The Wolverine Files (Pocket Book) (becker&mayer) (2009)

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BkCr:W-Mike W. Barr   EdIntAsi-Kristin Mehus-Roe, Amy Wideman   PhotoEd-Jessica Eskelsen, Deirdre Marangi   Dsgn-Todd Bates   Prod-becker&mayer, Shirley Woo   Research Team-Peter Sanderson, Tim Stroup, Markus Müller   Acknowledgements-Dave Althoff, Ruwan Jayatilleke, Adam Levine, Mitch Montgomery, Jeff Poulin, Darren Montalbano, Tom Murphy   Thanks to-Roy Thomas, Dennis Earlenbaugh, Kenmore Komics and Games, Jesse Vance
Rm:This book is property of S.H.I.E.L.D. and contains Top Secret and Classified information about Wolverine, See Features.
Front cover?
Shows many pictures of Wolverine by various artists (see Details), Dust Jacket Variant Cover is die-cut slashed by three claws. 

The artists I recognize (or at least think I recognize) are: Marko Djurdjevic (Wolverine: Origins #14), Andy Kubert (from Wolverine: The Origin), Greg Land (X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #3), Frank Miller (Wolverine (I) #1), Todd McFarlane (The Incredible Hulk (II) #340), John Cassaday (from Astonishing X-Men (III)), Barry Windsor-Smith (Weapon X), Richard Isanove, Kaare Andrews (Wolverine (III) #32). I am usure about: Dave Cockrum, Jim Lee, Joe Madueira, Rob Liefeld, Herb Trimpe.

Variant cover(s)

Back coverDust cover shows a picture of John Romita's original design for Wolverine?1?
Ti:The Wolverine files-
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

