
Six Guns TPB2012
The Stand Omnibus (Slipcase HC)2012
The Stand Premiere (HC): The Night Has Come2012
The Stand TPB vol.2: American Nightmares2012
The Stand TPB vol.3: Soul Survivors2012
The Stand TPB vol.4: Hardcases2012
Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus (HC) By Mark Millar2012
Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates TPB: Death of Spider-Man2012
Ultimate Comics Captain America TPB2012
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): The Dark Angel Saga2012
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): Final Execution2012-2013
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): Otherworld2012
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.2: Deathlok Nation2012
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.3: The Dark Angel Saga Book 12012
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.4: The Dark Angel Saga Book 22012
Wolverine and Black Cat (HC): Claws 22012
Wolverine and Black Cat TPB: Claws 22012
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Back in Japan2012
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Best There Is - Broken Quarantine2012
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Goodbye, Chinatown2012
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Rot2012
Wolverine TPB: The Best There Is - Broken Quarantine2012
Wolverine TPB: The Best There Is - Contagion2012
Wolverine TPB: Goodbye, Chinatown2012
Wolverine TPB By Greg Rucka Ultimate Collection2012
Wolverine TPB: Wolverine vs. The X-Men2012
Wolverine TPB: Wolverine's Revenge2012
Wolverine and the X-Men Premiere (HC): Alpha and Omega2012
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.2: Chaos Theory2012
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.3: Don't Look Back2012
X-23 TPB (I) vol.2: Chaos Theory2012
X-Force TPB: Necrosha2012
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Necrosha2012
X-Statix Omnibus (HC)2012
Zombies Christmas Carol (HC)2012
Zombies Christmas Carol TPB2012
Age of Apocalypse TPB vol.2: Weapon Omega2013
Cable and X-Force TPB vol.1: Wanted2013
Cable and X-Force TPB vol.2: Dead or Alive2013
Daken: Dark Wolverine TPB: No More Heroes (Daken)2013
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Man in Black2013
Dark Tower TPB: The Gunslinger - The Battle of Tull2013
Dark Tower TPB: The Gunslinger Last Shots2013
Dark Tower TPB: The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria2013
Dark Tower TPB Gunslinger Man in Black2013
Dark Tower TPB: The Gunslinger - The Way Station2013
Deadpool (HC): Dead2013
Deadpool TPB (II) vol.1: Dead Presidents2013
Deadpool TPB (II) vol.2: Soul Hunter2013
Deadpool TPB By Daniel Way: The Complete Collection2013-2014
Deadpool TPB: Killustrated2013
Ender's Game Graphic Novel TPB2013
Fear Itself TPB: Wolverine / New Mutants2013
Incredible Hulk TPB By Jason Aaron2013
Marvel Noir TPB: Daredevil/Cage/Iron Man2013
Marvel Noir TPB: Spider-Man/Punisher2013
Marvel Noir TPB: Wolverine and The X-Men2013
Marvel Now! Omnibus (HC)2013
Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers TPB2013
Marvel Zombies Destroy! (TPB)2013
Marvel Zombies TPB: The Complete Collection2013-2014
Punisher TPB: Enter the War Zone2013
Punisher TPB: Nightmare2013
Savage Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.1: Kill Island2013
Space: Punisher TPB2013
The Stand TPB vol.5: No Man's Land2013
The Stand TPB vol.6: The Night Has Come2013
Thunderbolts TPB (I) vol.1: No Quarters2013
Thunderbolts TPB (I) vol.2: Red Scare2013
Uncanny X-Force TPB (II) vol.1: Let It Bleed2013
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.5: Otherworld2013
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.6: Final Execution Book 12013
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.7: Final Execution Book 22013
Wolverine (HC): The Adamantium Collection2013
Wolverine (HC): Sabretooth!2013
