L (misc.)

Lady Deadpool2010
Lebron King of the Rings (Custom Comic) (ESPN Magazine / Marvel)2012
Lobo the Duck (Amalgam (DC/Marvel))1997
Lucky the Pizza Dog (Infinity Comic)2021
Dark Reign: Lethal Legion2009
Disney's The Lion King1994
Lance Barnes: Post Nuke Dick1993
The Last American1990-1991
Last Hero Standing (MC-2)2005
Last Planet Standing (MC-2)2006
The Light and Darkness War1988-1989
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans2007
Marvel: The Lost Generation2000-2001
Princess Leia2015
War of Kings: Warriors - Lilandra (Digital Comic)2009
Lawbreakers Always Lose!1948-1949
Legion of Night1991
Lieutenant Blueberry1991
Li'l Willie1946-1950
Linda Carter, Student Nurse1961-1963
Logan's Run1977
Lorna the Jungle Girl1953-1957
Lorna the Jungle Queen1953-1957
Disney's The Lion King TPB1994
The Last of the Dragons (Graphic Novel)1988
Last Hero Standing TPB (MC-2)2005
Last Planet Standing TPB (MC-2)2006
The List (HC)2010
The List TPB2010
Loners TPB: The Secret Lives of Super Heroes2008
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans TPB2008
Star Wars: Lando TPB2016
Star Wars: Princess Leia TPB2015
Labyrinth: The Movie1986-1987
The Last Starfighter1984


Lawdog/Grimrod: Terror at the Crossroads1993

League of Legends

League of Legends: Ashe Warmother - Special Edition2018-2019
League of Legends: Lux2019
League of Legends: Zed2019-2020
League of Legends TPB: Ashe - Warmother2019
League of Legends TPB: Lux2019
League of Legends TPB: Zed2020


Blade 2 Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2003
Captain America: The Legend (Steve Rogers)1996
Captain America Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2004
Fantastic Four: The Legend1996
Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2004
Ghost Rider Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (John Blaze, Daniel Ketch) (Toy Biz)2004
Iron Man: The Legend1996
Iron Man Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2004
Legends of the Dark Claw (Amalgam (DC/Marvel))1996
Marvel Heroes and Legends1996
Marvel Heroes and Legends 19971997
Marvel Westerns: Western Legends2006
Thor: The Legend1996
Urban Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2003
X-Men Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2003
Untold Legend of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)1997
Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan2002-2003
Avengers Legends TPB: George PĂ©rez2003
Avengers Legends TPB: The Korvac Saga2003
Avengers TPB: Living Legends2004
Black Panther Legends GN-TPB2022
Daredevil TPB: Legends - Typhoid Mary2003
Fantastic Four Legends TPB: Unstable Molecules2003
Hulk Legends TPB: Hulk/Wolverine: Six Hours2003
Legends of Marvel TPB: Spider-Man2020
Marvel Legends TPB: Daredevil Yellow2003
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB: Infinities2016
Wolverine Legends TPB: Wolverine/Hulk2003
Spider-Man Legends TPB vol.1: Todd McFarlane Book 12003
Spider-Man Legends TPB vol.2: Todd McFarlane Book 22003
Spider-Man Legends TPB vol.3: Todd McFarlane Book 32004
Spider-Man Legends TPB vol.4: Spider-Man and Wolverine2004
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB2015-2020
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB: The Clone Wars2017-2020
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB: Legacy2016-2022
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB: The New Republic2015-2021
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB: The Newspaper Strips2017-2019
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB: The Old Republic2015-2021
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB: The Original Marvel Years2016-2021
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB: The Rebellion2016-2020
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB: Rise of the Sith2015-2018
Thor Legends TPB: Walt Simonson2001-2008
Wolverine Legends TPB vol.2: Meltdown2003
Wolverine Legends TPB vol.3: Law of the Jungle2003
Wolverine Legends TPB vol.4: Xisle2003
Wolverine Legends TPB vol.5: Snikt!2004
Wolverine Legends TPB vol.6: By Marc Silvestri Book 12004
X-Men Legends TPB (I) vol.1: Mutant Genesis2002
X-Men Legends TPB (I) vol.2: The Dark Phoenix Saga2003
X-Men Legends TPB (I) vol.3: By Art Adams Book 12003
X-Men Legends TPB (I) vol.4: Hated and Feared2004

Legion (David Haller)

Legion of X2022
X-Men Legacy (II)2013-2014
Legion TPB: Trauma2018
New Mutants Premiere (HC): Return of Legion2010
True Believers: What If Legion Had Killed Magneto?2018
X-Men (HC): Legionquest2018
X-Men Legacy Omnibus (HC): Legion2017
X-Men TPB: Legion - Shadow King Rising2018
X-Men TPB: Legionquest1995
Legion TPB: Son of X vol.1: Prodigal2018
Legion TPB: Son of X vol.2: Invasive Exotics2018
Legion TPB: Son of X vol.3: Revenants2018
Legion TPB: Son of X vol.4: For We Are Many2018

