Comic Book Marketplace (Gemstone Publishing) (1998-2000)

641998/11 $5.95
Front cover?1
Ti:The X-Men84

Text with art/photosThe X-Men?12
671999/03 $5.95
Front coverJohn Romita Sr.1
Ti:Gwen Stacy murder case? Solved in this issue!84

Text with art/photosSpidey goes one-on-one with Stan Lee! - Spider-Man interviews Stan Lee!?6
Text with art/photosThe smoking gun?1
Text with art/photosChildhood's end?1
812000/09 $5.95
Front cover?1
Ti:Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts!84

Text with art/photosMarvelous Maneely! Adventures into Weird World?2
Text with art/photosIron Man The Armor Wars of 1963Will Murray6
Text with art/photosThe four fantastic phases of Silver Age Marvel!?8
Text with art/photosThat old black magic has... Strange in its spell!?4
Text with art/photosMid-run Marvel Giants?5
Text with art/photosStrange as it seems!?5
Text with art/photosIn pursuit of Peter Parker?2
Text with art/photosSpider-Man great grandfather!?2
TextThe Marvel method?3
822000/10 $5.95
Photo cover?
Photo of Carl Barks
Variant cover(s)

Back coverMarvel Western motive?1?
Ti:Those wild and wonderful mighty Marvel Western82

Text with art/photosMighty Marvel's fantasy frontier!Will Murray6
Text with art/photosWho's who in... Mighty Marvel WesternsPeter Bosch8
Text with art/photosRolling, rolling, rolling - Rawhide Kid! (with index to The Rawhide Kid (I) # 17-32)Keith Hammond4
Text with art/photosIndian chief!Gregory Wasko6
Text with art/photosWho painted that masked man? Interview with Don Spaulding?6

Marvel Year by Year - A Visual Chronicle (Penguin Random House) (2008)

12008Not Rated£25.00
BkCr:Editor-Catherine Saunders, Heather Scott, Julia March, Alastair Dougall   Project Editor-Elizabeth Dowsett   Design-Hanna Ländin, Lisa Crowe, Jill Clark, Mark Richards, Dan Bunyan, Dynamo Ltd.   Senior Designer-Nathan Martin, Robert Perry   Senior DTP Designer-Kavita Varma   Producer-Toby Marshall   Creative Technical Support-Adam Brackenbury   Managing Editor-Sadie Smith   Design Manager-Ron Stobbart   Creative Manager-Sarah Harland   Art Director-Lisa Lanzarini   Publisher-Julie Ferris   Publishing Director-Simon Beecroft
Rm:See Features
Front cover?
ISBN: 978-0-241-20744-4
Variant cover(s)

Variant coverNew printing in 2017/04; Updated and Expanded version / ISBN: 978-1-465-45550-5?1$50.00
Variant coverNew printing in 2022/06 / ISBN: 978-0-744-05451-4?1$50.00
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

