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#2099 AA-NEXTAbominations (Future Imperfect spin-off)Abraham Stone (Early 20th century wandering man)ACCESSAction Force (GI Joe series)Actual Confessions (See:  Love Adventures)Actual RomancesAdventure Into Fear (See:  Fear)Adventure Into Mystery (Atlas 1956-7)Adventures Into Terror (See:  Joker Comics)Adventures Into Weird Worlds (1952-1954)Adventures of Captain AmericaAdventures of Cyclops & PhoenixAdventures of Homer Ghost (Atlas 1957)Adventures of Pinky Lee (Atlas 1955)Adventures of Snake Plisskin (movie adaptation)Adventures of Spider-Man (from animated series)Adventures of the Uncanny X-Men (reprint)Adventures of the X-Men (from animated series)Adventures on the Planet of the Apes (movie adaptation)Adventures of The Thing (Marvel 2-in-1 reprint)AGE OF APOCALYPSEAge of Innocense (Timeslide aftermath)Airtight Garage (Epic)Akira (Epic)AladdinAlf (Star)Alien Legion (Epic)Alien Legion:  Binary Deep (Epic)Alien Legion:  Jugger Grimrod (Epic)Alien Legion:  One Planet at a Time (Epic)Alien Legion:  On the Edge (Epic)Alien Legion:  Tehants of Hell (Epic)All-Select Comics (Timely/Daring Comics becomes Blonde Phantom becomes Lovers)All Surprise (Timely 1943)All-True Crime (See:  Official True Crime Cases)All Winners Comics (1941 becomes All Teen Comics becomes Teen Comics becomes   Journey into Unknown Worlds)All Western Winners (becomes Western Winners becomes Black Rider becomes   Western Tales of Black Rider becomes Gunsmoke Western)ALPHA FLIGHTAmazing Adventures (becomes Amazing Adult Fantasy becomes Amazing Fantasy)Amazing Comics (Timely 1944 becomes Complete Comics)Amazing Detective Cases (Atlas 1950)Amazing High AdventureAmazing Scarlet SpiderAmazing Spider-ManAmazing Spider-Man Index (See:  Official Marvel Index to the Amazing Spider-Man)Amazing X-MenAMALGAMAmerical Tail II (movie adaptation)Animax (Star based on toy line)AnnexAnnie (Treasury Edition movie adaptation)Annie Oakley (Atlas 1948)A-1ANT-MANAPOCALYPSEApocalypse StrikefilesARCHANGELArizona Kid (Atlas 1951)Arrgh! (satire)Arrowhead (1954)ASKANI'SONAstonishing (See:  Marvel Boy)ASTONISHING TALESAstonishing X-MenA-TeamAtomic Age (Epic)AVENGERSAvengers ForeverAvengers Index (See:  Official Marvel Index to the Avengers)Avengers LogAvengers Spotlight (formerly:  Solo Avengers)Avengers StrikefileAvengers:  The CrossingAvengers:  Terminatrix ObjectiveAvengers:  TimeslideAvengers/Ultraforce (Marvel/Malibu crossover)Avengers Unleashed (becomes Avengers Unplugged)Avengers West Coast (formerly West Coast Avengers) BBalder the BraveBarbieBarbie FashionBASTIONBattle (Atlas 1951)Battle Action (Atlas 1952)BattlebooksBattle Brady (See:  mn in Action)Battlefield (Atlas 1952)Battlefront (Atlas 1952)Battleground (Atlas 1954)Battlestar Galactica (TV adaptation)BattletideBattletide IIBEASTBeauty and the BeastBeavis & Butt-headBest Western (1949) (Becomes Western Outlaws & Sheriffs)Beware (becomes Tomb of Darkness)Biker Mice from MarsBill & ed's Excellent ComicsBilly Buckskin Western (Atlas 1955)2-Gun Kid (becomes Two Gun Western)BISHOPBishop:  The Last X-ManBishop:  Xavier's Security EnforcerBIZARRE ADVENTURES (See:  Marvel Preview)Black AxeBLACK CATBlack Dragon (Epic)BLACK GOLIATHBlack Knight (Atlas 1955)BLACK KNIGHTBlack Knight:  ExodusBLACK PANTHERBlack Panther:  Panther's PreyBlack Rider (See:  All Winners Comics)Black Rider Rides Again (Atlas 1957)Blackstone the Magician (1948)BLACK WIDOWBlackwulfBLADEBlade RunnerBLAZEBlaze Carson (1948) (becomes Rex Hart becomes Whip Wilson becomes The Gunhawk)Blaze, the Wonder Collie (1949)Blonde Phantom (See:  All-Select Comics)BloodBlood & Glory (Captain