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2099: Manifest Destiny1998
2099 Special: The World of Doom1995
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67 Seconds (Epic Graphic Novel)1992
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Adventures of Captain America (Steve Rogers)1991-1992
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers1988
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The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man (Giveaway)1983-1985
Alien Legion (I)1984-1987
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The Amazing Spider-Man: Soul of the Hunter1992
The Amazing Spider-Man: Weather Forecast: Danger1976
Angels of Destructions1996
Animated Movie Tunes1945-1946
Ant-Man (HC): Natural Enemy (Prose Novel) (Scott Lang)2015
Arizona Kid1951-1952
Astonishing Tales: The Thing2009
Astonishing X-Men (HC): Gifted (Prose Novel)2012
Astonishing X-Men PB: Gifted (Prose Novel)2013
Avengers Annual 20012001
Avengers (HC): Everybody Wants To Rule the World (Prose Novel)2015
Avengers: Heroes Welcome (Digital Comic)2013
Avengers Origins (Presented by Adobe)2015
Avengers: Solo Act! (Custom Comic)2018
Avengers: Solo Act Presented by Disney Child Life2018
Avengers: The Ultron Imperative2001
Avengers: Ultron Quest (Custom Comic)2012
Batman/Captain America (Elseworlds)1996
Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire1994
Battle Brady1953
Battletech: Fallout1994-1995
Battletide II1993
Battlezones: Dream Team 21996
Be X-Tra Safe With the X-Men (Giveaway)1996
Beavis and Butt-Head1994-1996
Beavis and Butt-Head Ashcan1995
Behind the Mask of Spider-Man: The Secrets of the Movie2002
Best Love1949-1950
The Best of Spider-Man (Newspaper Strips)1986
Best Western1949
Billy Ray Cyrus (Marvel Music)1995
Black Axe1993
Black Panther Panther's Prey (T'Challa)1990-1991
Black Panther: Soul of a Machine (Custom Comic)2017-2018
Black Panther: Who is the Black Panther? Prose Novel (T'Challa)2017
Black Rider (I)1950-1955
Black September: Infinity1995
Black Widow: Red Vengeance (Prose Novel) (Natalie Romanova)2017
Blackstone the Magician1948
Blade (I)1998-1999
Blade: Sins of the Father1998
Blake's 7 Summer Special1982
Blaze Carson1948-1949
Blaze, the Wonder Collie1949-1950
Blonde Phantom1946-1949
Bloodstone (Elsa Bloodstone)2001-2002
Bob Marley, Tale of the Tuff Gong (Marvel Music)1994-1995
Bongo Comics Free-For-All! Free Comic Book Day2006
Bravura ½ (Malibu Bravura)1994
Bravura (Malibu Bravura)1995
Break the Chain (Marvel Music)1994
Breed II (Malibu Bravura)1994-1995
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Buck Duck1953
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs1990-1991
Captain America Ashcan Edition (I) (Steve Rogers)1994
Captain America Collectors' Preview (Steve Rogers)1995
Captain America Comics (Steve Rogers)1941-1954
Captain America Giveaway: Shoestore1954
Captain America (HC): Dark Designs (Prose Novel) (Steve Rogers)2016
Captain America (HC): The Death of Captain America (Prose Novel) (Steve Rogers)2014
Captain America/Nick Fury: The Otherworld War (Steve Rogers)2001
Captain America TPB: The Death of Captain America (Prose Novel) (Steve Rogers)2015
Captain America: Triple Threat (Custom Comic)2014
Captain Britain (I)1976-1977
Captain Britain (II)1985-1986
The Carnage-ized Variants (Digital Exclusive)2020
Casey: Crime Photographer1949-1950
Century: Distant Sons1996
Cindy Comics1947-1950
Civil War: Fallen Son Daily Bugle Special2007
Civil War (HC) (Illustrated Prose Novel)2016
Civil War (HC) (Prose Novel)2012
Civil War II Daily Bugle Newspaper2016
Civil War PB (Prose Novel)2013