FrontispieceContents / Iron Man in grey armor and in Extremes armor?2
Text with art/photosForeword (with a drawing of Stan Lee)Stan Lee2
Text with art/photosIntroductionTom DeFalco2
Text with art/photos1939 - In the beginning?4
Text with art/photos1940s - Simon, Lee, and Kirby?4
Text with art/photos1941 - Heroes versus Hitler?2
Text with art/photos1942 - Timely goes to war?2
Cover galleryComedy Comics (I) #9Mike Sekowsky, George Klein2
Text with art/photos1943 - Diverse directions?2
Text with art/photos1944 - The first Marvel movie (Republic Picture's Captain America)?2
Cover galleryAll Surprise Comics #2 (original cover art work and final cover)?2
Text with art/photos1945 - Changing audience?2
Text with art/photos1046 - A new team spirit?2
Text with art/photos1947 - A Timely identity crisis?2
Cover galleryZiggy Pig - Silly Seal Comics (I) #6?2
Text with art/photos1948 - Timely's Bullpen?2
Text with art/photos1949 - The gathering storm?2
Cover galleryIdeal Comics (II) #1?1
Text with art/photos1950s?2
Text with art/photos1950 - The winds of change?2
Text with art/photos1951 - War on the newsstand!?2
Cover galleryRomantic Affairs #3?1
Cover galleryMy Diary #2?1
Text with art/photos1952 - Atlas conquers all?2
Text with art/photos1953 - Portents of doom?2
Text with art/photosEvery style, every subject?2
Text with art/photos1954 - Summer of super heroes?2
Text with art/photos1955 - The Comic Code changes the game?2
Cover galleryAstonishing #34 (original art work and final cover)Joe Maneely2
Text with art/photos1956 - The going gets tough?2
Text with art/photos1957 - Fall of Atlas, rise of Marvel?2
Cover galleryMarvin Mouse #1Bill Everett2
Text with art/photos1958 - A year of rebuilding?2
Text with art/photos1959 - Marvel Bullpen comes together?2
Text with art/photosInked art from Two-Gun Kid #2Joe Maneely2
Text with art/photos1960s?2
Text with art/photos1960 - When the decade dawned?2
Text with art/photos1961 - The rebirth of the super hero?2
Text with art/photosArt from Fantastic Four (I) #1Stan Lee, Jack Kirby2
Text with art/photos1962 - The sixties start swinging?6
Text with art/photos1963 - The Marvel Age of Comics?6
Text with art/photosArt from Amazing Fantasy (I) #15Stan Lee, Stephen J. Ditko2
Text with art/photos1964 - Marvel comics in hyperdrive?6
Text with art/photosArt from X-Men (I) #6Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Charles Eber Stone2
Text with art/photos1965 - Superhuman soap operas?6
Text with art/photosThe artist Steve DitkoStephen J. Ditko2
Text with art/photos1966 - Marvel in the mainstream?6
Text with art/photos1967 - A growing league of frantic fans?6
Text with art/photosArt from Thor (I) #137Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Vincent Colletta2
Text with art/photos1968 - The second Age of Marvel Comics?6
Text with art/photos1969 - A whole new world?6
Cover galleryNick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (I) #1Jim Steranko2
Text with art/photos1970s?2
Text with art/photos1970 - The end of an era?4
Text with art/photos1971 - Expanding universe?4
Cover galleryThe Amazing Spider-Man (I) #83John Romita Sr.2
Text with art/photos1972 - Horror unleashed!?4
Text with art/photos1973 - Marvel's turning point?4
Cover galleryAvengers (I) #113Richard F. Buckler, Joe Sinnott2
Text with art/photos1974 - The grim and the gritty?4
Text with art/photos1975 - The X-Men are reborn?4
Text with art/photosArt from Fantastic Four (I) #164Roy Thomas, George Pérez2
Text with art/photos1976 - History in the making?4
Text with art/photos1977 - Marvel and the media?4
