P (misc.)

Powerhouse Pepper Comics1943-1948
Private Eye1951-1952
Wendy Parker Comics1953-1954
Police Action1954
The Adventures of Pinky Lee1955
Patty Powers1955-1956
Police Badge #7491955
Peter, the Little Pest1969-1970
Planet of the Apes1974-1977
Big Jim's P.A.C.K.1975
The Life of Pope John Paul II1982
Planet Terry1985-1986
Marvel Graphic Novel: The Pitt1988
Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night1988
Power Line (A Shadowline Saga)1988-1989
Police Academy1989-1990
Power Pachyderms1989
Plastic Forks1990
The Pirates of the Dark Water1991-1992
Pilgrim's Progress (The Christian Classics Series) (Nelson / Marvel)1992
Plasmer (Marvel UK)1993-1994
Prince Valiant1994-1995
The Ren and Stimpy Show Special: Powdered Toast Man1994
Disney's Pocahontas1995
Disney's Pocahontas (One-shot)1995
Phantom 20401995
The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks1995
Professor Xavier and the X-Men1995-1997
The Ren and Stimpy Show Special: Powdered Toastman's Cereal Serial1995
Adventures of Snake Plissken (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1997
The Call of Duty: The Precinct2002-2003
Penance: Relentless (Robbie Baldwin)2007-2008
Prey: Origin of the Species TPB (Dabel Brothers / Marvel)2007
Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian Gray2008
Presidents' Day Celebration (Digital Comic)2009
Pride and Prejudice2009
The Prisoner (Custom Comic)2009
Captain America: Patriot (Jeffrey Mace)2010-2011
Petey (Digital Comic)2010
Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant2010
X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back2010
Disney Princess Magazine2012-2013
Marvel NOW! Point One2012
Max Payne 3 (Custom Comic)2012
Phineas and Ferb Magazine2012
Point One2012
Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero Premiere (HC) (Legendary / Marvel)2013
Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom (Icon Comics)2013-2014
All-New Marvel NOW! Point One2014
Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides (Icon Comics)2014
Pirate's Booty and The Avengers (Custom Comic)2014
Popsicle (Custom Comic)2015
Princess Leia2015
Poe Dameron2016-2018
Poe Dameron Annual2017-2018
The Prox Transmissions TPB2017
Power Record Comics1974-1978
Adventures on the Planet of the Apes1975-1976
Disney's Pocahontas TPB1995
Powerless TPB2005
Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian Gray Premiere (HC)2008
Penance TPB: Relentless (Robbie Baldwin)2008
Picture of Dorian Gray GN-TPB2009
Pride and Prejudice Premiere (HC)2009
Marvel Point One TPB2011-2012
Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides TPB (Icon Comics)2015
Star Wars: Princess Leia TPB2015
Star Wars: Poe Dameron TPB vol.1: Black Squadron2016
Star Wars: Poe Dameron TPB vol.2: Gathering Storm2017
Star Wars: Poe Dameron TPB vol.3: Legends Lost2017
Star Wars: Poe Dameron TPB vol.4: Legend Found2018
Star Wars: Poe Dameron TPB vol.5: The Spark and the Fire2018
Star Comics: Planet Terry TPB: The Complete Collection2019
Predator Omnibus (HC): The Original Years2022

See also:
Ptolus: City by the Spire

Panini UK

Astonishing Spider-Man (I) (Panini UK)1997-1998

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Series published by Marvel UK

Paramount Comics (Marvel Presents...)

Mission: Impossible (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1996
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1996-1998
Star Trek: First Contact (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1996
Star Trek: Operation Assimilation (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1996
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1996-1998
Star Trek Unlimited (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1996-1998
Star Trek: Voyager (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1996-1998
Star Trek/X-Men (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1996
Adventures of Snake Plissken (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1997
Star Trek: Early Voyages (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1997-1998
Star Trek: Mirror Mirror (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1997
The Mighty Heroes (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1998
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Riker (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1998
Star Trek: Untold Voyages (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1998
Star Trek: Voyager: Splashdown (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1998
Star Trek/X-Men: 2nd Contact (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1998

Paul Jenkins

Inhumans (HC) By Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee2013
Inhumans TPB by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee2015
Marvel Knights Daredevil TPB By Bendis, Jenkins, Gale and Mack: Unusual Suspects2019

Penguin Random House

Spider-Man: Maximum Venom (Penguin Random House)2021
The Amazing Spider-Man TPB (Penguin Classics) (Penguin Random House)2022
Black Panther TPB (Penguin Classics) (Penguin Random House)2022
Captain America TPB (Penguin Classics) (Penguin Random House)2022

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Spider-Man (Peter Parker) series

Pet Avengers

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers2009
Avengers vs. Pet Avengers2010-2011
Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed2010
Tails of the Pet Avengers (Digital Comic)2010
Tails of the Pet Avengers: The Dogs of Summer2010
Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers (Infinite Comic)2017
Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers (HC)2009
Pet Avengers Classic TPB2009
Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers GN-TPB2010
Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers (HC): Unleashed2010
Tails of the Pet Avengers2010
Avengers vs. Pet Avengers GN-TPB2011
Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers GN-TPB: Unleashed2011
Lockjaw TPB: Dog Days2017

See also:
Avengers series
Hairball in Speedball series
Lockheed in X-Men series
Lockjaw in Inhumans series
Redwing in Falcon series
Zabu in Ka-Zar series

Peter David

Hulk Visionaries TPB: Peter David2005-2011
X-Factor Visionaries TPB: Peter David2006-2008
X-Factor TPB By Peter David: The Complete Collection2014
Spider-Man TPB: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man By Peter David - The Complete Collection2017
Incredible Hulk Omnibus (HC) By Peter David2019-2022
X-Factor Omnibus (HC) By Peter David2021-2022
She-Hulk Omnibus (HC): By Peter David2022
Captain Marvel: Genis-Vell Omnibus HC By Peter David2023
Hulk Maestro Omnibus (HC) By Peter David2023