Wolverine Omnibus (HC) By Mark Millar2013
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Sabretooth Reborn2013
Wolverine TPB (III) vol.1: Hunting Season2013
Wolverine TPB: Back in Japan2013
Wolverine TPB: The Best There Is - The Complete Series2013
Wolverine TPB: Covenant2013
Wolverine TPB: Rot2013
Wolverine TPB: Sabretooth Reborn2013
Wolverine and the X-Men TPB: Alpha and Omega2013
X-23 TPB (I) vol.3: Don't Look Back2013
X-Women TPB2013
Cable and X-Force TPB vol.3: This Won't End Well2014
Cable and X-Force TPB vol.4: Vendettas2014
Deadpool (HC) By Brian Posehn and Gerard Duggan2014-2015
Deadpool Kills Deadpool TPB2014
Deadpool Minibus (HC)2014-2019
Deadpool Omnibus (HC) By Joe Kelly2014
Deadpool TPB (II) vol.3: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly2014
Deadpool TPB (II) vol.4: Deadpool vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.2014
Deadpool TPB (II) vol.5: Wedding of Deadpool2014
Deadpool vs. Carnage TPB2014
Dexter Down Under Premiere (HC)2014
Dexter Premiere (HC)2014
Magneto TPB (II) vol.1: Infamous2014
Miracleman Premiere (HC) vol.1: A Dream of Flying2014
Miracleman Premiere (HC) vol.2: The Red King Syndrome2014
New Mutants/X-Force TPB: Demon Bear2014
Night of the Living Deadpool TPB2014
Original Sin (HC)2014
The Punisher TPB (II) vol.1: Black and White2014
Savage Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.2: Hands on a Dead Body2014
Savage Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.3: Wrath2014
Savage Wolverine TPB vol.1: Kill Island2014
Savage Wolverine TPB vol.2: Hands on a Dead Body2014
Spider-Man/Wolverine (HC) By Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira2014
Thunderbolts TPB (I) vol.3: Infinity2014
Thunderbolts TPB (I) vol.4: No Mercy2014
Uncanny X-Force Omnibus (HC) By Rick Remender2014
Uncanny X-Force TPB (II) vol.2: And Then There Were Three2014
Uncanny X-Force TPB (II) vol.3: The Great Corruption2014
Uncanny X-Force TPB By Rick Remender: The Complete Collection2014-2015
Wolverine (HC): Origin (II)2014
Wolverine TPB (IV) vol.1: Mortal2014
Wolverine TPB (III) vol.2: Killable2014
Wolverine TPB By Jason Aaron: The Complete Collection2014-2015
X-Force TPB (III) vol.1: Dirty/Tricks2014
X-Force TPB By Craig Kyle and Chris Yost: The Complete Collection2014
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.11: Merc With a Mouth2015
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.12: Deadpool Corps2015
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.13: Deadpool Team-Up2015
Deadpool TPB (II) vol.6: Original Sin2015
Deadpool TPB (II) vol.7: Axis2015
Deadpool TPB (II) vol.8: All Good Things…2015
Deadpool TPB: Classic Companion2015-2018
Deadpool TPB: Flashbacks2015
Deadpool TPB: The Ones With Deadpool2015
Deadpool vs. X-Force TPB2015
Deadpool's Art of War TPB2015
Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program TPB2015
Dexter Down Under TPB2015
Dexter TPB2015
George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act Three TPB2015
George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act Two TPB2015
Howard the Duck TPB: The Complete Collection2015-2017
Magneto TPB (II) vol.2: Reversals2015
Magneto TPB (II) vol.3: Shadow Games2015
Magneto TPB (II) vol.4: Last Days2015
Man-Thing TPB By Steve Gerber: The Complete Collection2015-2021
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. TPB: The Complete Collection2015
Original Sin Companion (HC)2015
Original Sin TPB2015
The Punisher TPB (II) vol.2: Border Crossing2015
The Punisher TPB (II) vol.3: Last Days2015
Return of the Living Deadpool TPB2015
Savage Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.4: The Best There Is2015
Savage Wolverine TPB vol.3: Wrath2015
Savage Wolverine TPB vol.4: The Best There Is2015
Thunderbolts TPB (I) vol.5: Punisher vs. the Thunderbolts2015
True Believers: Old Man Logan2015
Ultimate Marvel Omnibus (HC)2015
Wolverine TPB (IV) vol.2: Three Months to Die2015