America & The Punisher)Bloodlines (Epic)BLOODSEEDBook of the DeadBozz Chronicles (Epic)Brats Bizarre (Epic)Break the ChainBROTHER VOODOOBrute ForceBuck Duck (Atlas 1953)Buckaroo Banzai (movie adaptation)BugBullwinkle & Rocky (Star) CCABLECable & X-ForceCadillacs & Dinosaurs (Epic)CageCamp CandyCAPTAIN AMERICACaptain America:  Sentinel of LibertyCaptain Britain ClassicsCaptain Confederacy (Epic)Captain Justice (TV series adaptation)CAPTAIN MARVEL ICAPTAIN MARVEL IICAPTAIN MARVEL IIICaptain PlanetCaptain Savage & His Leatherneck Raiders (becomes ...& his Battlefield Raiders)Care Bears (Star)CarnageCartoon Kids (Atlas 1957)Car Warriors (Epic)Casey--Crime Photographer (1949) (becomes Two Gun Western)Casper (TV adaptation)The CatCENTURY:  Distant SonsChamber of ChillsChamber of Darkness (becomes Monsters on the Prowl)CHAMPIONSChildren of the Voyage (Frontier)ChiliChuck Norris (Star)Cindy Comics (See:  Krazy Comics)CITIZEN VCLAN DESTINEClassic Conan (See:  Conan Saga)Classic X-Men (See:  X-Men)Clive Barker's Book of the Damned (Epic)Clive Barker's Hellraiser (Epic)CLOAK AND DAGGERMutant Misadventures of Cloak & DaggerA Clueless Valentine (movie adaptation)Codename:  GenetixCODE OF HONORCode Name:  Spitfire (See:  Spitfire & the Troubleshooters)COLOSSUSColossus:  God's CountryCombat (Atlas 1952)Combat Casey (See:  War Combat)Combat Kelly & the Deadly Dozen (Atlas 1951)Combat KellyCOMET MANComix Book (b&w magazine)Comix Zone (video game adaptation)Commando Adventures (Atlas 1957)Complete Comics (See:  Amazing Comics)Complete Mystery (1948) (becomes True Complete Mystery)CONANConan:  Death Covered in GoldConan the AdventurerConan the BarbarianClassic Conan (becomes Conan Saga)Conan ClassicsConan/Rune (Marvel/Malibu crossover)ConanConan:  River of BloodConan the Barbarian vs. The Lord of the SpidersConan:  the Return of StyrmConan:  The Scarlet SwordConan:  The UsurperKing Conan (becomes Conan the King)Conan the Savage (b&w magazine)Coneheads (Saturday Night Live adaptation)CONSPIRACYContest of ChampionsContest of Champions IICops:  The JobCOSMIC POWERSCosmic Powers UnlimitedCount Duckula (Star)Cowboy Action (See:  Western Thrillers)Cowboy Romances (becomes:  Young mn)Cowgirl Romances (See:  Daring Mystery)Coyote (Epic)Crash Ryan (Epic)Crazy (Atlas 1953)CrazyCreatures on the Loose (See:  Tower of Shadows)Crime Can't Win (See:  Krazy Comics)Crime Fighters (1948, Atlas 1954)Critical Mass (Epic)Crossover Classics (TPB)Crypt of ShadowsCupid (1949)Curse of the Weird (50s sci-fi reprints)Cutting EdgeCyberspace 3000CYCLOPS DDaily BugleDakota NorthDAMAGE CONTROLDances with Demons (Frontier)DAREDEVILDaredevil/Batman (Marvel/DC crossover)Daredevil/Deadpool '97Daredevil/Shi and Shi/Daredevil (Marvel/Crusade crossover)Daredevil:  The Man Without FearDaring Mystery Comics (Timely 1940) (becomes Daring Comics becomes Jeanie   Comics becomes Cowgirl Romances)Dark Angel (See:  Hell's Angel)DARK CORNERS (you mean Strange Tales: Dark Corners, right?)Dark Crystal (movie adaptation)Dark GuardDARKHAWKDARKHOLDDarkman (movie adaptation)DarkmanDate with Millie (Atlas 1956) (becomes Life with Millie becomes Modeling with   Millie)Date with Patsy (1957)DAYDREAMERSDAZZLERDeadliest Heroes of Kung Fu (magazine size)Deadly Foes of Spider-ManDeadly Hands of Kung FuDead of NightDEADPOOLDeath3DEATHLOKDeathlok SpecialDeath MetalDeath Metal vs. GenetixDeath's HeadDeath's Head LSDeath's Head IIDeath's Head II/Die CutDeath's Head II/Killpower:  BattletideDeath-WreckThe Deep (movie adaptation)DEFENDERSDefenders of Dynatron City (video game & TV series adaptation)Defenders of the EarthDella Vision (Atlas 1955) (becomes Patty Powers)Dennis