Clive Barker's Book of the Damned: A Hellraiser Companion1991-1993
Clive Barker's Hellraiser Poster Book1992
Code of Honor1997
Codename: Firearm1995
Codename: Genetix1993
Collectors Guide to the Ultraverse1994
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Crime Can't Win1950-1952
Crime Cases Comics (I)1950-1951
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Crime Exposed (I)1948
Crime Exposed (II)1950-1952
Crime Must Lose!1950-1952
Curse of Rune1995
Custom Edition Captain America2014
Cyberspace 30001993-1994
Daredevil/Batman (Elseworlds)1997
Daredevil/Deadpool Annual '971997
Daredevil (HC): The Man Without Fear (Prose Novel)2016
Daredevil The Man without Fear1993-1994
Daring Comics1944-1945
Daring Mystery Comics1940-1942
Dark Guard1993-1994
Dark Reign: Made Men2009
Dark Reign: M.O.D.O.K.2009
The Darkness/The Incredible Hulk2004
Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger1995
Dead Clown1993-1994
Deadpool: The Variant Covers (Digital Exclusive Comic)2020
Death Metal1994
Death Metal vs. Genetix1993-1994
Death's Head (I)1988-1989
Death's Head: The Body in Question (Graphic Novel)1991
Death's Head II (I)1992
Death's Head II (II)1992-1994
Death's Head II Gold1994
Death's Head II and the Origin of Die-Cut1993
The Destroyer (I)1989-1990
Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling1997
Die-Cut vs. G-Force1993
Dinosaurs for Hire1993-1994
Dinosaurs for Hire: Guns n' Lizards (Graphic Novel)1989
Doctor Strange (HC) The Fate of Dreams (Prose Novel)2016
Doctor Strange: What Is It That Disturbs You, Stephen?1997
Doctor Who1984-1986
Doctor Who Weekly1979-1980
Dolly Dill1945
Dopey Duck Comics1945-1946
Double Edge: Alpha1995
Double Edge: Omega1995
Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment (Graphic Novel)1989
The Draft1988
Dream Team1995
Dreamwalker (Graphic Novel)1989
Earth X Sketchbook1999
Edge (Malibu Bravura)1994-1995
Elektra: Root of Evil1995
Empyre Magazine2020
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Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty (Natalie Romanova)1995
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Gen13/Fantastic Four2001
Gene Dogs1993-1994
Generation X Annual '971997
Generation X Promotional1994
Generation X Underground (Special)1998
Georgie Comics1945-1952
Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear (Steve Rogers, Daniel Ketch)1992
Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: The Dark Design (Daniel Ketch)1994
Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher Hearts of Darkness (Daniel Ketch)1991
Ghost Riders Crossroads (John Blaze, Daniel Ketch)1995
Giant Size Freex1994
Giant Size Mantra1994
Giant Size Prototype1994
Giant Size Rune1995
Giant Size Warstrike1994
Girl Comics1949-1952
Girl Confessions1952-1954
Girl's Life1954
Godwheel Ashcan1995
Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances1995
Guardians of the Galaxy (HC): Collect Them All (Prose Novel)2017
Guardians of the Galaxy: Ozone Heroes2017
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon and Groot (HC): Steal the Galaxy! (Prose Novel)2014
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon and Groot TPB: Steal the Galaxy! (Prose Novel)2017
Gun Runner1993-1994
The Gunhawk1950-1951
Hardcase Premiere Edition1993
The Haunt of Horror (I)1973
Heavy Hitters Annual1993
Hedy De Vine Comics1947-1949
Hedy of Hollywood1950-1952
Hell's Angel1992-1993
Hercules (II)1984
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Hot Shots: Avengers1995
Hot Shots: X-Men1996
House of M Sketchbook2005
House of X / Powers of X Free Previews2019
Howard the Duck Magazine1979-1981
The Hulk 100 Project2008