Wolverine TPB: Origin (II)2015
Wolverines TPB vol.1: Dancing With the Devil2015
Wolverines TPB vol.2: Claw, Blade and Fang2015
Wolverines TPB vol.3: The Living and the Dead2015
Wolverines TPB vol.4: Destiny2015
X-Force TPB (III) vol.2: Hide/Fear2015
X-Force TPB (III) vol.3: Ends/Means2015
All-New Wolverine TPB vol.1: The Four Sisters (Laura Kinney)2016
All-New Wolverine TPB vol.2: Civil War II (Laura Kinney)2016
Daredevil vs. Punisher TPB: Means and Ends2016
Deadpool and Cable TPB: Split Second2016
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.14: Suicide Kings2016
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.15: All the Rest2016
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.16: Killogy2016
Deadpool Firsts TPB2016
Deadpool (HC): World's Greatest2016-2018
Deadpool: Masacre2016
Deadpool and the Mercs For Money TPB (I) vol.0: Merc Madness2016
Deadpool Omnibus (HC) By Brian Posehn and Gerard Duggan2016
Deadpool TPB: Dracula's Gauntlet2016
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.1: Millionaire With a Mouth2016
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.2: End of an Error2016
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.3: Deadpool vs. Sabretooth2016
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.4: Temporary Insanitation2016
Deadpool v Gambit TPB: The 'V' is For 'Vs.'2016
Deadpool vs. Thanos TPB2016
Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars TPB2016
Doctor Strange TPB: The Flight of Bones2016
George Romero's Empire of the Dead (HC)2016
M.O.D.O.K. Assassin TPB2016
Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos TPB2016
NYX TPB: The Complete Collection2016
Punisher vs. the Marvel Universe TPB2016
Secret Wars (HC): Last Days of the Marvel Universe2016
Son of Satan Classic TPB2016
Spider-Man/Deadpool TPB vol.0: Don't Call it a Team-Up2016
Squadron Sinister TPB2016
True Believers: Deadpool - Deadpool vs. Sabretooth2016
True Believers: Deadpool the Musical2016
True Believers: Deadpool Origins2016
True Believers: Deadpool Variants2016
True Believers: Evil Deadpool2016
True Believers: The Groovy Deadpool2016
True Believers: The Meaty Deadpool2016
True Believers: The Wedding of Deadpool2016
Where Monsters Dwell TPB: The Phantom Eagle Flies the Savage Skies2016
Wolverine: Old Man Logan (HC)2016
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.1: Berzerker2016
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.2: Bordertown2016
Wolverine: Origin (HC) The Complete Collection2016
Wolverine TPB: Old Man Logan - Warzones!2016
X-23 TPB: The Complete Collection2016-2017
Black Widow TPB: Web of Intrigue (II) (Natalie Romanova)2017
Bullseye TPB: The Colombian Connection2017
Daken: Dark Wolverine TPB: Punishment (Daken)2017
Deadpool 2099 TPB2017
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.17: Headcanon2017
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.18: Deadpool vs. Marvel2017
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.19: Make War, Not Love2017
Deadpool and Co. Omnibus (HC)2017
Deadpool the Duck TPB2017
Deadpool (HC) The Adamantium Collection Slipcase2017
Deadpool and the Mercs For Money TPB (II) vol.1: Mo’ Mercs, Mo’ Monkeys2017
Deadpool and the Mercs For Money TPB (II) vol.2: IVX2017
Deadpool TPB: Back in Black2017
Deadpool TPB: Too Soon?2017
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.5: Civil War II2017
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.6: Patience: Zero2017
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.7: Deadpool Does Shakespeare2017
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.8: 'Til Death Do Us...2017
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.9: Deadpool in Space2017
Deadpool vs. the Punisher TPB2017
Foolkiller TPB: Psycho Therapy (Greg Salinger)2017
Incredible Hulk TPB By Jason Aaron: The Complete Collection2017
Jessica Jones TPB vol.1: Uncaged!2017