Text with art/photosArt from Rampaging Hulk (I) #1Doug Moench, Walter Simonson2
Text with art/photos1978 - Exit Kirby, enter Shooter?4
Text with art/photos1979 - The new masters?4
Text with art/photosArt from Hulk (I) #10?2
Text with art/photos1980s?2
Text with art/photos1980 - One company, two coasts?4
Text with art/photos1981 - Kicking into high gear?4
Text with art/photosThe artist John BuscemaJohn Buscema2
Text with art/photos1982 - New faces and relationships?4
Text with art/photos1983 - An ever-evolving universe?4
Text with art/photosArt from Phoenix: The Untold Story #1Christopher Claremont, John Byrne, Terry Kevin Austin2
Text with art/photos1984 - Assistant editors and strategic alliances?4
Text with art/photos1985 - Sequels, Sergio, and sadness?4
Text with art/photosArt from Iron Man (I) #200Dennis O'Neil, Mark D. Bright, Ian Akin, Brian Garvey2
Text with art/photos1986 - New world and a New Universe?4
Text with art/photos1987 - A new order begins?4
Text with art/photosArt from Captain America (I) #200Mark Gruenwald, Michael J. Zeck, Klaus Janson2
Text with art/photos1988 - One universe ends, others begin?4
Text with art/photos1989 - A president reads and a Perelman buys?4
Text with art/photosArt from West Coast Avengers (II) #46John Byrne, Mike Machlan2
Text with art/photos1990s?2
Text with art/photos1990 - Birth of the Image Age?4
Text with art/photos1991 - Flash versus substance?4
Text with art/photosRest and relaxationJim Lee2
Text with art/photos1992 - The universe darkens?4
Text with art/photos1993 - The more the merrier?4
Text with art/photosMaximum Carnage?2
Text with art/photos1994 - Clones and Marvels?4
Text with art/photos1995 - Apocalypse now?4
Cover galleryTales to Astonish (III) #1John Estes2
Text with art/photos1996 - Crossovers take over?4
Text with art/photos1997 - Many happy returns?4
Text with art/photosSuper-Soldier leads the fight, with art from Super Soldier (Amalgam (DC/Marvel)) #1Mark Waid, Dave Gibbons2
Text with art/photos1998 - New days and new Knights?4
Text with art/photos1999 - Seeing what would stick?4
Text with art/photosBack and forthJim Krueger, Alex Ross2
Text with art/photos2000s?2
Text with art/photos2000 - New kids in town?4
Text with art/photos2001 - The hero is back?4
Text with art/photosArt from New X-Men Annual 2001 #1Grant Morrison, Leinil Francis Yu2
Text with art/photos2002 - Hitting their stride?4
Text with art/photos2003 - Movies and shakers?4
Text with art/photosArt from New X-Men (I) #150?2
Text with art/photos2004 - Planting the seeds?4
Text with art/photos2005 - The return of the event?4
Text with art/photosThe Ultimate Super-HumanMark Millar, Bryan Hitch2
Text with art/photos2006 - Marvel goes to war?4
Text with art/photos2007 - New world order?4
Text with art/photosPrisoners of warMark Millar, Steve McNiven2
Text with art/photos2008 - Brand new brand?4
Cover galleryThe Amazing Spider-Man (III) #546 (2nd printing variant)Steve McNiven, Dexter Vines, Morry Hollowell2
Text with art/photos2009 - Dark Reign?4
Text with art/photosArt from Dark Avengers (I) #1Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato Jr.2
Text with art/photos2010s?2
Text with art/photos2010 - The age of heroes?4
Cover galleryAvengers (V) #1John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson, Dean V. White2
Text with art/photos2011 - To the point?4
Cover galleryDaredevil (IV) #4Marcos Martin1
Text with art/photos2012 - Infinity and beyond?4
Text with art/photos2013 - Marvel Now?2
Text with art/photosArt from The Amazing Spider-Man (III) #700?2
Text with art/photosAfterwordJoe Quesada2

