Doctor Who Magazine (II) (Panini UK) (1992-2000)

Numbering continued from The Official Doctor Who Magazine (Marvel UK) #285.

1771992/09 $3.95
BkCr:W-Tom Beck, Mark Gasper, Marcus Hearn, Tim Hunter, Dallas Jones, Dominic May, John Nathan-Turner, Andrew Pixley, Brian J. Robb, Liam-Michael Rudden, Gary Russell, Mark Wyman   SenEd-John Freeman   LinEd-Louise Cassell   Dsgn-Gary Gilbert   Prod-Mark Irvine   Managing Director-Vincent Conran   Advertising-Jane Smale   Adviser-John Nathan-Turner   Copy Control-Sophie Heath   Editorial Director-Paul Neary   Excelsior-Stan Lee   Harassed Hibernian-Harry Papadopoulos   Promotion-Jane Summer   Thanks to-David Blaise, Deborah Watling, Eric Saward, Michael Robbins, Peter Darvill-Evans, Peter Davison, the Radio Times and David Collings, Wendy Taylor at MOMI
Photo cover?
The Tyrannosaur from 'Doctor Who and the Silurians' by BBC
Ti:The Good Soldier 37
Cr:W-Andrew Cartmel   P/L-Michael Collins   I/F-Steve Pini   L-Glib   C-[N.A.]   Ed-John Freeman

Text with art/photosTravelling Companions (on the inside of the front cover)Tim Hunter1
Text with art/photosInto the Vortex; Weird facts, wired fax, Deborah Watling and a free MOMI discount voucherMark Wyman2
Pin-up/PosterThe Visitation; Nyssa (Sarah Sutton; Photo by BBC)?1
Text with art/photosGallifrey Guardian; The latest news, reviews and merchandise reports from around the worldDominic May, Liam-Michael Rudden, Gary Russell, Paul Bentham4
Text with art/photosWho's America; The United States has enjoyed the Doctor's company since 1973, with passions still high today.John Nathan-Turner5
Text with art/photosNostalgia: The Visitation; Your memories of this early Peter Davison story?5
Text with art/photosWriting Doctor Who; Peter Ling on the Mind RobberMarcus Hearn3
Text with art/photosOff the ShelfGary Russell3
Text with art/photosYou on Who; Including your solutions to those continuity gueries?3
Text with art/photosThose Radio TImes; The Tom Baker YearsBrian J. Robb4
Text with art/photosGolden Moments?; A brief encounter with actor David Collings (on the inside of the back cover)Liam-Michael Rudden1
2471996/01 $5.90
BkCr:AsiEd-Alan Barnes   Ed-Gary Gillatt   Thanks to-Amanda Murray, BBC Books, BBC Video and Virgin Publishing., David Gibbes-Auger, Mark Ward, Martin Wiggins, Nuala Buffini, Sophie Aldred, Stephen James Walker, Sue Wilson, Sylvester McCoy, Vicky Thomas
Photo coverRobin Prichard1
Ti:Endgame (B) 47
Cr:W-Alan Barnes   P/L-Martin Geraghty   I/F-Robin Smith   L-Elitta Fell   C-[N.A.]   Ed-Gary Gillatt, Scott Gray

Text with art/photosThe Mourning After Part Two; The TV Movie's been and gone - what now? DWM weighs up the odds that a new series might hit our screens son - and take a peek at Philip Segal's top-secret blueprint for the next thirty-three years...?6
Text with art/photosGallifrey Guardian; All the latest Doctor Who news.Dominic May1
Text with art/photosOut of the Tardis!; An seasonally-extended inquisition by TARDIS tin. Seventh Doctor Sylvester remembers when - and puts the finger on the Twist King of Dunoon...Sylvester McCoy3
Text with art/photosShelf Life; The Leisure Hive on video, Peri in leathers, Doctors unseen and a calendar. Dave Owen gets up especially early to rummage in his stocking...?3
Text with art/photosThe Celestial Toymaker's Game of the Year!; A frantic race through 1996 for 2 to 4 player, ages 5 and up!; Get board this Christmas! Our special gift to you: presenting a seasonal race through London, Vancouver and Tunbridge Wells...?4
TextReaders' Survey 1997; Announcing our forthcoming round-up of your DWM likes and dislikes.?1
Text with art/photosArchive: The Horns of Nimon; There's something nasty at the heart of the Complex - something which sucks whole planets dry. Join the Doctor, Romana and K9 as they dodge The Horns of Nimon...Andrew Pixley8
Text with art/photos20 distressingly common misconceptions about Doctor Who...; So the Krotons were designed by viewers of Blue Peter, were they? Have Steve Lyons and Chris Howarth got news for you...Steve Lyons, Chris Howarth2
Text with art/photosThe John Nathan-Turner Memories Chapter Eleven: Send in the Clowns!; Continuing the diaries of Doctor Who's longest-serving producer. It's 1988, and the series is gearing up for its twenty-fifth anniversary. But all is not well with The Greatest Show in the Galaxy...Murder within tent? Read on!?6
Text with art/photosFluid links; Doctor Who - a childrens' half-hour? Of course, claims columnist Matthew Jones...Matthew Jones1
Text with art/photosTimelines; Take a dip inside our bulging mailbag. This month: Auntie awards, title tattle - and archivist Andrew Pixley shows us his Roots...Alan Barnes2
Front cover?1

Doctor Who: Age of Chaos (Marvel UK) (1994)

Front cover?1
Front cover?1
Front cover?1
Front cover?1
Cr:W-Colin Baker   P/L-Barrie Mitchell   I/F-John M. Burns

Doctor Who Magazine Summer Special (1995)

11995 $5.95
BkCr:AsoEd-Gary Gillatt   Ed-Gary Russell   ArtDir-Helen Nally   Dsgn-Paul Vyse   Prod-Mark Irvine, Andrew Parslow, Julie Pickering   Assistant Designer-Ed Lawrance   Managing Director-Richard Maskell   Chairman-Jim Galton   Circulation Manager-Yvonne Taylor   Editorial Director-Paul Neary   Financial Director-Caroline Aubrey   Magazine Group-Alan Barnes, Gary Gillatt, Marcus Hearn, Philip MacDonald, Scott Gray   Promotion Manager-Chris McCormack   Thanks to-Adrian Rigelsford, David Brunt, Douglas Adams, Edward Salt, Iain Cuthbertson, Kevin Davies, Manon Palmer, Martin Wiggins, Nigel Plaskitt, Stephen James Walker, Sue Flower, Terrance Dicks
Front coverPaul Campbell1
Ti:The seventh segment8
Cr:W-Gareth Roberts   P/L-Paul Peart   I/F-Paul Peart   L-Elitta Fell   C-[N.A.]   Ed-Gary Russell

Text with art/photosThe Quest is the QuestPhilip MacDonald5
Text with art/photosTracing the Six Segments?6
Text with art/photosArchive: The Ribos OperationAndrew Pixley8
Text with art/photosThe Operators?2
Text with art/photosDoug Who??4
Text with art/photosThe Lords of Misrule?4
Text with art/photosArchive: The Stones of BloodAndrew Pixley8



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