Marvel Horror TPB: The Magazine Collection2017
Night Raven TPB: From the Marvel UK Vaults2017
Nighthawk TPB: Hate Makes Hate (Raymond Kane)2017
Punisher and Bullseye TPB: Deadliest Hits2017
The Punisher TPB (III) vol.1: On the Road2017
The Punisher TPB (III) vol.2: End of the Line2017
Slapstick TPB: That's Not Funny2017
Solo TPB: The One Man War on Terror2017
Thanos TPB (II) vol.1: Thanos Returns2017
Thor TPB: Gods and Deviants2017
Thunderbolts TPB (II) vol.1: There is No High Road2017
True Believers: All-New Wolverine (Laura Kinney)2017
True Believers: Wolverine - Enemy of the State2017
True Believers: Wolverine - Old Man Logan2017
True Believers: Wolverine - X-23 (Laura Kinney)2017
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.3: The Last Ronin2017
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.4: Old Monsters2017
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.5: Past Lives2017
Wolverine TPB By Daniel Way: The Complete Collection2017-2018
Wolverine TPB: Prehistory2017
Wolverine vs. Deadpool TPB2017
Wolverine vs. the Marvel Universe TPB2017
Wolverine vs. the Punisher TPB2017
Carnage Omnibus (HC)2018
Daredevil Omnibus (HC): Shadowland2018
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.20: Ultimate Deadpool2018
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.21: DVX2018
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.22: Murder Most Fowl2018
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again TPB2018
Deadpool Omnibus (HC) By Daniel Way2018
Deadpool TPB: Assassin2018
Deadpool TPB By Brian Posehn and Gerard Duggan: The Complete Collection2018
Deadpool TPB: World's Greatest vol.10: Secret Empire2018
Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan TPB2018
Death of Wolverine TPB: The Complete Collection2018
Despicable Deadpool TPB vol.1: Deadpool Kills Cable2018
Despicable Deadpool TPB vol.2: Bucket List2018
Despicable Deadpool TPB vol.3: The Marvel Universe Kills Deadpool2018
Domino TPB (II) vol.1: Killer Instinct2018
Hellstorm Omnibus (HC) By Warren Ellis2018
Hunt For Wolverine HC2018
Jessica Jones TPB vol.2: The Secrets of Maria Hill2018
Jessica Jones TPB vol.3: The Return of the Purple Man2018
Jessica Jones TPB: Blind Spot2018
New Mutants TPB: Demon Bear2018
Old Man Hawkeye TPB vol.1: An Eye For an Eye2018
The Punisher TPB (III) vol.3: King of the New York Streets2018
The Punisher TPB: War Machine2018
Skaar: Son of Hulk TPB The Complete Collection2018
Thanos TPB (II) vol.2: The God Quarry2018
Thanos Wins TPB By Donny Cates2018
True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Punisher By Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon2018
True Believers: Wolverine - Evolution2018
Weapon X Omnibus (HC): The Return2018
Wolverine Epic Collection TPB vol.13: Blood Debt2018
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.6: Days of Anger2018
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.7: Scarlet Samurai2018
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.8: To Kill For2018
Wolverine Omnibus (HC): Wolverine Goes to Hell2018
Wolverine TPB: The Amazing Immortal Man and Other Bloody Tales2018
X-Men: Domino TPB (I)2018
X-Men Origins TPB: The Complete Collection2018
X-Men TPB: Age of Apocalypse - Termination2018
You Are Deadpool TPB2018
Age of Conan TPB: Bêlit2019
Black Panther TPB: Killmonger - By Any Means (T'Challa)2019
Conan the Barbarian Omnibus (HC): The Original Marvel Years2019-2022
Conan the Barbarian TPB vol.1: The Life and Death of Conan Book One2019
Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB vol.1: Out of the Darksome Hills2019
Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB vol.2: The Heart of Yag-Kosha2019
Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB vol.3: Return to Cimmeria2019
Conan TPB: The Jewels of Gwahlur and Other Stories2019
Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History TPB (Frank Castle)2019