Marvel's Greatest Collections 2009 (2009)

Front coverJohn Cassaday, Laura Martin
Reprints cover of Astonishing X-Men (III) #3
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]   CopyEd-Gerard Conte, Michael Lawson   Ed-Jim Nausedas   E-i-C-Joe Quesada   ArtDir-Rich Ginter, Jeffrey Suter   Dsgn-Rich Ginter, Jeffrey Suter   VPDev-Michael Pasciullo   SenVPSale-David Gabriel   Pub-Dan Buckley
Rm:Previews of Hardcover editions, Tradepaperbacks and Digests (see Details).  

Text with art/photosIntro (art reprints cover of Marvel: Your Universe Saga #1)Tom Raney, Scott Hanna, John Rauch1
Text with art/photosCaptain America: The reading chronology!
The Amazing Spider-Man: The reading chronology!
Iron Man: The reading chronology!
Daredevil: The reading chronology!
X-Men: The reading chronology!
Uncanny X-Men: The reading chronology!
Wolverine: The reading chronology!
Avengers: The reading chronology!
Art are the (very small) covers of individual issues.

Marvel Previews: The Heroic Age • Heroic Age Previews (2010)

Title in imprint is "Heroic Age Previews", cover shows the usual "Marvel Previews" logo with the smaller "The Heroic Age" logo.

Front coverMarko Djurdjević
Previews cover of Secret Avengers (I) #1
Variant cover(s)

Back coverPreviews cover of X-Men (III) #1Adi Granov1?
Ti:The Heroic Age Tie-in: Preview of comics, graphic novels and merchandise products for the Heroic Age32
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rm:Page count includes ads and all features.

PreviewPreview of inked art of Avengers Prime #1Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Davis4

December 2010 Sneak Peeks (2011)

UPC: 7-59606-07479-2

Rm:Previews of upcoming comics, See Features
Front coverDouglas Braithwaite, Sonia Oback
Previews cover of Heroes for Hire (III) #3 / UPC: 7-59606-07479-2-04511
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

PreviewPreview of inside art of Heroes for Hire (III) #1Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Brad Walker3
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of What If? (III) #200Marc Guggenheim, David Wilkins4
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of Widowmaker #1Jae Lee, June Chung, Jim McCann, Álvaro López6
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of Chaos War: X-Men #1Carlo Pagulayan, Michael Jason Paz, Frank G. D'Armata, Christopher Claremont, Louise Simonson, Douglas Braithwaite4
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of Avengers Academy #7Michael McKone, Christos N. Gage, Tom Raney4
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of Incredible Hulks #618Carlo Pagulayan, Michael Jason Paz, Frank G. D'Armata, Greg Pak, Paul Pelletier4
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of The New Avengers (II) #7Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immonen3
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of The Amazing Spider-Man (III) #650Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, Dan Slott4

January 2011 Sneak Peeks (2011)

UPC: 7-59606-07479-2

Rm:Previews of upcoming comics, See Features
Front cover?
Preview of cover of Ultimate Captain America #1 / UPC: 7-59606-07479-2-05111
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of Ultimate Captain America #1Jason Aaron, Ron Garney4
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of The Thanos Imperative: Devastation #1Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Miguel Angel Sepulveda3
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of Namor: The First Mutant #5Philip Noto, Stuart Moore, Ariel Olivetti4
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of Captain America: Hail Hydra #1Adi Granov, Jonathan Maberry, Sergio Cariello6
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of Daredevil: Reborn #1Jock, Andy Diggle, Davide Gianfelice, Matthew Hollingsworth6
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of X-Men (III) #7Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Victor Gischler, Christopher Bachalo5
PreviewPreview of cover art and inside art of Wolverine and Jubilee #1Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales, Kathryn Immonen, Philip Noto4

March 2011 Sneak Peeks (Canceled) (2011)

Front cover?1

November 2010 Sneak Peeks (2011)

UPC: 7-59606-07552-2

Rm:Previews of upcoming comics, See Features
Front coverRon Garney, Jason Keith
Previews cover of Iron Man/Thor #1 / UPC: 7-59606-07552-2-00111 / Marvel Preview
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

PreviewPreview of The Amazing Spider-Man (III) #648Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos5
PreviewPreview of Osborn #1Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Maria Ríos Maneiro2
PreviewPreview of Spider-Girl (II)Edward Paul Tobin, Clayton Henry4
PreviewPreview of Thunderstrike (II) #1Tom DeFalco, Ronald Frenz4
PreviewPreview of She-Hulks #1Harrison Wilcox, Ryan Stegman4
PreviewPreview of Captain America: Man Out of Time #1Mark Waid, Jorge Molina4
PreviewPreview of Warriors Three #1Bill Willingham, Neil Edwards3
PreviewPreview of Iron Man/Thor #1Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Scot George Eaton2
PreviewPreview of Generation Hope #1Kieron Gillen, Salvador Espin4



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