the MenaceThe Destroyer (b&w magazine)The Destroyer:  terrorDEVIL DINOSAURDevil Dinosaur Spring FlingDevil-Dog Dugan (Atlas 1956) (becomes Tales of the Marines becomes Marines at   War)Dexter the Demon (see:  Melvin the Monster)Die-CutDie-Cut vs. G-ForceDigitekDino Riders (based on toys)Dinosaurs:  A Celebration (Epic)Disney AfternoonDisney Comic HitsDisney PresentsDOC SAMSONDoc SavageDoc Savage (b&w magazine)Dolly Dill (1945)DOMINODOOM 2099 (becomes Doom 2099 A.D.)Dopey Duck Comics (Timely 1945) (becomes Wacky Duck becomes Justice Comics)Double DragonDouble EdgeD.P.7DR. DOOMDR. STRANGEDr. Strange ClassicsDr. WhoDr. Zero (Epic)DRACULADracula Lives (b&w magazine)Dracula:  Lord of the UndeadThe DraftDragon Lines (Epic)Dragonslayer (movie adaptation)Dragon Strike (based on TSR game)Dragon's Teeth/Dragon's ClawsDreadlands (Epic)Dreadstar (Epic)Dreadstar & Company (Epic)Droids (Star)DRUIDDune (movie adaptation)Dynomutt (based on V series) EEarthworm JimEarth XEctokid (Razorline)Electric Undertow (Strikeforce Moritori)ELEKTRAElektra:  AssassinElektra Lives AgainElektra:  Root of EvilElektra:  SagaElektra/Witchblade (Marvel/Top Cow crossover)ElfquestElsewhere Prince (Epic)Elvira (movie adaptation)EpicEpic raphic NovelEpic IllustratedEpic Lite (Epic)Essential Spider-ManEssential WolverineEssential X-MenETERNALSEternals:  Herod FactorEveryman (Epic)Ewoks (Star)EXCALIBUR FFACTOR XFafhrd and the ray Mouser (Epic)Faithful (1949)FalconFALLEN ANGELSFANTASTIC FIVEFANTASTIC FORCEFANTASTIC FOURFantastic Four:  Atlantis RisingFantastic Four Index (See:  Official Marvel Index to the Fantastic Four)Fantastic Four RoastFantastic Four 2099Fantastic Four UnlimitedFantastic Four UnpluggedFantastic Four vs. X-MenFantastic World of Hanna-BarberaFANTASY MASTERPIECES (becomes Marvel Super-Heroes)Farewell to WeaponsFear (becomes Adventure into Fear)Feud (Epic)Fight ManFIRESTARFish PoliceFlash GordonFlintstone Kids (Star)Flintstones (TV series adaptation)Flying Hero BarbieFoolkillerFoofur (Star)FORCE WORKSFor Y our Eyes Only (James Bond reproduction)Fraggle RockFrancis, Brother of the UniverseFrankenstein (See:  Monster of Frankenstein)Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel UniverseFred Hembeck Sells the Marvel UniverseFrightFrontier Western (1956)Funny Frolics (1945)Further Adventures of Cyclops and PhoenixFuryFury/Agent 13Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. GGalactic GuardiansGALACTUS The DevourerGAMBITGambit and the X-TernalsGARGOYLEGargoyles (TV adaptation)Gene DogsGENERATION NEXTGENERATION XGeneration X/Gen 13 (Marvel/Wildstorm crossover)Generation X:  UndergroundGeneric ComicGenetixGeorgie Comics (1945)Getalong gangGHOST RIDER IGHOST RIDER IIGhost Rider/Ballistic (Marvel/Top Cow crossover)Ghost Rider/Blaze:  Spirits of VengeanceGhost Rider/Cyblade (Marvel/Top Cow crossover)Ghost Rider 2099 (becomes Ghost Rider 2099 A.D.)Giant-Size ChillersGiant-Size DraculaG.I. Joe:  A Real American HeroG.I. Joe European MissionsG.I. Joe Special MissionsG.I. Joe and The TransformersG.I. Joe UniverseG.I. Tales (See:  Sergeant Barney Barker)Girl Comics (Atlas 1949) (becomes Girl Confessions)Girls' Life (Atlas 1954)GLADIATOR/SupremeGODZILLAGolden Age of MarvelGreatest Spider-Man & Daredevil Team-UpsGOLEMGREEN GOBLIN IVGroo Chronicles (Epic)Groo, The Wanderer (Epic)GroovyGUARDIANS OF THE GALAXYGunhawk (See:  Blaze Carson)GunhawksGunrunnerGunslinger (See:  Tex Dawson, gunslinger)Gunsmoke Western (See:  All Winners Comics) HHarrowersHarveyHarvey Presents:  CasperHAVOK & WolverineHAWKEYEHawkeye:  Earth's Mightiest MarksmanHeadmasters (Star)Heathcliff (Star)Heathcliff's Funhouse (Star)Heavy HittersHedy