Cosmic Ghost Rider TPB: Baby Thanos Must Die (Frank Castle)2019
Dead Man Logan TPB vol.1: Sins of the Father2019
Deadpool Classics TPB vol.23: Mercs for Money2019
Deadpool TPB By Skottie Young vol.1: Mercin' Hard For the Money2019
Deadpool TPB By Skottie Young vol.2: Good Night2019
Deadpool TPB By Skottie Young vol.3: Weasel Goes to Hell2019
Death of Wolverine TPB: Companion2019
Despicable Deadpool (HC)2019
Domino TPB (II) vol.2: Soldier of Fortune2019
Domino TPB: Hotshots2019
Ghost Rider TPB: The War for Heaven (John Blaze)2019-2020
Hit-Monkey TPB By Daniel Way: Bullets and Bananas2019
Hunt for Wolverine TPB: Adamantium Agenda2019
Hunt for Wolverine TPB: Claws of a Killer2019
Hunt for Wolverine TPB: Mystery in Madripoor2019
Hunt for Wolverine TPB: Weapon Lost2019
Incredible Hulk Omnibus (HC) By Peter David2019-2022
Jessica Jones MPGN TPB: Purple Daughter2019
Marvel Knights 20th TPB2019
Marvel Knights Punisher TPB By Garth Ennis - The Complete Collection2019
Marvel Knights Punisher TPB By Tom Peyer and Manuel Gutierrez: Taxi Wars2019
Old Man Hawkeye TPB vol.2: The Whole World Blind2019
Old Man Quill TPB vol.1: Nobodys Fault But Mine2019
The Punisher TPB (IV) vol.1: World War Frank2019
The Punisher TPB (IV) vol.2: War in Bagalia2019
The Punisher TPB (IV) vol.3: Street by Street, Block by Block2019
Punisher War Journal TPB By Matt Fraction: The Complete Collection2019
Return of Wolverine (HC)2019
Return of Wolverine TPB2019
Savage Avengers TPB vol.1: City of Sickles2019
Savage Sword of Conan TPB vol.1: The Cult of Koga Thun2019
Thanos (HC) By Donny Cates2019
Tomb of Dracula TPB: Day of Blood, Night of Redemption2019
War of the Realms TPB: Punisher2019
What If? TPB: With Great Power2019
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.9: The Hunter and the Hunted2019
Wolverine: Old Man Logan TPB vol.10: End of the World2019
Wolverine TPB: Infinity Watch2019
Wolverine TPB: The Long Night2019
X-Force TPB (IV) vol.1: Sins of the Past2019
X-Force TPB (IV) vol.2: The Counterfeit King2019
Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool TPB2020
Age of Conan TPB: Valeria2020
Amazing Spider-Man TPB: 2099 Companion2020
Amazing Spider-Man TPB By Nick Spencer vol.6: Absolute Carnage2020
Black Widow Epic Collection TPB vol.2: The Coldest War2020
Black Widow Omnibus (HC)2020
Black Widow TPB: Welcome to the Game2020
Blade TPB By Marc Guggenheim: The Complete Collection2020
Conan the Barbarian Omnibus (HC) By Kurt Busiek2020
Conan the Barbarian TPB vol.2: The Life and Death of Conan Book Two2020
Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB vol.5: Horrors Beneath the Stones2020
Conan TPB: The Book of Thoth and Other Stories2020
Conan TPB: The Hour of the Dragon2020
Conan TPB: Serpent War2020
Dawn of X TPB2020-2021
Dead Man Logan TPB vol.2: Welcome Back, Logan2020
Death of Wolverine Prelude TPB: Three Months to Die2020
Hellions TPB By Zeb Wells2020-2022
Jessica Jones: Blind Spot2020
King Deadpool TPB vol.1: Hail to the King2020
Old Man Quill TPB vol.2: Go Your Own Way2020
Punisher TPB: Kill Krew2020
Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider TPB (Frank Castle)2020
Savage Avengers TPB vol.2: To Dine With Doom2020
Savage Sword of Conan TPB vol.2: Conan the Gambler2020
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order TPB: Dark Temple2020
War of the Realms Omnibus (HC)2020
Wolverine TPB By Benjamin Percy2020-2023
Wolverine TPB: The Daughter of Wolverine2020
Wolverine TPB: Enemy of the State (II)2020
X-Force TPB By Benjamin Percy2020-2023
X-Statix TPB: The Complete Collection2020-2022
Alien TPB vol.1: Bloodlines2021
All-New Wolverine Omnibus (HC) By Tom Taylor (Laura Kinney)2021
Black Panther Epic Collection TPB vol.3: Panther's Prey (T'Challa)2021
Carnage Treasury Edition TPB: Black, White and Blood2021
Conan the Barbarian (HC) By Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar2021