Phoenix: The Untold Story (Jean Grey)1984
Phoenix (Rachel Summers)1987
Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix (Jean Grey)1994
The Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
The Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix (Jean Grey)1996
The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1996
X-Men Chromium Classics: Death of the Phoenix1998
X-Men: Phoenix (Rachel Summers)1999-2000
X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy of Fire2003
X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong2005
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong2006-2007
X-Men Origins: Jean Grey2008
Phoenix Saga (Digital Comic)2010
X-Men: Phoenix Force Handbook2010
Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)2011
Generations: Phoenix and Jean Grey (Jean Grey (young), Jean Grey (adult))2017
Jean Grey2017-2018
Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey (Jean Grey)2018
Dark Phoenix Saga (HC) Prose Novel (Titan Books)2019
Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost2020
Phoenix Song: Echo2021-2022
X-Men TPB: The Dark Phoenix Saga (I)1984
The Phoenix Resurrection TPB: Red Shift (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Phoenix TPB: The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix1995
Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix TPB1997
X-Men TPB: Phoenix Rising1999
Backpack Marvels X-Men: Dark Phoenix Returns2000
X-Men Legends TPB (I) vol.2: The Dark Phoenix Saga2003
X-Men: Phoenix (HC): Endsong2005
X-Men: Phoenix TPB: Endsong2006
X-Men TPB: The Dark Phoenix Saga (II)2006
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong Premiere (HC)2007
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong TPB2008
X-Men Premiere (HC): Phoenix Rising2009
X-Men HC: The Dark Phoenix Saga2010
X-Men: Phoenix TPB: Endsong/Warsong Ultimate Collection2012
X-Men TPB: The Wedding of Cyclops and Phoenix2012
Guardians of the Galaxy/All-New X-Men Premiere (HC): The Trial of Jean Grey2014
X-Men TPB: The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix2014
Guardians of the Galaxy / All-New X-Men TPB: The Trial of Jean Grey2015
Jean Grey TPB vol.1: Nightmare Fuel2017
Jean Grey TPB vol.2: Final Fight2018
Phoenix Resurrection TPB: The Return of Jean Grey (Jean Grey)2018
True Believers: Death of Phoenix2018
True Believers: Enter - the Phoenix!2018
True Believers: Phoenix - Bizarre Adventures2018
True Believers: Phoenix Classic2018
True Believers: Phoenix Origins2018
True Believers: Phoenix - Presents Cyclops and Marvel Girl2018
True Believers: Phoenix Presents Jean Grey vs. Sabretooth2018
True Believers: Phoenix Presents The Wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey2018
True Believers: Phoenix Returns2018
True Believers: Phoenix - What If?2018
X-Men: Cyclops and Phoenix TPB: Past and Future2018
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga Omnibus (HC)2018
X-Men (HC): The Wedding of Cyclops and Phoenix2018
X-Men: Phoenix TPB In Darkness By Grant Morrison2018
X-Men Milestones TPB: Dark Phoenix Saga2019
Phoenix Omnibus (HC)2022
Phoenix Song: Echo TPB2022

See also:
Phoenix (Jaen Grey, Rachel Summers) as member of the X-Men
Phoenix (Jean Grey) as member of X-Factor
Phoenix (Rachel Summers) as member of Excalibur

Photon (Monica Rambeau)

Marvel Divas2009
Monica Rambeau: Photon2023
Marvel Divas TPB2010

See also:
Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel
Nextwave series


Pinhead vs. Marshal Law: Law in Hell1993

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Clive Barker's ...

Poster Books and Magazines

The Mighty World of Marvel Pin-Up Book (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1978
Marvel Comics Poster Book1990
The Marvel Poster Book1991
The Amazing Spider-Man 30th Anniversary Poster Magazine1992
Clive Barker's Hellraiser Poster Book1992
Ghost Rider Poster Magazine (Daniel Ketch)1992
The Incredible Hulk Poster Magazine1992
X-Men Poster Magazine1992
X-Men: The Ultra Collection1994-1995
Hot Shots: Avengers1995
Wolverine Poster Magazine1995
Hot Shots: X-Men1996
Spider-Man: Hot Shots1996
Marvel Poster Book Summer 20012001
Marvel Poster Magazine2001
Marvel Poster Book Winter 20012002
Blade 2 Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2003
Spider-Man's Fearsome Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2003
Urban Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2003
X-Men Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2003
Captain America Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2004
Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2004
Ghost Rider Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (John Blaze, Daniel Ketch) (Toy Biz)2004
Iron Man Marvel Legends Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2004
Spider-Man and Sinister Six Poster Book2004
Mystique Poster Book2005
Nightcrawler Poster Book2005
Iron Man Evolution of an Icon Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2006
Monsters Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2006
Venom Evolution of an Icon Poster Book (Giveaway) (Edward Brock) (Toy Biz)2006
Wolverine Evolution of an Icon Poster Book (Giveaway) (Toy Biz)2006
Women of Marvel Poster Book2006
X-Men Poster Book2006
Civil War: Poster Book2007
Spider-Man Poster Book2007
Wolverine Poster Book (I)2007
Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer Poster Book2008
Hulk Poster Book2008
Iron Man Poster Book (I)2008
Marvel Monsters Poster Book2008
New Avengers: Poster Book2008
Uncanny X-Men 500 Issues Poster Book2008
Captain America Poster Book (I)2009
Deadpool Poster Book2009
Marvel 70th Anniversary Frame Art2009
Marvel 70th Anniversary Poster Book2009
Mary Jane and Friends Poster Book2009
Punisher Poster Book2009
Secret Invasion Poster Book2009
Wolverine Art Appreciation2009
Wolverine Poster Book (II)2009
Dark Avengers Poster Book2010
Iron Man by Design2010
Iron Man Poster Book (II)2010
Marvel Vampires Poster Book2010
Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Poster Book2010
Avengers Poster Book2011
Captain America Poster Book (II)2011
Fear Itself Poster Book2011
Thor Goes Hollywood2011
Thor Poster Book2011
X-Men Evolutions2011
I Am Captain America (Steve Rogers)2012
Hip-Hop Variant Sampler2016
Marvel 80th Anniversary Poster Book TPB2019
Marvel Masterworks Pin-Ups (HC) (IDW Publishing / Marvel)2019
Marvels Poster Book2019
Black Widow TPB Poster Book2020
Marvel's Spider-Man TPB Poster Book2020
Star Wars TPB: Darth Vader Poster Book2020
Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book (Abrams)2021
Eternals Poster Book2021
Immortal Hulk TPB By Alex Ross Poster Book2021
Marvel's The Infinity Saga Poster Book Phase 1 TPB2021
Marvel's The Infinity Saga Poster Book Phase 2 TPB2021
Spider-Man TPB: Into the Spider-Verse Poster Book2021