Devine Comics (1947)Hedy Wolfe (Atlas 1957)HellhoundHellraiser (See:  Clive Barker's Hellraiser)Hellraiser III:  Hell On Earth (movie adaptation)HELLSTORM, Prince of LiesHELL'S ANGEL (becomes Dark Angel)HELLFIRE CLUBHERCULES and the Heart of ChaosHercules:  Prince of PowerHeroHero for Hire (becomes Power Man)HEROES FOR HIREHeroes for HopeHEROES REBORN:  The ReturnHokum & Hex (Razorline)Holiday Comics (1951)Hollywood Superstars (Epic)Homer, the Happy Ghost (1955)Hook (movie adaptation)The Horrors (1953)Hot Shots (Avengers, Spider-Man, and X-Men pin-ups)House II (movie adaptation)Howard the DuckHoward the Duck MagazoneHugga Bunch (Star)HULKHulk 2099 (becomes Hulk 2099 A.D.)HUMAN FLYRed Raven Comics (Timely 1940) (becomes Human Torch)HUMAN TORCHHUMAN TORCH IIHyperkind (Razorline)Hyperkind Unleashed IICEMANIdeal (Timely 1948) (becomes Loev Romances)Ideal Comics (Timely 1944) (becomes Willie Comics)Idol (Epic)illuminatorImmortalisIMPERIAL GUARDIMPOSSIBLE MAN Summer VacationThe Incal (Epic)Incomplete Death's HeadIncredible Hulk (Tales to Astonish between 6 and 102)Incredible Hulk:  Future ImperfectIncredible Hulk MegazineIncredible Hulk/PittIncredible Hulk vs. WolverineIndependence DayIndiana JonesIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade (movie adaptation)Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (movie adaptation)INFINITY CRUSADEINFINITY GAUNTLETINFINITY WARInhumanoids (Star)INHUMANSInterface (Epic)INVADERSIRON FISTIRON MANIron Man:  Age of InnocenceIron Man & Sub-MarinerIron Man:  The Iron AgeIsoand of Dr. Moreau (movie adaptation)It's a Duck's Life (1950) JJ2JACK OF HEARTSJames Bond Jr. (tv adaptation)Jann of the Jungle (See:  Jungle Tales)Jeanie Comics (See:  Daring Mystery)Jihad (Epic)John Carter, Warlord of MarsJoker Comics (Timely 1942) (becomes Adventures into Terror)JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (becomes Thor)Journey Into Unknown Worlds (See:  All Winners Comics)JUGGERNAUTJungle Action (Atlas 1954)Jungle ActionJungle Tales (Atlas 1954) (becomes Jann of the Jungoe)JusticeJustice Comics (Atlas 1947) (becomes Tales of Justice)Justice:  Four Balance KKathy (Atlas 1959)KA-ZARKa-zar of the Savage LandKa-zar:  Sibling RivalryKellys (See:  Kid Komics)Kent Blake of the Secret Service (1951)Kickers Inc.Kid & Play (based on rap group)Kid Colt Outlaw (Atlas 1948)Kid from Dodge City (Atlas 1857)Kid from Texas (Atlas 1957)Kid Komics (Atlas 9143) (becomes Kid Movie Komics becomes Rusty Comics becomes   the Kellys becomes Spy Cases)Kid Slade Gunfighter (See:  Matt Slade)KillfrenzyKillpower:  The Early YearsKing Arthor & The Knights of Justice (based on cartoon)King Conan (See:  Conan the King)KingpinKissnationKitty Pryde:  Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.Kitty Pryde & WolverineKNIGHTS OF PENDRAGONKrazy Komics (Timely 1942) (becomes Cindy Comics becomes Crime Can't Win)Krazy Komics (Timely 1948)Krazy Krow (1945)Kree-Skrull WarKrull (movie adaptation)Kull the ConquerorKull and the Barbarians LLABYRINTH (movie adaptation)Laff-A-Lympics (based on Hanna-Barbera)Lana (1948) (becomes Little Lana)Lance Barnes:  Post Nuke Dick (Epic)Last American (Epic)The Last Avengers StoryThe Last Starfighter (movie adaptation)Lawbreakers Always Lose (1948)LawdogLawdog & Grimrod:  Terror at the CrossroadsLegion of Monsters (b&w magazine)Legion of NightLethal Foes of Spider-manLife of Captain MarvelLife of ChristLife of Pope John-Paul IILife with Millie (See:  Date with Millie)Light and Darkness War (Epic)Linda Carter, Student (Atlas 1961)Lion King (movie adaptation)Li'l KidsLi'l PalsLittle Asprin (1949)Little Lana (See:  Lana)Little Lenny (1949)Little