Sketch/DesignOn the inside cover there is an envelope that contains:
A signed sketch (reproduction) of Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Colossus by Dave Cockrum
A sketch of Wolverine by Tim Townsend
A sketch of the variant cover of X-Men (II) #100 by Dave Cockrum
A sketch of the cover of X-Men (I) #112 by Dave Cockrum (layout, final cover is by George Perez)
A sketch of Wolverine by Dave Cokrum
Early Wolverine costume sketches by John Romita Sr.
David Cockrum, Tim Townsend, John Romita Sr.1
Text with art/photosContents (art: Two pictures of Wolverine by ? and terra?)?2
Text with art/photosInternal S.H.I.E.L.D. memo from Col. Nicholas Fury, Director (art by SB/MH from Wolverine (III) #54)Simone Bianchi, Morry Hollowell2
Text with art/photos1.0 Origins (The art of these and the following pages are a collage of many panels of Wolverine and people from Logan's life. Maybe someday I will go through all the issues to find the sources, but for now I'll mention only the big ones and signed art.)?2
Text with art/photos1.1 Early years (contains art from Wolverine: The Origin and Wolverine: Origins)Andy Kubert, Steve Dillon6
Text with art/photos1.2 Weapon X / Departmant H Background (contains art by SB, by BWS from Weapon X, by KA cover of Wolverine (III) #38)Simone Bianchi, Barry Windsor-Smith, Kaare Kyle Andrews4
Text with art/photos2.0 History?2
Text with art/photos2.1 The "Lost" Years (contains art by SB from Alpha Flight (I)?)Sal Buscema2
Text with art/photos2.2 Spanish Civil War (contains art by MS from Wolverine (II) #36, #37)Marc Silvestri2
Text with art/photos2.3 World War II (contains art by SB, by SD from Wolverine: Origins; by KA from Wolverine (III) #32)Simone Bianchi, Steve Dillon, Kaare Kyle Andrews4
Text with art/photos2.4 1960s / C.I.A. with mission listing (contains art by MT)Mark Texeira2
Text with art/photos3.0 Territories??
Text with art/photos3.1 Canada (contains art by MS from Wolverine (II) #32)Marc Silvestri2
Text with art/photos3.2 Principality of Madripoor (contains art by JB)John Buscema2
Text with art/photos3.3 The Xavier Institute (contains art by FQ from New X-Men (I) #126 and a plan of the Xavier Institute)Frank Quitely2
Text with art/photos3.4 The Savage Land (contains art by DT from Wolverine (II) #69 and a one page pin-up of Wolverine fighting a dinosaur by JM/CL)Dwayne Turner, Joe Madureira, Christian Lichtner2
Text with art/photos3.5 Tokyo (contains art by JQ/RI from Wolverine: The Origin)Joe Quesada, Richard J. Isanove2
Text with art/photos4.0 His Allies?2
Text with art/photos4.1 Alpha Flight (contains art by CH/MM from Alpha Flight (III) #6; by JB)Clayton Henry, Mark Morales, John Byrne2
Text with art/photos4.2 Captain America (contains art by John Cassaday?, by SD from Wolverine: Origins; by MD from Wolverine: Origins #20; by TD from Wolverine/Captain America #1, #4)Steve Dillon, Marko Djurdjević, Thomas Derenick3
Text with art/photos4.3 The X-Men (contains art by DC from Giant-Size X-Men #1)David Cockrum1
Text with art/photos4.3a Professor Charles Xavier (contains art by SL from Uncanny X-Men (I) #443; by JC from Astonishing X-Men (III))John Cassaday, Salvador Larroca1
Text with art/photos4.3b Cyclops (contains are by JB, John Cassady?; FQ from New X-Men (I) #118; by ? from Uncanny X-Men (I) #391)John Byrne, Frank Quitely, Simone Bianchi2
Text with art/photos4.3c Storm (contains art by SB; by TR/RI from Ultimate X-Men (I) #67)Simone Bianchi, Tom Raney, Richard J. Isanove2
Text with art/photos4.3d Angel (contains art by SL/AT from Uncanny X-Men (I) #441; by JS from X-Men (I) #49)Salvador Larroca, Arnold Tsang, Jim Steranko1
Text with art/photos4.3e Colossus (contains art by JC from Astonishing X-Men (III) #4)John Cassaday1
Text with art/photos4.3f Rogue (contains are by RM from Rogue (III) #2, #6; by SL/L! from X-Men (II) #169)Rodolfo Migliari, Salvador Larroca, Liquid!1
Text with art/photos4.3g Nightcrawler (contains art by DR from Nightcrawler (III) #11; by SL from Classic X-Men #45)Darick W. Robertson, Steve Lightle1
Text with art/photos4.3h Banshee?1
Text with art/photos4.3i Multiple Man (contains art by RS from X-Factor (III) #1; by DL/BR from Madrox #2)Ryan Sook, David Lloyd, Brian Reber1
Text with art/photos4.4 The Hulk (contains art by LW from Incredible Hulk (III) #80; by JB from Wolverine (II) #8; by SB from Hulk/Wolverine: Six Hours #3, #2)Lee Weeks, John Buscema, Simon Bisley2
Text with art/photos4.5 The New Mutants (contains art by BMcL from Marvel Graphic Novel #4; by AA from Uncanny X-Men Annual (I) #9; by RG/RK from New Mutants (II) #13)Robert McLeod, Arthur Adams, Randall Green, Rick Ketcham2
Text with art/photos4.6 The New Avengers (contains art by SE from The New Avengers (I); by DF/DM/FD from The New Avengers (I) #7, #12; by SMcN/MH from The New Avengers (I) #16; by SMcN from The New Avengers (I) #17)Steven Epting, David Finch, Danny K. Miki, Frank G. D'Armata, Steve McNiven, Morry Hollowell?
Text with art/photos4.7 The Secret Defenders (contains art by AC/DH from Secret Defenders #1)Andre Coates, Donald C. Hudson2
Text with art/photos4.8 Ka-Zar?1
Text with art/photos4.9 The New Fantastic Four (contains art by AA/AT from Fantastic Four (I) #348)Arthur Adams, Arthur Edward Thibert1
Text with art/photos5.0 The Women in His Life (contains art by SL/L! from X-Treme X-Men (I) #44; by GH from Ms. Marvel (II) #17; by CJ from Jubilee #2)Salvador Larroca, Liquid!, Greg Horn, Casey Jones2