Power Man

Hero for Hire1972-1973
Power Man (Luke Cage)1974-1980
Power Man Annual (Luke Cage)1976
Power Man and Iron Fist (I) (Luke Cage)1981-1986
Cage (I)1992-1993
Cage (II)2002
Luke Cage Noir2009-2010
Daredevil: Cage Match2010
New Avengers: Luke Cage2010
Shadowland: Power Man (Victor Alvarez)2010-2011
Power Man and Iron Fist (II) (Victor Alvarez)2011
Avengers Origins: Luke Cage2012
Cage! (III)2016-2017
Power Man and Iron Fist (III) (Luke Cage)2016-2017
Luke Cage (I)2017
Luke Cage (II)2017-2018
Power Man and Iron Fist: Sweet Christmas Annual (Luke Cage)2017
Luke Cage: Everyman (Marvel Digital Original)2018
Luke Cage: City of Fire2021
Giant-Size Power Man (Luke Cage)1975
Cage (HC)2002
Cage TPB2003
Essential Luke Cage, Power Man (Luke Cage)2005-2006
Essential Power Man and Iron Fist (Luke Cage)2008-2009
Luke Cage Noir GN-TPB2010
New Avengers: Luke Cage TPB: Town Without Pity2010
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC): Cage2010
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Power Man (Victor Alvarez)2011
Shadowland TPB: Power Man (Victor Alvarez)2011
Thunderbolts TPB: Cage2011
Power Man and Iron Fist TPB: The Comedy of Death (Victor Alvarez)2012
Marvel Noir TPB: Daredevil/Cage/Iron Man2013
Luke Cage TPB: Second Chances2015-2016
Marvel Masterworks: Luke Cage, Hero For Hire (HC)2015
Power Man and Iron Fist Epic Collection TPB vol.1: Heroes For Hire (Luke Cage, Danny Rand)2015
Luke Cage TPB: Avenger2016
Power Man and Iron Fist Epic Collection TPB vol.2: Revenge! (Luke Cage, Danny Rand)2016
Power Man and Iron Fist TPB vol.1: The Boys Are Back in Town (Luke Cage)2016
Cage! TPB (II)2017
Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Heroes For Hire TPB2017
Luke Cage TPB vol.1: Sins of the Father2017
Marvel Masterworks: Luke Cage, Power Man (HC)2017-2018
Power Man and Iron Fist TPB vol.2: Civil War II (Luke Cage)2017
Power Man and Iron Fist TPB vol.3: Street Magic (Luke Cage)2017
Luke Cage TPB vol.2: Caged!2018
Luke Cage TPB: Everyman2018
True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Cage By Azzarello and Corben2018
True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Luke Cage, Hero For Hire2018
True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Power Man and Iron Fist (Luke Cage)2018
Marvel's Greatest Creators: Luke Cage, Power Man - Piranha! (Luke Cage)2019
Power Man and Iron Fist Epic Collection TPB vol.3: Doombringer (Luke Cage, Danny Rand)2019
True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary: Luke Cage/Fantastic Four2019
Luke Cage Epic Collection TPB vol.1: Retribution2021
Luke Cage Omnibus (HC)2022
Power Man and Iron Fist Epic Collection TPB vol.4: Hardball (Luke Cage, Danny Rand)2022

See also:
Luke Cage as member of the Thunderbolts
Power Man (Luke Cage) as member of the Heroes for Hire

Power Pack

Power Pack (I)1984-1991
Spider-Man Giveaway: National Comitee for Prevention of Child Abuse1984-1991
Cloak and Dagger and Power Pack: Shelter From the Storm (Graphic Novel)1989
Power Pack Holiday Special1992
Power Pack (II)2000
Power Pack (III)2005
X-Men and Power Pack2005-2006
Avengers and Power Pack Assemble!2006
Fantastic Four and Power Pack2007
Hulk and Power Pack2007
Spider-Man and Power Pack2007
Iron Man and Power Pack2008
Power Pack: Day One2008
Skrulls vs. Power Pack2008
Wolverine and Power Pack2009
Thor and the Warriors Four2010
Avengers and Power Pack (Infinity Comic)2017
Iron Man and Power Pack (Infinite Comic)2017
Fantastic Four and Power Pack (II) (Infinite Comic)2018
Power Pack (IV)2018
Power Pack: Grow Up!2019
Power Pack (V)2020-2021
Power Pack TPB: Origin Album1988
Power Pack Digest TPB: Pack Attack2005
Target Power Pack... (Target / Marvel)2006
Target X-Men / Power Pack: The Power of X (Target / Marvel)2006
X-Men and Power Pack TPB Digest: The Power of X2006
Avengers and Power Pack TPB Digest: Assemble!2007
Hulk and Power Pack TPB Digest: Pack Smash!2007
Spider-Man and Power Pack TPB Digest: Big-City Super Heroes2007
Fantastic Four and Power Pack Digest TPB: Favorite Son2008
Iron Man and Power Pack TPB Digest: Armored and Dangerous2008
Power Pack Digest TPB: Day One2008
Power Pack (HC)2008
Spider-Man and Power Pack (Giant-Size Marvel) (Canceled)2008
Power Pack Classic TPB2009-2011
Skrulls vs. Power Pack Digest TPB2009
Wolverine and Power Pack Digest TPB: The Wild Pack2009
Marvel's Greatest Creators: Power Pack2019
Power Pack Classic Omnibus (HC)2020-2021
Power Pack TPB: The Powers That Be2021

Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie1995
Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers1995-1996
Saban's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Ninja Rangers/VR Troopers1995-1996