Lizzie (1949)Little Mermaid (based on movie)LoganLogan's RunLONGSHOTLoose CannonsLorna, The Jungle Girl (Atlas 1953)Love Adventures (Atlas 1949) (becomes Actual Confessions)Love Dramas (1949)Love Romances (See:  Ideal)Lovers (See:  All-Select Comics)Love Secrets (1949)Lunatik MM2 (I have no idea what this might be)MACHINE MANMachine Man 2020Mad About MillieMadballs (Star)MAD DOG (based on TV show)Made mnMAGIKMAGNETOMagneto RexMan Comics (Atlas 1949)MandrakeMan from Atlantis (TV adaptation)MAN-THINGMarines at War (Atlas 1955)Marines in Battle (Atlas 1954)Mark Hazzard:  MercMarshall Law (Epic)Marvel Action Hour:  Fantastic FourMarvel Action Hour:  Iron ManMarvel Action Universe (TV tie-in)Marvel Adventures Starring DaredevilMarvel AdventuresMarve & DC PresentsMarvel Boy (1950) (becomes Astonishing)Marvel ChillersMarvel Christmas SpecialMarvel Classics ComicsMarvel Collectors Item Classics (becomes Marve's Greatest Comics)Marvel Comics (1939) (becomes Marvel Mystery Comics becomes Marvel Tales)Marvel Comics PresentsMarvel Comics Super Special (magazine) (becomes Marvel Super Special)MARVEL/DCMarvel Double FeatureMARVEL FANFAREMarvel FeatureMarvel Frontier Comics SpecialMarvel Fumetti BookMARVEL FUNMarvel Graphic NovelMarvel Halloween:  The Supernaturals Tour ookMarvel HeroesMarvel:  Heroes and Legends 1997Harvel Holiday SpecialMarvel KidsMarvel Knights Tour BookMarvel Masterpieces CollectionMarvel Masterpieces II CollectionMarvel Milestone Editions 1991-95 (See:  Original Titles)Marvel Mini-books (b&w)Marvel Movie Premiere (b&w magazine)Marvel Movie Showcase Featuring Star WarsMarvel Movie Spotlight Featuring Raiders of the Lost ArkMarvel Mystery Comics (See:  Marvel Comics)Marvel No-Prize BookMarvel:  Portraits of a UniverseMarvel PremiereMarvel PresentsMarvel Preview (b&w magazine) (becomes Bizarre Adveutnres)Marvel Preview 1993Marvel RemixMARVELSMarvel SagaMarvel:  Shadows & LightMarvel SpectacularMarvel SpotlightMarvel Spotlight on Captain AmericaMarvel Spotlight on Dr. StrangeMarvel Spotlight on Silver SurferMarvel Super ActionMarvel SuperheroesMarvel Super-HeroesMarvel Superheroes MegazineMarvel Super Special (See:  Marvel Comics)Marvel SwimsuitMarvel TailsMarvel TalesMarvel Tales (See:  Marvel Comics)MARVEL TEAM-UPMarvel Team-Up Index (See:  Official Marvel Index to Marvel Team-Up)Marvel Treasury EditionMarvel Treasury of OzMarvel Treasury SpecialMarvel Triple ActionMARVEL TWO-IN-ONEOfficial Handbook of the Marvel UniverseMarvel Universe UpdateMarvel Universe PacketMarvel UniverseMarvel Valentine's SpecialMarvel X-Men CollectionMarvin Mouse (Atlas 1957)MASTER OF KUNG FU, Special marvel Edition (previously Special Marvel Edition)Master of Kung Fu:  Bleeding BlackMasters of TerrorMasters of the Universe (Star)Matt Slade, Gunfighter (Atlas 1956) (becomes Kid Slade gunfighter)MaverickMelvin the Monster (Atlas 1956) (becomes Dexter the Demon)Memories (Epic)Menace (Atlas 1953)mn in Action (Atlas 1952) (becomes Battle rady)mn in Blackmn in Black:  Retributionmn's Adventures (See:  True Western)MEPHISTO vs. Four HeroesMeteor ManMetropol (Epic)Metropol A.D. (Epic)MICRONAUTSMidnight mn (Epic)MIDNIGHT SONS UnlimitedMighty Marvel WesternMighty HeroesSaban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:  Ninja Rangers/GVR roopersMighty Mouse (1946 and 1990)Millie the ModelMiss America Comics (1944)Miss America Magazine (1944)Miss Fury Comics (Timely 1942)Misty (Star)Mitzi Comics (Timely 1948) (becomes Mitzi's Boyfriend becomes Mitzi's Romances)Modeling with Millie (See:  Date with Millie)MoebiusMoebius:  FusionMolly Manton's Romances (1949) (becomes Romantic Affairs)Monster MenaceMonster