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Ideal Comics (I)1944-1946
Ideal Comics (II)1948-1949
In His Steps (The Christian Classics Series)1994
Incredible Hulk Ashcan Edition1994
The Incredible Hulk Poster Magazine1992
Incredible Hulk vs. Superman1999
The Incredible Punk / The Mighty Fore1993
Iron Man 2020 (I)1994
Iron Man Battlebook: Streets of Fire1998
Iron Man (HC): The Art of Iron Man the Movie2008
Iron Man (HC): Extremis (Prose Novel)2013
Iron Man/Hulk Sampler2008
Iron Man: The Iron Age1998
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Kull and the Barbarians1975
Last Avengers Story1995
Lawbreakers Always Lose!1948-1949
Legion of Monsters (I)1975
Legion of Night1991
Lexus Presents: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in The Chase (Custom Comic)2014
Little Aspirin1949
Little Lenny1949
Little Lizzie (I)1949-1950
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Marvel's Hero Project Season 1: Incredible Elijah2019
Marvel's Hero Project Season 1: Make Way for Jahkil2019
Marvel's Hero Project Season 1: Mighty Rebekah2019
Marvel's Hero Project Season 1: Radiant Jayera2019
Marvel's Hero Project Season 1: Sensational Jordan2019
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Moon Knight: Divided We Fall1992
Mortal Kombat: Baraka1995
Mortal Kombat: Battlewave1995
Mortal Kombat: Goro, Prince of Pain1994
Mortal Kombat: Kitana and Mileena1995
Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao1995
Mortal Kombat: Raydon and Kano1995
Mortal Kombat Special Edition1994
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Mortal Kombat: U.S. Special Forces1995
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The New Avengers 100 Project2011
New Avengers: An Army of One - AAFES 7th Edition2009
New Avengers: Fireline - AAFES 6th Edition2008
New Avengers (HC): Breakout (Prose Novel)2013
New Avengers: Letters Home - AAFES 4th Edition2007
The New Avengers Military Giveaway: Guest Starring the Fantastic Four2005
New Avengers Military Giveaway: Pot of Gold2005
New Avengers Military Giveaway: X-Men2006
New Avengers: The Promise - AAFES 8th Edition2009
The New Avengers: The Spirit of America - AAFES 5th Edition2007
New Mutants Special Edition1985
The New Official Marvel Try-Out Book1996
New X-Men Annual 20012001
Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.1988
The Night Man (I)1993-1995
The Night Man (II)1995
The Night Man/Gambit1996
The Night Man Infinity1995
The Night Man: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga1995
Night Man vs. Wolverine1995
Nightcrawler (I)1985-1986
Nightcrawler Poster Book2005
The Nocturnals (Malibu Bravura)1995
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition1991-1993
The Official Marvel Index to the Avengers (II)1994-1995
The Official Marvel Index to the X-Men (II)1994
The Official Spider-Man Movie Magazine2002
Official True Crime Cases1947
Onslaught: Epilogue1997
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Oscar Comics1947-1949
Our Love1949-1950
Outlaw Fighters1954-1955
Outlaw Kid (I)1954-1957
Paradise X Special Edition2001
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Phoenix: The Untold Story (Jean Grey)1984
Pinhead vs. Marshal Law: Law in Hell1993
Pirate's Booty and The Avengers (Custom Comic)2014
Planet of the Apes (I)1974-1977
Planet Terry1985-1986
Power and Glory Holiday Special (Malibu Bravura)1994
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Previously in Marvel Comics Recap Guide2020
Prime (I)1993-1995
Prime (II)1995-1996
Prime (I) ½1994
Prime/Captain America1996
Prime: Gross and Disgusting (Annual)1994
Prime Infinity1995
Prime Month Ashcan1994