Premiere Editions

Hardcase Premiere Edition (Malibu Comics)1993
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Premiere (HC)2008-2010
Ant-Man Premiere (HC): Season One (Henry Pym)2012
Dr. Strange Premiere (HC): Season One2012
Richard Castle's Storm Season (HC)2012
Iron Man Premiere (HC) Season One2013
Once Upon A Time Premiere (HC)2013
Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero Premiere (HC) (Legendary / Marvel)2013
Shadow Walk Premiere (HC) (Legendary / Marvel)2013
The Tower Chronicles Book One Premiere (HC): Geisthawk (Legendary / Marvel)2013
Wolverine Premiere (HC) Season One2013
Castle Premiere (HC): Unholy Storm2014
Revenge Premiere (HC): The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne2014
Once Upon a Time Premiere (HC): Out of the Past2015
Beyond the Secret Wars Premiere (HC)2000
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Premiere (HC)2000
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Premiere (HC): Aftermath2000
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Premiere (HC): To Battleworld and Back2000
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Premiere (HC): Behind the Scenes2000
Secret War Premiere (HC)2000
Secret Wars II Premiere (HC)2000
Thing Premiere (HC): Battleworld2000
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Enemy of the State2005-2006
Captain America Premiere (HC) (I) vol.2: Winter Soldier (Steve Rogers)2006
Defenders Premiere (HC): Indefensible2006
Fantastic Four: Books of Doom Premiere (HC):2006
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC) By J. Michael Straczynski2006
Ghost Rider Premiere (HC): Road to Damnation (John Blaze)2006
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Extremis2006
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.1: Best of the Best (Carol Danvers)2006
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.2: Sentry2006
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.3: Secrets and Lies2006
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.4: The Collective2006
Sensational Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Feral2006
Shanna, the She-Devil Premiere (HC)2006
Spider-Man/Black Cat Premiere (HC): The Evil that Men Do2006
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Kraven's Last Hunt2006
Spider-Woman Premiere (HC): Origin (Jessica Drew)2006
Ultimate Iron Man Premiere (HC)2006
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.1: Born in Blood2006
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Origins and Endings2006
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Origin2006
X-Factor Premiere (HC): The Longest Night2006
X-Men Premiere (HC): Deadly Genesis2006
Young Avengers Premiere (HC): Family Matters2006
Agents of Atlas Premiere (HC)2007
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Avengers/Defenders War2007
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America Premiere (HC)2007
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): The End2007
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): The New Fantastic Four2007
Ghost Rider Premiere (HC): Trail of Tears (Caleb)2007
The Hedge Knight Premiere (HC) (Dabel Brothers / Marvel)2007
The Hood Premiere (HC)2007
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Last Iron Fist Story2007
Killraven Premiere (HC)2007
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Bottom2007
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.2: Civil War (Carol Danvers)2007
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.3: Operation Lightning Storm (Carol Danvers)2007
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.5: Civil War2007
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.6: Revolution2007
Newuniversal Premiere (HC): Everything Went White2007
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Premiere (HC): I Kick Your Face2007
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.1: Civil War2007
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Death of the Stacys2007
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Reign2007
Squadron Supreme Premiere (HC) vol.1: Prewar Years2007
Storm Premiere (HC)2007
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC) By Warren Ellis vol.1: Faith in Monsters2007
Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Clone Saga (Peter Parker)2007
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.2: Savior2007
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.3: Swift and Terrible2007
Wolverine Premiere (HC) By Claremont and Miller2007
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Evolution2007
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Evolution Black and White2007
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Weapon X2007
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Life and Death Matters2007
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Many Lives of Madrox2007
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong Premiere (HC)2007
Avengers: The Initiative Premiere (HC) vol.1: Basic Training2008
Avengers: The Initiative Premiere (HC) vol.2: Killed in Action2008
Cable Premiere (HC) vol.1: Messiah War2008
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Chosen (Steve Rogers)2008
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Death of Captain America (Steve Rogers)2008-2009
Captain Marvel Premiere (HC): Secret Invasion (Khn'nr)2008
ClanDestine Classic Premiere (HC)2008
ClanDestine Premiere (HC): Blood Relative2008
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Guardian Devil 10th Anniversary Edition2008
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger Born2008
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC) Lost Adventures by Stan Lee2008
Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft Premiere (HC)2008
The Hedge Knight (II): The Sworn Sword Premiere (HC) (Dabel Brothers / Marvel)2008
Hercules Premiere (HC): Against the World2008
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.1: Red Hulk2008
Hulk Premiere (HC): The End2008
Hulk Premiere (HC): Heart of the Atom2008
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.2: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven2008
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.3: The Book of the Iron Fist2008
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): Secret Invasion2008
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Demon in a Bottle2008
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Legacy of Doom2008
Iron Man vs. Dr. Doom Premiere (HC): Doomquest2008
Logan Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Boy Premiere (HC) (Noh-Varr)2008
Marvel Illustrated: Iliad Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Illustrated: The Man in the Iron Mask Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian Gray Premiere (HC)2008
Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island Premiere (HC)2008
Marvels Premiere (HC)2008
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Ultron Initiative2008
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.2: Venom Bomb2008
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.2: Midnight Sun2008
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.3: God and Country2008
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.4: Monster Smash (Carol Danvers)2008
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.5: Secret Invasion (Carol Danvers)2008
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.7: The Trust2008
New Avengers Premiere (HC): Illuminati2008
Omega Premiere (HC): The Unknown2008
The Punisher Premiere (HC): Circle of Blood2008
Punisher Premiere (HC): Welcome Back Frank2008
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.2: Goin' Out West2008
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.3: Hunter Hunted2008
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.8: Dead End Kids2008
She-Hulk Premiere (HC): Jaded (Jennifer Walters)2008
Silver Surfer Premiere (HC): Requiem2008
Sky Doll Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2008
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Brand New Day2008
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): One More Day2008
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): With Great Power...2008
Spider-Man/Red Sonja Premiere (HC) (Dynamite Entertainment / Marvel)2008
Thor Premiere (HC) By J. Michael Straczynski2008-2010