Conan the Barbarian TPB By Jim Zub vol.1: Into the Crucible2021
Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB vol.6: The Song of Bêlit2021
Conan TPB: Battle for the Serpent Crown2021
Conan TPB: Exodus and Other Tales2021
Conan TPB: The Songs of the Dead and Other Stories2021
Dead Man Logan TPB: The Complete Collection2021
King Deadpool TPB vol.22021
Kull the Savage Omnibus (HC): The Original Marvel Years2021
Marvel Masterworks: The Tomb of Dracula (HC)2021-2023
Marvel Zombies TPB: Resurrection2021
Punisher (HC): Welcome Back, Frank (Marvel Select)2021
Reign of X TPB2021-2022
Savage Avengers TPB vol.3: Enter the Dragon2021
Savage Avengers TPB vol.4: King in Black2021
Warhammer 40,000: Marneus Calgar TPB2021
Wolverine TPB By Frank Cho: Savage Land2021
Wolverine Treasury Edition TPB: Black, White and Blood2021
X-Men (HC): Hellfire Gala - The Red Carpet Collection2021
Alien TPB vol.2: Revival2022
Captain America TPB: Truth (Isaiah Bradley)2022
Carnage TPB: Black, White and Blood2022
Conan the Barbarian TPB By Jim Zub vol.2: Land of the Lotus2022
Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB vol.7: Shadows Over Kush2022
Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB vol.8: Blood in His Wake2022
Conan TPB: The People of the Black Circle and Other Stories2022
Deadpool: Bad Blood2022
Deadpool Treasury Edition TPB: Black, White and Blood2022
Elektra Treasury Edition TPB: Black, White and Blood2022
Hellions (HC) By Zeb Wells2022
King Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB vol.1: Phantoms and Phoenixes2022
King Conan TPB2022
King in Black Omnibus (HC)2022
Moon Knight Omnibus (HC) By Charles Huston, Mike Benson and Gregg Hurwitz2022
Moon Knight Treasury Edition TPB: Black, White and Blood2022
Predator Omnibus (HC): The Original Years2022
The Punisher TPB (V) vol.1: The King of Killers Book One2022
Sabretooth TPB: The Adversary2022
Savage Avengers Omnibus (HC) By Gerry Duggan2022
Savage Avengers TPB vol.5: The Defilement of All Things by the Cannibal-Sorcerer Kulan Gath2022
Trials of X TPB2022-2023
Venomnibus (HC) By Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman2022
Warhammer 40,000: Sisters of Battle TPB2022
Wastelanders TPB2022
Wolverine (HC) By Benjamin Percy2022-2023
Wolverine (HC): X Lives and Deaths of Wolverine2022
Wolverine TPB: Black, White and Blood2022
Wolverine TPB: Origin Deluxe Edition2022
The X-Cellent TPB vol.1: New Blood, New World2022
X-Force (HC) By Benjamin Percy2022-2023
Alien TPB vol.3: Icarus2023
Alien TPB By Declan Shalvey and Andrea Broccardo vol.1: Thaw2023
Blade Omnibus (HC): The Early Years2023
Carnage Epic Collection TPB vol.2: Web of Carnage2023
Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider TPB - Blood and Vengeance2023
Deadpool TPB By Alyssa Wong2023
Deadpool TPB: Bad Blood2023
Deadpool TPB: Black, White and Blood2023
Deadpool TPB By Kelly Thompson2023
Elektra TPB: Black, White and Blood2023
Ghost Rider/Wolverine TPB: Weapons of Vengeance2023
Judgment Day Omnibus (HC)2023
Loki Omnibus (HC): God of Stories2023
Marvel Knights TPB: Make the World Go Away2023
Marvel Zomnibus (HC) (II)2023
Moon Knight Epic Collection TPB vol.7: Death Watch2023
Predator TPB By Ed Brisson vol.1: Day of the Hunter2023
Predator TPB By Ed Brisson vol.2: The Preserve2023
The Punisher TPB (V) vol.2: The King of Killers Book Two2023
Punisher War Journal TPB (II)2023
Savage Avengers TPB (II) vol.1: Time is the Sharpest Edge2023
Savage Avengers TPB (II) vol.2: Escape From Nueva York2023
Thunderbolts Omnibus (HC): Red2023
Wolverine TPB: X Lives of Wolverine / X Deaths of Wolverine2023
X-23 Omnibus (HC)2023
The X-Cellent TPB vol.2: Unsocial Media2023
X-Terminators TPB2023
Blade TPB vol.1: Mother of Evil2024
Deadpool-Verse TPB: Deadpool Corps2024
Moon Knight TPB: Black, White and Blood2024



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