of Frankenstein (becomes Frankenstein)Monsters on the Prowl (See:  Chamber of Darkness)Monsters UnleashedMOON KNIGHTMoonshadow (Epic)MorbiusMorbius RevisitedMort the Dead TeenagerMother TeresaMotor Mouth & KillpowerMISS MARVEL (should be Ms. Marvel)Muppet Babies (Star)Muppets Take Manhattan (movie adaptation)Mutants:  The Amazing X-MenMutants:  The Astonishing X-MenMutants:  Generation NextMUTANT XMutatis (Epic)My Diary (1949)My Love (1949 & 1969)My Romance (1948) (becomes My Own Romance becomes Teenage Romance)Mys-Tech WarsMystery Tales (Atlas 1952)Mystical Tales (Atlas 1956)Mystic Comics (Timely 1940 & 1944)Mystic (1951)MYSTIQUE (no comic of her own) NThe 'NamThe 'Nam (b&w magazine)Namora (1948)Namor, the Sub-MarinerNavy Action (1954)Navy Combat (Atlas 1955)Navy Tales (Atlas 1957)Nellie the Nurse (Atlas 1945)New Adventures of Cholly & Flytrap (Epic)NEW MUTANTSNEW WARRIORSNFL SuperproNICK FURY, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.Nick Fury Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.Night Breed (Epic)NightcatNIGHTCRAWLERNIGHTHAWKNightmareNightmare Circus (Video game tie-in)Nightmare on Elm Street (movie adaptation)NightmaskNight NurseNight Rider (Ghost Rider reprints)NIGHTSTALKERSNight ThrasherNightwatchNoctorneNo Escape (movie adaptation)NOMADNORTHSTARNot Brand EchhNothing Can Stop the JuggernautNOVANth Man OObnoxio the ClownOffcastes (Epic)Official Marvel Index to the Amazing Spider-ManOfficial Marvel Index to The AvengersOfficial Marvel Index to The Fantastic FourOfficial Marvel Index to Marvel Team-UpOfficial Marvel Index to The X-MenOfficial Marvel timelineOfficial True Crime Cases (1947) (becomes All-True Crime)Olympians (Epic)Omega the UnknownThe One (Epic)101 Ways to End the Clone SagaONSLAUGHTOnyx Overlord (Epic)Open SpaceOriginal Ghost RiderOriginal host Rider Rides AgainOrigins of Marvel ComicsThe Osborn JournalsOur Love (1949) (becomes True Secrets)Our Love Story (1969)Outlaw Fighters (Atlas 1954)Outlaw Kid (Atlas 1954 and 1970)OVER THE EDGE and Under a Buck PParagonPatsy & Hedy (Atlas 1952)Patsy & Her Pals (1953)Patsy Walker (1945)Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man (becomes Spectacular Spider-Man)Peter Parker:  Spider-ManPeter Porker (Star)Peter, the Little Pest (1969)Phantom (Lee Falk's Phantom)Phantom 2040 (based on cartoon)PHOENIX (Untold Story)PHOENIX IIPilgrim's Progress (adapts John Bunyan's novel)Pinhead (from Hellraiser)Pinhead vs. Marshall LawPinochio & the Emperor of the Night (movie adaptation)Pint-Size X-Babies:  MurderamaPirates of Dark Waters (based on TV series)The PittPlanet of the Apes (b&w magazine)Planet Terry (Star)PlasmerPlastic Forks (Epic)Police Academy (based on TV cartoon)Police Action (1954)Police Badge (See:  Spy Thrillers)Popples (Star)Powdered Toast-ManPowerhouse Pepper Comics (1943)Power Line (Epic)POWER MAN (Previously Hero for Hire) (becomes Power Man & Iron Fist)Power PachydermsPOWER PACKPrince Namor, the Sub-MarinerPrince ValiantPrivate Eye (Atlas 1951)Professor Xavier and the X-MenThe ProwlerPsi ForcePsychonauts (Epic)PSYLOCKE & Angel:  Crimson DawnPUNISHERPunisher ArmoryPunisher/Captain America:  Blood & GloryClassic PunisherPunisher Kills the Marvel UniversePunisher MagazinePunisher Meets ArchiePunisher Movie ComicPunisher P.O.V.Punisher 2099 (becomes Punisher 2099 A.D.)Punisher War JournalPunisher War ZonePunisher:  Year OnePussycat (b&w magazine) QQUASARQUESTPROBEQUICKSILVERQuick-Trigger Western (See:  Western Thrillers) RRaiders of the Lost Ark (movie adaptation)Rampaging HulkRavage 2099 (becomes Ravage 2099 A.D.)Rawhide Kid (Atlas 1955, 1985)Razorline First CutReal Experiences (See:  Tessie