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC) By Warren Ellis vol.2: Caged Angels2008
The Twelve Premiere (HC)2008-2012
Ultimate Hulk vs. Iron Man Premiere (HC): Ultimate Human2008
Ultimate Iron Man II Premiere (HC)2008
Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Venom (Peter Parker)2008
War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle Premiere (HC)2008
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.4: Our War2008
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.5: The Deep End2008
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Death of Wolverine2008
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Heart of Ice2008
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Madrox - Multiple Choice2008
X-Factor Premiere (HC): The Only Game in Town2008
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.1: Angels and Demons2008
X-Men: Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Premiere (HC)2008
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Divided He Stands2008
X-Men: Longshot Premiere (HC)2008
X-Men: Magik Premiere (HC): Storm and Illyana2008
X-Men Premiere (HC): God Loves, Man Kills2008
Agents of Atlas Premiere (HC): Dark Reign2009
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse Premiere (HC) vol.1: Animator2009
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Ghost Boxes2009
Avengers: The Initiative Premiere (HC) vol.3: Secret Invasion2009
Avengers Initiative Premiere (HC): Disassembled2009
Avengers Premiere (HC): First to Last2009
Avengers Premiere (HC): Hawkeye2009
Black Panther Premiere (HC): The Deadliest of the Species (Shuri)2009
Black Widow Premiere (HC): The Sting of the Widow (Natalie Romanova)2009
Cable Premiere (HC) vol.2: Waiting for the End of the World2009
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Chosen (Steve Rogers)2009
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Man with no Face (Steve Rogers)2009
Captain America Premiere (HC): Road to Reborn (Steve Rogers)2009
Cloak and Dagger Premiere (HC): Child of Darkness, Child of Light2009
Daredevil the Man without Fear Premiere (HC)2009
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Born Again2009
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Daredevil Yellow2009
Dark Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.1: Assemble2009
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): Treachery2009
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.1: Secret Invasion2009
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.2: Dark Reign2009
Ender's Game Premiere (HC): Battle School2009
Ender's Shadow Premiere (HC): Battle School2009
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): The Master of Doom2009
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): World's Greatest2009
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC) (I) vol.1: Legacy2009
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC) (I) vol.2: War of Kings Book 12009
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC): Earth Shall Overcome2009
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC): The Power of Starhawk2009
Halo Premiere (HC): Uprising2009
Hercules Premiere (HC): Full Circle2009
Hercules Premiere (HC): Prince of Power2009
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.2: Red and Green2009
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.3: Hulk No More2009
Hulk Premiere (HC): Gray2009
Hulk: Skaar - Son of Hulk Premiere (HC)2009
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.4: The Mortal Iron Fist2009
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.5: Escape From the Eighth City2009
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): Dark Reign2009
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): Love and War2009
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.1: The Five Nightmares2009
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.2: World's Most Wanted Book 12009
Kidnapped! Premiere (HC)2009
Marvel 1602 Premiere (HC)2009
Marvel 1602 Premiere (HC): New World/Fantastick Four2009
Marvel 1985 Premiere (HC)2009
Marvel Illustrated: The Three Musketeers Premiere (HC)2009
Mephisto vs. Premiere (HC)2009
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.3: Secret Invasion Book 12009
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.4: Secret Invasion Book 22009
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC): Earth's Mightiest2009
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.4: Death of Marc Spector2009
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.5: Down South2009
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.6: Ascension (Carol Danvers)2009
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.7: Dark Reign (Carol Danvers)2009
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.8: Secret Invasion Book 12009
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.9: Secret Invasion Book 22009
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.10: Power2009
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.11: Search for the Sorcerer Supreme2009
New Avengers Premiere (HC): The Reunion2009
NYX Premiere (HC): No Way Home2009
NYX Premiere (HC): Wannabe2009
The Odyssey Premiere (HC)2009
Pride and Prejudice Premiere (HC)2009
The Punisher Premiere (HC): Dark Reign2009
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.4: Jigsaw!2009
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.5: Secret Invasion2009
Punisher: War Zone Premiere (HC): The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci2009
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.1: Pride and Joy2009
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.2: Teenage Wasteland2009
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.3: The Good Die Young2009
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.9: Dead Wrong2009
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.10: Rock Zombies2009
Samurai Premiere (HC): Legend (Soleil Comics)2009
Scourge of the Gods Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2009
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC) vol.1: Nick Fury, Agent of Nothing2009
Short Halloween2009
Soleil: Universal War One Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2009
Soleil: Universal War One Premiere (HC): Revelations (Soleil Comics)2009
Soleil: Ythaq - No Escape Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2009
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Premiere (HC): Sophomore Jinx2009
Spider-Man Noir Premiere (HC)2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): 24/72009
Spider-Man Premiere HC American Son2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Blue2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Crime and Punisher2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Death and Dating2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Election Day2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Family Ties2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Kraven's First Hunt2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): New Ways to Die2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC) : Sinister Six2009
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Torment2009
The Stand Premiere (HC): Captain Trips (Stephen King)2009
Sub-Mariner Premiere (HC): The Depths2009
Supreme Power: Hyperion Premiere (HC)2009
Supreme Power: Nighthawk Premiere (HC)2009
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): Contact2009
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): High Command2009
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): Powers and Principalities2009
Thing Premiere (HC): Project Pegasus2009
Thor: Balder the Brave Premiere (HC)2009
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC): Burning Down the House2009
Ultimate Origins Premiere (HC)2009
Ultimate Spider-Man (HC): Power and Responsibility (Peter Parker)2009
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Premiere (HC)2009
The Ultimates 3 Premiere (HC)2009
Ultimatum Premiere (HC)2009
Ultimatum Premiere (HC): March on Ultimatum2009
Ultimatum Premiere (HC): Requiem2009
Ultimatum: Spider-Man Premiere (HC) (Peter Parker)2009
Ultimatum: X-Men/Fantastic Four Premiere (HC)2009
War Machine Premiere (HC): Iron Heart2009
Wolverine: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Prince (Daken)2009
Wolverine Noir Premiere (HC)2009
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Dark Reign2009