Legion of Monsters

Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing2007
Legion of Monsters: Morbius2007
Legion of Monsters: Satana2007
Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night2007
Legion of Monsters (I)1975
Legion of Monsters (II)2011-2012
Decades TPB: Marvel in the '70s - Legion of Monsters2019
Legion of Monsters (HC)2007
Legion of Monsters TPB2012
Marvel Milestones: Legion of Monsters, Spider-Man and Brother Voodoo2006

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Elsa Bloodstone solo series
Man-Thing solo series
Monster of Frankenstein solo series
Morbius solo series
Satana solo series
Werewolf by Night solo series

Life Story

Spider-Man: Life Story Annual2021
Fantastic Four: Life Story2021-2022
Spider-Man: Life Story2019
Spider-Man (HC): Life Story2021
Spider-Man TPB: Life Story2019

Little ...

Li'l Kids1970-1973
Little Aspirin1949
Little Lana1948-1950
Little Lenny1949
Little Lizzie (I)1949-1950
Little Lizzie (II)1953-1954
Peter, the Little Pest1969-1970
Li'l Pals1972-1973

Little Marvel

Color Your Own Young Marvels by Skottie Young2016
Little Marvel Standee Punch-Out Book2016
Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX2015
Giant-Size Little Marvels (Infinity Comic)2021
Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX (HC)2016
Young Marvel TPB: Little X-Men, Little Avengers, Big Trouble2013

See also:
X-Babies series


Avengers: Loki Unleashed!2019
Marvel Studios (HC): Be More Loki2022
Marvel's Loki (HC): The Art of the Series2022
Siege: Loki2010
Alligator Loki (Infinity Comic)2022
Loki (I)2004
Loki (II)2010-2011
Original Sin (Thor and Loki - The Tenth Realm Ltd. Series)2014
Thor and Loki: Double Trouble2021
Journey into Mystery (IV)2011-2013
Loki (III)2019-2020
Loki: Agent of Asgard2014-2015
Vote Loki2016
Loki: Agent of Asgard TPB The Complete Collection2020
Loki (HC)2005
Loki: Journey Into Mystery Omnibus (HC) By Kieron Gillen2017
Loki Omnibus (HC)2021
Loki TPB (I)2007
Loki TPB (II)2011
Loki TPB: The God Who Fell to Earth2020
Marvel Tales: The Trials of Loki2021
Marvel-Verse GN-TPB: Loki2021
Original Sin: Thor and Loki - The Tenth Realm TPB2015
Thor and Loki GN-TPB: Double Trouble2021
Thor and Loki (HC): Blood Brothers2011
Thor Premiere (HC): The Trials of Loki2011
Thor TPB: The Trials of Loki2011
Vote Loki TPB2016
Loki: Agent of Asgard TPB vol.1: Trust Me2014
Loki: Agent of Asgard TPB vol.2: I Cannot Tell a Lie2015
Loki: Agent of Asgard TPB vol.3: Last Days2015

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War of the Realms
Warriors Three series


Longhsot (Graphic Novel)1987
Longshot (II)1998
Longshot (I)1985-1986
Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe2014
Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe TPB2014
Longshot TPB1989
X-Men: Longshot Premiere (HC)2008

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Longshot as member of the Exiles
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Longshot as member of the X-Men

Lords of Avalon (Sherrilyn Kenyon)

Lords of Avalon: Knight of Darkness2009
Lords of Avalon: Sword of Darkness2008
Lords of Avalon: Knight of Darkness (HC)2009
Lords of Avalon Sword of Darkness (HC)2008

Love/Romance Comics

Cowgirl Romances1950
Love Romances (II)2019
My Love Special1971
The Romances of Nurse Helen Grant1957
Romantic Affairs1950
Secret Wars: Secret Love2015
Actual Romances1949-1950
Best Love1949-1950
Cowboy Romances1949-1950
Gothic Tales of Love1975
Love Adventures1949-1952
Love Classics1949-1950
Love Dramas1949-1950
Love Romances (I)1949-1963
Love Secrets1949-1950
Love Tales1949-1957
Love Trails1949-1950
Mitzi's Romances1949
Molly Manton's Romances1949
My Love (I)1949-1950
My Love (II)1969-1976
My Love Story1956-1957
My Own Romance1949-1960
My Romance1948-1949
Our Love1949-1950
Our Love Story1969-1976
Rangeland Love1949-1950
Romance Diary1949-1950
Romance Tales1949-1950
Romances of Molly Manton1949
Romances of the West1949-1950
Secret Story Romances1953-1956
Stories of Romance1956-1957
Teen-Age Romance1960-1962
True Secrets1950-1956
True Tales of Love1956-1957
Western Life Romances1949-1950
The Complete Kirby War and Romance HC2021

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