the Typist)Red Raven (See:  Human Torch)RED SONJARed Warrior (Atlas 1951)Red WolfRen and Stimpy ShowReturn of the Jedi (movie adaptation)Rex Hart (See:  Blaze Carson)Richie Rich (movie adaptation)Ringo KidRingo Kid Western (Atlas 1954)RobocopRobocop II (movie adaptation)Robotix (based on toys)Rocket RaccoonRocko's Modern LifeROGUEROMRomance Diary (1949)Romances of the West (1949)Romance tales (1949)Romantic Affairs (See:  Molly Manton's Romances)Royal Roy (Star)Rugged Action (Atlas 1954) (becomes Strange Stories of Suspense)RuinsRusty Comics (See:  Kid Komics) SSABRETOOTHSabretooth ClassicsSabretooth & MystiqueSachs & Violens (Epic)Saga of CrystarSaga of Original Human TorchSt. George (Epic)Saint Sinner (Razorline)Sam & Max go to the MoonSamurai Cat (Epic)Savage Sword of Conan (b&w magazine)Savage Tales (b&w magazine)SCARLET SPIDERScarlet Spider UnlimitedSCARLET WITCHScooby-DooSECRET DEFENDERSSECRET WARSSecret Wars IISectaurs (based on toys)Seeker 3000Semper FiSensational Spider-ManSergeant Barney Barker (1956) (becomes G.I. Tales)Sgt. Fury & His Howling CommandosSergio Aragones Massacres MarvelSeven Block (Epic)SHADOWCAT (no series!)ShadowmastersShadowridersShadows & LightShanna, the She-DevilSheena (movie adaptation)SHANG CHI (see:  Master of Kung Fu)SHE-HULKShe-Hulk:  CeremonyS.H.I.E.L.D.SHOGUN WARRIORSSHROUDSilverhawksSILVER SABLESILVER SURFERSilver Surfer:  Loftier Than MortalsSilver Surfer/Superman (Marvel/DC crossover)Silver Surfer vs. DraculaSilver Surfer/Warlock:  ReesurrectionSilver Surfer/Weapon Zero (Marvel/Top Cow crossover)Sisterhood of Steel (Epic)Six from Sirius (Epic)Six from Sirius II (Epic)Six-Gun Western (Atlas 1957)Skeleton Warriors (based on cartoon)Skrull Kill CrewSkull, the SlayerSlapstickSledge HammerSLEEPWALKERSleeze BrothersSLINGERSSmurfsSolarmanSoloSolo Avengers (becomes Avengers Spotlight)Solomon KaneSON OF SATANSOVIET SUPER SOLDIERSSpaceman (Atlas 1953)Space Squadron (Atlas 1951)Space Worlds (1952)Special Collectors EditionSpecial Marvel Edition (becomes Master of Kung Fu)Spectacular Scarlet SpiderSpectacular Spider-ManSpeedballSpellbound (Atlas 1952)SpellboundSPIDER-GIRLSPIDER-HAM (no series!)SPIDER-MAN (becomes Peter Parker, Spider-Man)Spider-Man AdventuresSpider-Man & Amazing FriendsSpider-Man/Badrock (Marvel/Maximum Press crossover)Spider-Man/Batman (Marvel/DC crossover)Spider-Man, Chapter 1Spider-Man ClassicsSpider-Man Comics MagazineSpider-Man:  Dead Man's HandSpider-Man:  The Final AdventureSpider-Man:  Friends and EnemiesSpider-mn:  Funeral for an octopusSpider-man/Gen13 (Marvel/Wildstorm crossover)Spider-Man:  Hobgoblin LivesSpider-Man:  Made mnSpider-Man:  The MangaSpider-Man:  Maximum ClonageSpider-Man MegazineSpider-Man:  The Mutant AgendaSpider-Man:  Power of TerrorSpider-Man/PunisherSpider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth:  Designer GenesSpider-Man:  RedeptionSpider-Man SagaSpider-Man Super Size SpecialSpider-Man Team-UpSpider-Man:  The Arachnis ProjectSpider-Man:  The Clone JournalsSpider-Man:  The Jackal FilesSpider-Man:  The Lost YearsSpider-Man:  The Parker YearsSPIDER-MAN 2099 (becomes Spider-Man 2099A.D.)Spider-Man UnlimitedSpider-Man UnmaskedSpider-Man vs. DraculaSpider-Man vs. VenomSpider-Man:  the Venom AgendaSpider-Man vs. WolverineSpider-Man:  Web of DoomSpider-Man & X-Factor:  Shadow GamesSPIDER-WOMAN ISPIDER-WOMAN IISPIDER-WOMAN IIISpidey Super StoriesSPIRITS OF VENGEANCE (no comic with this title!)Spitfire and the Troubleshooters (becomes:  Code Name:  Spitfire)SpoofSport Stars (1949) becomes Sports Action)SpotlightSpumco Comic bookSpy Cases (See:  Kid Komics)Spy Fighters (1951)Spyke (Epic)Spy Thrillers (Atlas 