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Dangerous Games2009
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Not Dead Yet2009
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Secret Invasion2009
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Time and a Half2009
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.2: Old Ghosts2009
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Salvage2009
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Sins of the Father2009
X-Men: Magneto Premiere (HC) - Testament2009
X-Men Noir Premiere (HC)2009
X-Men Premiere (HC): Original Sin2009
X-Men Premiere (HC): Phoenix Rising2009
X-Men Premiere (HC): Proteus2009
X-Men vs. Avengers Premiere (HC)2009
X-Men vs. Fantastic Four Premiere (HC)2009
X-Men: Wolverine/Gambit Premiere (HC)2009
Ythaq - The Forsaken World Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2009
Agents of Atlas Premiere (HC): Agents of Atlas vs.2010
Agents of Atlas Premiere (HC): Turf Wars2010
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse Premiere (HC) vol.2: Necromancer2010
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse Premiere (HC) vol.3: Executioner2010
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Xenogenetic2010
Avengers Initiative Premiere (HC): Dreams and Nightmares2010
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Contest2010
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Korvac Saga2010
Avengers Premiere (HC): Red Zone2010
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Search for She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)2010
Avengers Premiere (HC): Standoff2010
Avengers Premiere (HC): Under Siege2010
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers Assemble2010
Avengers Premiere (HC): World Trust2010
Black Widow Premiere (HC): Deadly Origin (Natalie Romanova)2010
Black Widow Premiere (HC): Web of Intrigue (Natalie Romanova)2010
Cable Premiere (HC) vol.3: Stranded2010
Cable Premiere (HC) vol.4: Homecoming2010
Captain America Premiere (HC): Reborn (Steve Rogers)2010
Captain America Premiere (HC): Two Americas (Steve Rogers)2010
Captain Marvel Premiere (HC): The Death of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)2010
Daffodil Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
Daredevil/Echo Premiere (HC): Parts of a Hole2010
Daredevil/Echo Premiere (HC): Vision Quest2010
Daredevil Noir Premiere (HC)2010
Dark Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.2: Molecule Man2010
Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead Premiere (HC)2010
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Battle of Jericho Hill2010
Dark X-Men Premiere (HC)2010
Deadpool Corps Premiere (HC) vol.1: Poolocalypse Now2010
Deadpool Corps Premiere (HC): Prelude2010
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.3: X Marks the Spot2010
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.4: Monkey Business2010
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.5: What Happened in Vegas2010
Deathlok: The Demolisher Premiere (HC)2010
The Destroyer Premiere (HC) (Keene Marlow)2010
Doomwar Premiere (HC)2010
Dracula Premiere (HC)2010
Ender's Game Premiere (HC): Command School2010
Ender's Game Premiere (HC): War of Gifts2010
Ender's Shadow Premiere (HC): Command School2010
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): In Search of Galactus2010
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC) By Jonathan Hickman2010-2013
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC) (I) vol.3: War of Kings Book 22010
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC) (I) vol.4: Realm of Kings2010
Halo Premiere (HC): Blood Line2010
Halo Premiere (HC): Helljumper2010
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.4: Hulk vs. X-Force2010
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.5: Fall of the Hulks2010
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.6: World War Hulks2010
Husk Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): Assault on New Olympus2010
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): The Mighty Thorcules2010
Incredible Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.1: Son of Banner2010
Incredible Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.2: Fall of the Hulks2010
Incredible Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.3: World War Hulks2010
Infinity Gauntlet Premiere (HC)2010
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.3: World's Most Wanted Book 22010
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.4: Stark Disassembled2010
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.5: Stark Resilient Book 12010
Iron Man Noir Premiere (HC)2010
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Deadly Solutions2010
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Iron Monger2010
Kick-Ass Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2010
Kookaburra K Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
Luke Cage Noir Premiere (HC)2010
Marvel 1602 Premiere (HC): Spider-Man2010
Marvel Universe Premiere (HC): The End2010
Marvel Zombies Premiere (HC)2010
Marvelman Classic Premiere (HC)2010-2011
Marvels: Eye of the Camera Premiere (HC)2010
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC): The Unspoken2010
Moon Knight Premiere (HC): Countdown to Dark2010
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.8: War of the Marvels (Carol Danvers)2010
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.9: Best You Can Be (Carol Danvers)2010
New Avengers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.12: Powerloss2010
New Mutants Premiere (HC): Necrosha2010
New Mutants Premiere (HC): Return of Legion2010
Punisher Noir Premiere (HC)2010
The Punisher Premiere (HC): Dead End2010
PunisherMax Premiere (HC): Kingpin2010
Rawhide Kid Premiere (HC): Slap Leather2010
Raymond E. Fiest's Magician Master Premiere (HC): The Great One2010
Riftwar Premiere (HC)2010
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.4: True Believers2010
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.5: Escape to New York2010
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.6: Parential Guidance2010
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.7: Live Fast2010
Runaways Premiere (HC) vol.11: Homeschooling2010
Scourge of the Gods Premiere (HC): The Fall (Soleil Comics)2010
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC) vol.2: God of Fear, God of War2010
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC) vol.3: Wake the Beast2010
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC) vol.4: Last Ride of the Howling Commands2010
Sense and Sensibility Premiere (HC) (Jane Austen)2010
Siege: Embedded Premiere (HC)2010
Siege Premiere (HC)2010
Siege Premiere (HC): Avengers - The Initiativ2010
Siege Premiere (HC): Battlefield2010
Siege Premiere (HC): Dark Avengers2010
Siege Premiere (HC): Mighty Avengers2010
Siege Premiere (HC): Thor2010
Siege Premiere (HC): Thunderbolts2010
Siege Premiere (HC): X-Men2010
The Silver Surfer Premiere (HC): Rebirth of Thanos2010
Spider-Man Noir Premiere (HC): Eyes Without a Face2010
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Died in Your Arms Tonight2010
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet vol.1: Electro and Sandman2010
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet vol.2: Rhino and Mysterio2010
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet vol.3: Vulture and Morbius2010
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet vol.4: Juggernaut2010
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet vol.5: Lizard2010
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Grim Hunt2010
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Red-Headed Stranger2010
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Return of the Black Cat2010
Spider-Woman Premiere (HC): Agent of S.W.O.R.D. (Jessica Drew)2010
Spin Angels Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
The Stand Premiere (HC): American Nightmares (Stephen King)2010
The Stand Premiere (HC): Soul Survivors (Stephen King)2010
Stephen King's N. Premiere (HC)2010
Tales of the Dragon Guard Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
Thor Premiere (HC): The Warriors Three2010
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC): Cage2010
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC): Widowmaker2010
Trojan War Premiere (HC)2010