Prime vs. the Incredible Hulk1995
Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner1984
Private Eye1951-1952
Project A-Ko1994
Protectors Handbook1992
The Pummeler (I)1992
Pummeler $20991993
The Punisher: Bloodlines1991
Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy1992
The Punisher: Empty Quarter1994
The Punisher: Eye for an Eye1991
Punisher: G-Force1992
Punisher: The Ghosts of Innocents1993
The Punisher: A Man Named Frank1994
Punisher/Painkiller Jane2001
Punisher: P.O.V.1991
Punisher: The Prize1990
Rampaging Hulk (I)1977-1978
Rangeland Love1949-1950
Rank and Stinky1992
Raver (Malibu Ultraverse)1993
Real Experiences1950
Red Raven Comics1940
Red Warrior1951
Ren and Stimpy Show (Wizard Mini-Comic)1995
Reno Browne, Hollywood's Greatest Cowgirl1950
Resident Evil1996
Rex Hart1949-1950
Rich Johnston's The Avengefuls2012
Rich Johnston's Captain American Idol2012
Rich Johnston's Scienthorlogy2012
Ringo Kid Western1954-1957
Rogue Touch (Prose Novel)2013
Romance Diary1949-1950
Romance Tales1949-1950
Romances of the West1949-1950
Romantic Affairs1950
Rummage $20991993
Rune (I)1994-1995
Rune (II)1995-1996
Rune: Hearts of Darkness1996
Rune Infinity1995
Rune/Silver Surfer1995
Rune: The Spin Special Edition1994
Rune vs. Venom (Edward Brock)1995
Rusty Comics1947-1949
Sabretooth (II)1998
Savage Dragon vs. Savage Megaton Man1996
The Savage Hulk (I)1996
The Savage Sword of Conan (I)1974-1995
The Screwtape Letters (The Christian Classics Series)1994
Secret Invasion Home Invasion2008
Secret Invasion Prologue2008
Secret Story Romances1953-1956
Secret Wars (HC) (Prose Novel)2015
The Sensational She-Hulk: Ceremony (Jennifer Walters)1989
Shadow Riders1993
The She-Hulk Diaries (Prose Novel) (Jennifer Walters)2013
Shi/Daredevil: Honor Thy Mother1997
Shi: Judgment Night2000
Silly Surfer1993
Silly Tunes1945-1947
The Silver Surfer (II)1982
Silver Surfer: Homecoming (Graphic Novel)1991
Siren: Infinity1995
Siren Special1996
Sludge: Red X-Mas1994
The Solution1993-1995
Space Squadron1951-1952
Space Worlds1952
Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures2004-2010
Speed Carter, Spaceman1953-1954
Spider-Girl ½ (May Parker)1999
Spider-Girl Battlebook: Streets of Fire (May Parker)1998
Spider-Man and Batman1995
Spider-Man: The Clone Journal1995
Spider-Man/Dr. Strange The Way to Dusty Death1992
Spider-Man: The Final Adventure1995-1996
Spider-Man Giveaway: AIM Toothpaste1980-1982
Spider-Man Giveaway: National Comitee for Prevention of Child Abuse1984-1991
Spider-Man (HC): Forever Young (Prose Novel)2017
Spider-Man (HC): Kraven's Last Hunt (Prose Novel)2014
Spider-Man: Hot Shots1996
Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk (Dallas Times Herald Giveaway)1982-1983
Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk (Denver Post Giveaway)1982-1983
Spider-Man: The Lost Years1995-1996
Spider-Man: The Movie (Prose Novel) (Columbia Pictures)2009
Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth: Designer Genes1993
Spider-Man and Sinister Six Poster Book2004
Spider-Man, Storm and Power-Man (American Cancer Society Giveaway)1982
Spider-Man vs. Wolverine1987
Spineless-Man $20991992
Spoof Comics Presents1993
Sport Stars1949
Sports Action1950-1952
Spy Cases1950-1953
Spy Fighters1951-1953
Spy Thrillers1954-1955
Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe (Graphic Novel)1989
Squadron Supreme: New World Order1998