Text with art/photos5.1 Jean Grey (contains art by FQ from New X-Men (I) #120; by GL/MR/JP from X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #1, #3; by JB)Frank Quitely, Greg Land, Matthew Ryan, Justin Ponsor, John Byrne2
Text with art/photos5.2 Jubilation Lee (contains art by CJ from Jubilee #3, #2, #4)?2
Text with art/photos5.3 Kitty Pryde (contains art by SL/L! from X-Treme X-Men (I) #44; by AM from Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #6; by PM from X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow and Flame #5; by JC from Astonishing X-Men (III); by JB/TA from X-Men (I) #139)Salvador Larroca, Liquid!, Allen Milgrom, Paul Martin Smith, John Cassaday, John Byrne, Terry Kevin Austin2
Text with art/photos5.4 Carol Danvers (contains art by GH from Ms. Marvel (II) #17)?2
Text with art/photos5.5 Silver Fox (contains art by MT; by DF?)Mark Texeira, David Finch2
Text with art/photos5.6 Tyger Tiger (contains art by JB from Wolverine (II))John Buscema2
Text with art/photos5.7 Lady Mariko Yashida?2
Text with art/photos5.8 Yukio (contains art by FM/JR from Wolverine (I))Frank Miller, Josef Rubinstein2
Text with art/photos5.9 La Bandera?1
Text with art/photos5.10 Elsie-Dee (contains art by MS/DG from Wolverine (II) #39)Marc Silvestri, Daniel Green1
Text with art/photos6.0 Enemies?2
Text with art/photos6.1 Sabretooth (contains art by SB/MH from Wolverine (III) #51; by SL/L! from X-Men (II) #164; by DR from Wolverine (III) #15)Simone Bianchi, Morry Hollowell, Salvador Larroca, Liquid!, Darick W. Robertson2
Text with art/photos6.2 Wendigo (contains art by HT/JA from The Incredible Hulk (II) #181)Herb Trimpe, Jack Abel2
Text with art/photos6.3 Magneto?2
Text with art/photos6.4 Bloodscream (contains art by JB/AW from Wolverine (II) #4)John Buscema, Al Williamson1
Text with art/photos6.5 Roughhouse (contains art by JB/AW from Wolverine (II) #6)John Buscema, Al Williamson1
Text with art/photos6.6 Ogun (contains art by AM from Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #6)Allen Milgrom2
Text with art/photos6.7 Lord Shingen (contains art by FM/JR from Wolverine (I))Frank Miller, Josef Rubinstein2
Text with art/photos6.8 Silver Samurai (contains art by KA from Wolverine (III) #37)Kaare Kyle Andrews2
Text with art/photos6.9 Viper (contains art by LY from Wolverine (II) #126)Leinil Francis Yu2
Text with art/photos6.10 Lady Deathstrike (contains art by BWS; by TO from New Mangaverse #2; by SI/RI; by DT/JB from Wolverine (II) #76)Barry Windsor-Smith, Tommy Ohtsuka, Stuart Immonen, Richard J. Isanove, Dwayne Turner, Joe Bennett2
Text with art/photos6.11 Geist?1
Text with art/photos6.12 Apocalypse?1
Text with art/photos6.13 Cyber (contains art by IC/AM from Wolverine (II) #80)Ian Churchill, Allen Milgrom2
Text with art/photos6.14 Daken (contains art by SD from Wolverine: Origins; by MD from Wolverine: Origins #14)Steve Dillon, Marko Djurdjević2
Text with art/photos6.15 Mr. Sinister?2
Text with art/photos6.16 The Reavers (contains art by MS/DG from Uncanny X-Men (I) #251, #229)Marc Silvestri, Daniel Green1
Text with art/photos6.17 Doctor Neutron and General Meltdown (contains art by AJ from Havok and Wolverine: Meltdown #2, #1)Alex Jay1
Text with art/photos7.0 Travels in Time and Space (contains art by MS/DG from Uncanny X-Men (I) #234)Marc Silvestri, Daniel Green?
Text with art/photos7.1 The Starjammers?2
Text with art/photos7.2 The Imperial Guard (contains art by DC/DG from X-Men (I) #107)David Cockrum, Daniel Green4
Text with art/photos7.3 The Brood (contains art by MS/DG from Uncanny X-Men (I) #232, #234)Marc Silvestri, Daniel Green2
Text with art/photos8.0 Wolverine at Risk?2
Text with art/photos8.1 Jasper Sitwell Interview with Dr. Henry McCoy re Wolverine (contains art by JB/KJ from Wolverine (II) #17; by DR/JR from Wolverine (II) #91; by CP/AT/L! from X-Men (II) #63)John Byrne, Klaus Janson, Duncan Rouleau, Josef Rubinstein, Carlos Pacheco, Arthur Edward Thibert, Liquid!8
Text with art/photos9.0 Alternate Realities (contains art from many What If? (I) issues)?2
Text with art/photos9.1 Days of Future Past World (contains art by JB/TA from X-Men (I) #141 and Uncanny X-Men (I) #142)John Byrne, Terry Kevin Austin2
Text with art/photos9.2 What If Worlds (all worlds with cover art from the according issue)
Vampire World I (What If? (II) #24)
Wolverine vs. the World (What If? (II) #111)
Hulk-less World (What If? (I) #31)
Vampire World II (What If? (II) #37)
Married Wolverine World (What If? (II) #43)
Wolverine-less World (What If? (II) #50)
Alpha Flight World (What If? (II) #59)
Weapon X World (What If? (II) #62)
Offspring World (What If? Wolverine: Enemy of the State #1)
Text with art/photos10.0 Supporting Data (contains art by JRJr/KJ; by BWS? from Wolverine (II) #4; by FM from Wolverine (I) #2; by GL/RI)John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson, Barry Windsor-Smith, Frank Miller, Greg Land, Richard J. Isanove2
Text with art/photos10.1 Wolverine's Attire (contains art by JC/LM from Astonishing X-Men (III) #3; by JB from Wolverine (II) #1; by HC from Wolverine (III); by GL? from Free Comic Book Day 2008 X-Men #1; by HT/JA from The Incredible Hulk (II) #181)John Cassaday, Laura Martin, John Buscema, Howard Chaykin, Greg Land, Herb Trimpe, Jack Abel4
Text with art/photos10.2 Acknowledgments / Marvel Acknowledgements / Image Credits / About the Author (contains art by JRJr?; by SB)John Romita Jr., Simone Bianchi2

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