Ultimate Comics Avengers Premiere (HC): Crime and Punishment2010
Ultimate Comics Avengers Premiere (HC): The Next Generation2010
Ultimate Comics Iron Man Premiere (HC): Armor Wars2010
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Premiere (HC) vol.1: The World According to Peter Parker (Peter Parker)2010
Wolverine: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.2: My Hero (Daken)2010
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Romulus2010
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Seven the Hard Way2010
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Reckoning2010
Wolverine Weapon X Premiere (HC) vol.1: Adamantium Men2010
Wolverine Weapon X Premiere (HC) vol.2: Insane in the Brain2010
Wolverine Weapon X Premiere (HC) vol.3: Tomorrow Dies Today2010
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Invisible Woman has Vanished2010
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Overtime2010
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Second Coming2010
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.3: Not Forgotten2010
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Emplate2010
X-Men Noir Premiere (HC): Mark of Cain2010
X-Men Premiere (HC): Mutant Genesis2010
Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Charmer2011
Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned Premiere (HC) vol.2: The Ingenue2011
Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine Premiere (HC)2011
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Xenogenesis2011
Avengers Academy Premiere (HC) vol.1: Permanent Record2011
Avengers Academy Premiere (HC) vol.2: Will We Use This in the Real World?2011
Avengers Premiere (HC): Assault on Olympus2011
Avengers Premiere (HC) By Brian Michael Bendis2011-2013
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Coming of the Beast2011
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers - Family Ties2011
Avengers Prime Premiere (HC)2011
Black Widow Premiere (HC): The Name of the Rose (Natalie Romanova)2011
Captain America: Man out of Time Premiere (HC) (Steve Rogers)2011
Captain America Premiere (HC): American Nightmare (Steve Rogers)2011
Captain America Premiere (HC): The New Deal (Steve Rogers)2011
Captain America Premiere (HC): No Escape (Steve Rogers)2011
Captain America Premiere (HC): Operation Rebirth (Steve Rogers)2011
Captain America Premiere (HC): Prisoner of War (Steve Rogers)2011
Captain America Premiere (HC): Red Glare (Steve Rogers)2011
Captain America Premiere (HC): To Serve and Protect (Steve Rogers)2011
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Trial of Captain America (Steve Rogers)2011
Captain America Premiere (HC): War and Remembrance (Steve Rogers)2011
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): Big Break2011
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): Empire (Daken)2011
Daken/X-23 Premiere (HC): Collision2011
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Reborn2011
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins2011
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria2011
Deadpool/Amazing Spider-Man/Hulk Premiere (HC): Identity Wars2011
Deadpool Corps Premiere (HC) vol.2: You Say You Want a Revolution2011
Deadpool Max Premiere (HC) vol.1: Nutjob2011
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.6: I Rule, You Suck2011
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.7: Space Oddity2011
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.8: Operation Annihilation2011
Deadpool Pulp Premiere (HC)2011
Doctor Strange Premiere (HC): Into the Dark Dimension2011
Electric Ant Premiere (HC)2011
Emma Premiere (HC) (Jane Austen)2011
Ender Premiere (HC): Ender in Exile2011
Ender Premiere (HC): Speaker for the Dead2011
Ender's Game: Formic Wars Premiere (HC) - Burning Earth2011
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): 1 2 3 42011
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): Overthrow of Doom2011
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): Resurrection of Galactus2011
FF Premiere (HC) By Jonathan Hickman2011-2013
Halo Premiere (HC): Fall of Reach - Boot Camp2011
Incredible Hulks Premiere (HC): Dark Son2011
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.6: Stark Resilient Book 22011
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.7: My Monsters2011
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.8: Unfixable2011
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Industrial Revolution2011
Iron Man Premiere (HC): War of the Iron Men2011
Marvelman Family's Finest Premiere (HC)2011
Millar and McNiven's Nemesis Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2011
New Avengers Premiere (HC) By Brian Michael Bendis2011-2013
New Mutants Premiere (HC): Fall of the New Mutants2011
New Mutants Premiere (HC): Unfinished Business2011
One Month to Live Premiere (HC)2011
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.1: Who Killed Retro Girl? (Icon Comics)2011
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.2: Roleplay (Icon Comics)2011
Punisher Max Premiere (HC): Bullseye2011
Punisher Max Premiere (HC): Frank2011
Rocket Raccoon Premiere (HC): Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant2011
Scarlet Premiere HC (Icon Comics)2011
Secret Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.1: Mission to Mars2011
Secret Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.2: Eyes of the Dragon2011
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC) vol.5: Night2011
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC) vol.6: Wheels Within Wheels2011
Shadowland Premiere (HC)2011
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Blood on the Streets2011
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Daredevil2011
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Moon Knight2011
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Power Man (Victor Alvarez)2011
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Street Heroes2011
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Thunderbolts2011
S.H.I.E.L.D. Premiere (HC): Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.2011
Siege Premiere (HC): New Avengers2011
Sky Doll Premiere (HC): Space Ship (Soleil Comics)2011
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Big Time2011
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): The Death of Jean DeWolff2011
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): The Fantastic Spider-Man2011
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Masques2011
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Matters of Life and Death2011
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): One Moment in Time2011
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Origin of the Species2011
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): The Return of Anti-Venom (Edward Brock)2011
The Stand Premiere (HC): Hardcases (Stephen King)2011
The Stand Premiere (HC): No Man's Land (Stephen King)2011
Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier Premiere (HC)2011
Tales of the Dragon Guard Premiere (HC): Into the Veil (Soleil Comics)2011
Thing Premiere (HC): Liberty Legion2011
Thor/Iron Man Premiere (HC): God Complex2011
Thor Premiere (HC): If Asgard Should Perish2011
Thor Premiere (HC): The Quest for Odin2011
Thor Premiere (HC): The Trials of Loki2011
Thor Premiere (HC): The Warriors Three Unleashed2011
Thor Premiere (HC): The World Eaters2011
Thor Premiere (HC): Worldengine2011
Ultimate Comics Avengers Premiere (HC): Blade vs. Avengers2011
Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates Premiere (HC): Death of Spider-Man2011
Ultimate Comics Captain America Premiere (HC)2011
Ultimate Comics New Ultimates Premiere (HC): Thor Reborn2011
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Premiere (HC) vol.2: Chameleons (Peter Parker)2011
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Death of Spider-Man (Peter Parker)2011
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Death of Spider-Man Prelude (Peter Parker)2011
Ultimate Comics X Premiere (HC): Origins2011
Ultimate Six Premiere (HC)2011
Ultimate Thor Premiere (HC)2011
Ultimate War Premiere (HC)2011
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): The Apocalypse Solution2011
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): Deathlok Nation2011
Venom Premiere (HC) By Rick Remender (Eugene Thompson)2011
Wolverine and Jubilee Premiere (HC): Curse of the Mutants2011