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Annual1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Celebrity Series: Blood and Honor1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Celebrity Series: Rules of Diplomacy1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Hearts and Minds1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Lightstorm1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Maquis1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Special1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Terok Nor1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/The Next Generation1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Ultimate Annual1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Worf Special1995
Star Trek: First Contact1996
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine1994-1995
Star Trek: Operation Assimilation1996
Star Wars Reads Free Sampler2018
The Strangers: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga1995
Street Fighter1993
Strikeback! (Malibu Bravura)1994
Sub-Mariner Comics1941-1955
Super Rabbit1944-1948
Super Soldiers1993
Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain1977
Superman/Fantastic Four1999
T2: Cybernetic Dawn1995-1996
T2: Nuclear Twilight1995-1996
Tales of Age of Apocalypse: By the Light1996
Tales to Astonish (III)1994
Tales from the Age of Apocalypse: Sinister Bloodlines1997
Tales of the Marvels: Blockbuster1995
Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons1996
Tales of Suspense (II)1995
Tales of the Zombie1973-1975
Tarzan the Beckoning1992-1993
Tarzan: Love, Lies and the Lost City1992
Tarzan the Warrior1992
TeachersCount/Office Max Custom Comic2006
Team X/Team 71996
Ted McKeever's Metropol: A.D.1992
Teen Comics1947-1950
Terminator 2: Nuclear Twilight/Cybernetic Dawn1996
Terry Toons Comics1942-1947
Tessie the Typist1944-1949
Tex Morgan1948-1950
Tex Taylor1948-1950
Texas Kid1951-1952
Thanos (HC): Death Sentence (Prose Novel)2017
Thanos Quest1990
Thor Battlebook: Streets of Fire1998
Thor: Godstorm2001-2002
Thor: The Legend1996
Timeslip Collection1998
Tomb of Dracula (II)1991-1992
Tough Kid Squad Comics1942
True Adventures1950
True Life Tales1949-1950
True Secrets1950-1956
True Western1949-1950
Tutenstein (Discovery Kids)2004
Twisted Toyfare Theater 10th Anniversary Collection2007
Two-Gun Kid1948-1977
Two-Gun Western (I)1950-1952
Ultimate Spider-Man ½ (Peter Parker)2003
The Ultimate Spider-Man 100 Project2007
Ultimate Spider-Man: Wizard Ace Edition (Peter Parker)2005
Ultimate X-Men ½2002
Ultraforce (I)1994-1995
Ultraforce (II)1995-1996
UltraForce/Avengers Prelude1995
Ultraforce Infinity1995
Ultraverse Double Feature: Prime and Solitaire1995
Ultraverse: Future Shock1997
Ultraverse Premiere1994
Ultraverse Unlimited1996
Ultraverse Year One1994
Ultraverse Year Two1995
Ultraverse Year Zero: The Death of the Squad1995
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets the World (Prose Novel)2017
Unfunny X-Cons1992
Unholy Union2007
Universe X: Iron Men2001
Universe X: Spidey2001
USA Comics1941-1945
Vampire Tales1973-1975
Venom Super Special (Edward Brock)1995
The Vitals: True EMS Stories2021
The Vitals: True Nurse Stories2020
Wacky Duck (I)1946-1947
Wacky Duck (II)1948
The War1989-1990
War Action1952-1953
War Adventures1952-1953
War Adventures on the Battlefield1952-1953
War Combat1952
Warheads: Black Dawn1992
Western Kid (I)1954-1957
Western Life Romances1949-1950
Western Outlaws1954-1957
Western Outlaws and Sheriffs1949-1952
Western Thrillers1954-1955
Western Winners1949
Whip Wilson1950
Wild Cards1990
Wild Thing1993
Wild West1948
Wild Western1948-1957
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Golden Age1997
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Modern Age1997
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Silver Age1997
Wildstar: Sky Zero1993
Willie Comics1946-1950
Witch Hunter1996
Wizard: Marvel's Heroes Return1997
Wizard: X-Men Turn Thirty1993
Wizard's Avengers Special1999
Wizard's X-Men Special (III)2002
Wolverine Annual '951995
Wolverine Annual '971997
Wolverine Battlebook: Streets of Fire1998
Wolverine: Black Rio1998
Wolverine: Bloodlust1990
Wolverine: Bloody Choices (Graphic Novel)1991
Wolverine: Doombringer1997
Wolverine Encyclopedia1996
Wolverine: Evilution1994
The Wolverine Files (Pocket Book)2009
Wolverine: Inner Fury1992
Wolverine: Judgment Night2000
Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure1990
Wolverine Killing1993
Wolverine: Knight of Terra1995
Wolverine: Netsuke2002-2003
Wolverine: Rahne of Terra1991
Wolverine/Shi: Dark Night of Judgment2000
Wonder Duck1949-1950
World's Greatest Songs1954
Wrath Giant-Size1994
X-Cons vs. X-Farce: X-Tinction!1993
X-Cons vs. X-Farce: X-Tinction! 1½1993
X-Factor: Prisoner of Love1990
X-Farce (II)1992
X-Man: All Saints' Day1997
X-Men ½1998
X-Men 2099: Oasis1996
X-Men Anniversary Magazine (A Marvel Age Special)1993
X-Men Annual '951995
X-Men Archives Sketchbook2000
X-Men Ashcan Edition1994
X-Men Dark Mirror (Prose Novel) (Pocket Books)2006
X-Men: Evolution (TV)2002
X-Men (HC): Days of Future Past (Prose Novel)2014
X-Men: The Last Stand (DVD Special)2006
X-Men The Last Stand (Prose Novel)2006
X-Men The Movie (Prose Novel) (DelRay)2000
X-Men PB: Days of Future Past (Prose Novel)2016
X-Men Revolution Genesis Edition2000
X-Men Survival Guide to the Mansion1993
X-Men TPB: Days of Future Past (Prose Novel)2015
X-Men: The Ultra Collection1994-1995
X-Men Ultra III Preview1995
X-Men: Watchers on the Walls (Prose Novel) (Pocket Books)2006
X-Men: The Wedding Album1994
X-O Manowar/Iron Man: Heavy Metal1996
Year in Review: Spider-Man2000
Young Allies Comics (Young Allies I)1941-1946
Young Guns Sketchbook (II)2019
Young Hearts1949-1950
Young Men1950-1954
Ziggy Pig - Silly Seal Comics (I)1944-1946
The 100 Greatest Marvels of All Time2001
Alf, Melmac to the Future and Other Stories1988
The All-New, All-Different X-Men Masterworks TPB1993
The Amazing Spider-Man and Mary Jane: The Variant Covers (Digital Exclusive Comic)2020
Amazing Spider-Man TPB: Carnage1993
Astro City TPB: Confession1997
Astro City TPB: Family Album1998
Astro City TPB: Life in the Big City1995
Astro City TPB: Local Heroes2005
Astro City TPB: The Tarnished Angel2001
The A-Team Storybook Comics Illustrated1984
Avengers Legends TPB: The Korvac Saga2003
Avengers (III) Rough Cut1998
Avengers TPB: The Celestial Madonna2002
Avengers TPB: Last Avengers Story1996
Avengers TPB: The Yesterday Quest1994
Avengers Visionaries TPB: George Pérez1999
Blade 2 (Movie) TPB2002
Breed TPB: Book of Genesis (Malibu Bravura)1994
Bring on the Bad Guys: The Variant Covers (Digital Exclusive Comic)2020
Cable TPB (I) vol.2: The End2002
Captain America Comics Annual (Steve Rogers)1942
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Rough Cut (Steve Rogers)1998
Captain America Special Edition (Steve Rogers)1984
Captain America TPB: The Classic Years (Steve Rogers)1998-2000
Captain Marvel TPB: The Life and Death of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)2002
The ClanDestine Preview1994
Colossus TPB: God's Country1994
Conan the Destroyer Movie Special1985
Conan Saga1987-1995
Conan Winter Special1982
Cyclops TPB: Retribution1994
Daredevil TPB: Gangwar1992
Daredevil TPB: Love's Labors Lost2002
Deadpool (HC): Paws (Prose Novel)2015
Doctor Strange/Silver Dagger1983
Dr. Strange TPB: A Separate Reality2002
Elektra Megazine1996
Elektra Saga1984
Elektra TPB: The Elektra Saga1989
Essential Astonishing Ant-Man (Henry Pym)2002