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Best There Is - Contagion2011
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Wolverine Goes to Hell2011
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Wolverine vs. The X-Men2011
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Wolverine's Revenge2011
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Killing Dream2011
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Happenings in Vegas2011
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Hard Labor2011
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Scar Tissue2011
X-Force Premiere (HC): Cable and the New Mutants2011
X-Force Premiere (HC): A Force to be Reckoned With2011
X-Force Premiere (HC): Under the Gun2011
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Aftermath2011
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Collision2011
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Lost Legions2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): Alpha Flight2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): Curse of the Mutants2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): Curse of the Mutants - Mutants vs. Vampires2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): Fallen Angels2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): First to Last2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): Lifedeath2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): Prelude to Schism2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): With Great Power2011
Young Marvelman Classic Premiere (HC)2011-2012
Alpha Flight Premiere (HC) By Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente2012
Amazing Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Flying Blind2012
Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned Premiere (HC) vol.3: The Scoundrel2012
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Children of the Brood2012
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Exalted2012
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Monstrous2012
Avengers Academy Premiere (HC): Second Semester2012
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Bride of Ultron2012
Avengers Premiere (HC): Hawkeye - Earth's Mightiest Marksman2012
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Private War of Dr. Doom2012
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Serpent Crown2012
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers - Lost in Space-Time2012
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers - Sins of the Past2012
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers - Zodiac Attack2012
Avengers Premiere (HC): X-Sanction2012
Avengers/X-Men Premiere (HC): Bloodties2012
Avenging Spider-Man Premiere (HC): My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends2012
Black Widow Premiere (HC): The Itsy-Bitsy Spider (Natalie Romanova)2012
Captain America and Bucky Premiere (HC): The Life Story of Bucky Barnes (Steve Rogers)2012
Captain America and Bucky Premiere (HC): Old Wounds (Steve Rogers)2012
Captain America Premiere (HC) By Ed Brubaker (Steve Rogers)2012-2013
Cloak and Dagger Premiere (HC): Crime and Punishment2012
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): No More Heroes (Daken)2012
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Pride Comes Before the Fall (Daken)2012
Daredevil Premiere (HC) By Mark Waid2012-2014
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Season One2012
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Battle of Tull2012
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Way Station2012
Deadpool Max Premiere (HC) vol.2: Involuntary Armageddon2012
Deadpool Max Premiere (HC): Second Cut2012
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.9: Institutionalized2012
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.10: Evil Deadpool2012
Deathlok Premiere (HC): The Living Nightmare of Michael Collins2012
Elektra Premiere (HC): Assassin2012
Ender's Game: Formic Wars Premiere (HC): Silent Strike2012
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): Season One2012
Fear Itself: The Fearless Premiere (HC)2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC)2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Avengers2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Avengers Academy2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Black Panther - The Man Without Fear2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Deadpool / Fearsome Four2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Dracula2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Ghost Rider (Alejandra)2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Herc2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Heroes for Hire2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): The Home Front2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Hulk2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Iron Man2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Journey into Mystery2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Secret Avengers2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Spider-Man2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Thunderbolts2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Uncanny X-Force / The Deep2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Uncanny X-Men2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Wolverine/New Mutants2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Youth in Revolt2012
Halo Premiere (HC): Fall of Reach - Covenant2012
Halo Premiere (HC): Fall of Reach - Invasion2012
Hulk Premiere (HC): Abominable2012
Hulk Premiere (HC): Boiling Point2012
Hulk Premiere (HC): Return of the Monster2012
Hulk Premiere (HC): Season One2012
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.9: Demon2012
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) (I) vol.10: Long Way Down2012
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Revenge of the Mandarin2012
Journey into Mystery Premiere (HC): Fear Itself Fallout2012
Journey Into Mystery Premiere (HC): Terrorism Myth2012
Kick-Ass 2 Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2012
The Mighty Thor Premiere (HC) By Matt Fraction2012
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) By Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev2012
Mystery Men Premiere (HC)2012
New Mutants Premiere (HC): A Date With The Devil2012
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.3: Little Deaths (Icon Comics)2012
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.4: Supergroup (Icon Comics)2012
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.5: Anarchy (Icon Comics)2012
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Infinity War Premiere (HC): Aftermath2018
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Avengers Premiere (HC): Forever (Slipcase Edition)2019
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Gatherers Saga (Slipcase Edition)2019
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Korvac Saga (Slipcase Edition)2019
Avengers Premiere (HC): Kree/Skrull War (Slipcase Edition)2019
Avengers Premiere (HC) By Lee and Kirby (Slipcase Edition)2019
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Morgan Conquest (Slipcase Edition)2019
Avengers Premiere (HC): Under Siege (Slipcase Edition)2019
X-Men Premiere (HC): Bronze Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.1: All-New and All-Different2020
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X-Men Premiere (HC): Bronze Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.3: The Fate of the Phoenix2020
X-Men Premiere (HC) Companion2020
X-Men Premiere (HC): The Lost Years2020
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X-Men Premiere (HC): Silver Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.2: Divided We Fall2020
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Fortnite X Marvel Premiere (HC): Zero War2022


Prowler (I)1994-1995
Prowler (II)2016-2017
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Psylocke/Archangel Crimson Dawn1997
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X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks2009
5 Ronin2011
Marvel Milestones: Captain Britain, Psylocke and Golden Age Sub-Mariner (Marvel UK)2005
X-Men: Psylocke (TPB)2010
True Believers: X-Men - Betsy Braddock2019

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