Essential Conan2000
Essential Howard the Duck2002
Essential Human Torch (Jonathan Storm)2003
Fantastic Four Digest TPB: Clobbering Time2005
Fantastic Four Dollar Digest TPB: First Family2005
Godwheel Collection TPB: Wheel of Thunder1995
Golden Age of Marvel Comics TPB1997-1999
Guardians of the Galaxy TPB: Quest for the Shield1992
The Incomplete Death's Head1993
The Incredible Hulk Winter Special1982
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1984
Iron Man TPB: The Art of Iron Man the Movie2010
Iron Man TPB: The Power of Iron Man1984
Iron Man vs. Dr. Doom TPB1994
Lancer Book 72-170: Here Comes... Daredevil1967
The Last of the Dragons (Graphic Novel)1988
Magneto: The Twisting of a Soul1993
Marvel: The Action Figure Variant Covers (Digital Exclusive Comic)2020
Marvel Age: Spider-Man (Free Comic Book Day Edition)2004
Marvel Comics Presents Alf1988
Marvel Comics Presents Captain America1987
Marvel Comics Presents Care Bears1987
Marvel Comics Presents Flintstone Kids1988
Marvel Comics Presents Heathcliff1987
Marvel Comics Presents Spider-Man1987-1988
Marvel Comics Presents X-Men1988
Marvel Mystery Comics Annual1942-1943
Marvel/Top Cow Crossovers TPB2005
Marvel Treasury Edition1974-1981
Marvel Visionaries TPB: Jim Steranko2002
Marvel's Captain America TPB: The First Avenger - The Screenplay2014
Micronauts Special Edition1983-1984
The Mighty Thor1983
Monsters Unleashed Annual1975
Moon Knight Special Edition1983-1984
Mutants vs. Ultras: First Encounters1995
New Avengers PB: Breakout (Prose Novel)2013
Nick Fury TPB: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.2000
The Nocturnals TPB: Black Planet (Malibu Bravura)1998
Power Pack TPB: Origin Album1988
Prime Time TPB: A Prime Collection1994
The Punisher Magazine1989-1990
Red Sonja: The Movie1985
The Ren and Stimpy Show: Seeck Leetle Monkeys1995
Rune/Wrath Ashcan Edition1994
The Saga of Solomon Kane TPB2009
The Savage Sword of Conan1977-1983
The Savage Sword of Conan TPB2007-2016
The Savage Sword of Kull TPB2010-2011
The Silver Surfer (HC): Parable1988
The Silver Surfer: Winter Special1982
Spider-Man (HC): Maximum Carnage1994
Spider-Man vs. Wolverine TPB1990
Spider-Man Weekly1983
Spidey and the Mini Marvels Halloween 2003 Ashcan2003
Tales of Asgard (II)1984
Tales of the Zombie Annual1975
Thor TPB: Resurrection1999
Thunderbolts TPB: Marvel's Most Wanted1998
Timely Presents: All Winners1999
Timely Presents: The Human Torch (Jim Hammond)1999
Ultimate Spider-Man Collected Edition (Peter Parker)2000
Ultimate Spider-Man: Free Comic Book Day Edition (Peter Parker)2002
Ultimate Spider-Man TPB vol.7: Irresponsible (Peter Parker)2003
Ultimate X-Men #50 (Wizard World Chicago Incentive)2004
Ultimate X-Men Collected Edition2001
Ultimate X-Men (Free Comic Book Day Edition)2003
Ultraforce (I) TPB1994
Ultraverse Origins1994
Uncanny X-Men: The Variant Covers (Digital Exclusive Comic)2020
USPS Marvel Comics Limited Edition Comic Book and Stamps Set2007
Vampire Tales Annual1975
Venom: Deathtrap: The Vault (Edward Brock)1993
Venomized: The Variant Covers (Digital Exclusive Comic)2020
Warlock Special Edition (Adam Warlock)1982-1983
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Golden Age 3-D Edition1997
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Modern Age 3-D Edition1997
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Silver Age 3-D Edition1997
Wolverine Battles the Incredible Hulk1989
Wolverine TPB: Blood Hungry1993
X-Men Rarities1995
X-Men (Special Collector's Edition)1991
X-Men: Visionaries TPB: The Neal Adams Collection1996



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