1954) (becomes Police Badge)SQUADRON SUPREMEStalkers (Epic)STARBLASTStarbrandStar Comics MagazineStarjammersStar-Lord Special EditionStarlordStarlord MegazineSTARMASTERSSatriorsStarstruckSTAR TREKStar Trek:  Deep Space NineStar Trek:  Early VoyagesStar Trek:  First Contact (movie adaptation)Star Trek:  Mirror, Mirror (continuation of classic episode)Star Trek:  The Next Generation - Riker SpecialStar Trek:  The Next Generation/X-Men:  Second ContactStar Trek:  Operation AssimilationStar Trek:  Starfleet AcademyStar Trek:  Telepathy WarStar Trek:  UnlimitedStar Trek:  The Untold VoyagesStar Trek:  VoyagerStar Trek:  Voyager:  SplashdownStar Trek/X-MenStar WarsSteelgrip Starkey (Epic)Steeltown RockersSTORMStrange Combat TalesStrange Stories of Suspense (see:  Rugged Action)STRANGE TALESStrange Tales:  Dark CornersStrange Tales of the Unusual (1957)Strange Worlds (1958)Strawberry Shortcake (Star)Stray toasters (Epic)Strikeforce MoriturySTRONG GUY RebornStryfe's Strike FileSUB-MARINERSaga of the Sub-MarinerSub-Mariner ComicsSuburban Jersey Ninja She-DevilsSunfire & Big Hero 6SUPERNATURALSSupernatural ThrillersSuper SoldiersSuper Villain ClassicsSuper-Villain Team-Upsuspense (Atlas 1949)Swords of the Swashbucklers (Epic) TTale of the Marines (See:  Devil-Dog Dugan)Tales of AsgardTales of G.I. JoeTales of Justice (See:  Justice Comics)Tales of the Age of ApocalypseTales of the Age of Apocalypse:  Sinister BloodlineTales of the Marvels:  BlockbusterTales of the Marvels:  Inner DemonsTales of the Marvels:  Wonder YearsTALES OF SUSPENSE (becomes Captain America)Tales of the Zombie (b&w magazine)TALES TO ASTONISH (becomes Incredible Hulk)Tarzan (Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation)Tarzan of the Apes (movie adaptation)Team AmericaTeam HelixTeam X/Team 7Team X 2000Teen Comics (See:  All Winners Comics)Teenage Romance (See:  My Romance)Tek World (See:  William Shatner's Tek World)Terminator 2 (movie adaptation)Terrarists (Epic)Terror Inc.Tessie the Typist (Timely 1944) (becomes Tiny tessie becomes Real Experiences)Texas Kid (Atlas 1951)Tex Dawson, Gunslinger (becomes Gunslinger)Tex Morgan (1948)Tex Taylor (1948)THANOS QuestTHINGTHOR (previously Journey Into Mystery)  (becomes Journey Into Mystery)Thor CorpsThree Musketeers (movie adaptation)THUNDERBOLTSThunderbolts:  Distant RumblingsThundercats (Star)THUNDERSTRIKETIGRA (no title!)Timely Presents:  Human torch ComicsTimeslip CollectionTIMESLIP:  The Coming of the AvengersTimespirits (Epic)TimestrykeTiny Tessie (See:  Tessie the Typist)Tomb of Darkness (See:  Beware)Tomb of DraculaTomb of Dracula (b&w mag)Tomb of Dracula MegazineTomorrow Knights (Epic)Top Dog (Star)Tor 9Epic)Tough Kid Squad Comics (Timely 1942)Tower of Shadows (becomes Creatures on the Loose)Toxic AvengerToxic CrusadersTRANSFORMERSTransformers Comics MaagazineTransformers, the Movie (animated movie adaptation)Transformers UniverseTransmutation of Ike Garauda (Epic)Trouble with irls:  Night of the Lizard (Epic)True Complete Mystery (See:  Complete Mystery)True Secrets (See:  Our Love)True Western (1949) (becomes rue adventures becomes mn's Adventures)Try-Out Winner BookTV Stars2099:  Manifest Destiny2-Gun Kid (See:  Billy Buckskin)Two-Gun Kid (Atlas 1948)Two-Gun Kid:  Sunset RidersTwo Gun Western (See:  Casey -- Crime Photographer)Two-Gun Western (See:  Billy buckskin)2001:  A Space Odyssey (based on movie)2001:  A Space Odyssey2010 (movie adaptation)2099 A.D.2099 Apocalypse2099 Genesis2099 Special:  the World of Doom2099 Unlimited (becomes 2099 A.D. Unlimited)2099:  World of TomorrowTYPHOID UUltimate Age of ApocalypseUltraforce/Avengers (Marvel/Malibu crossover)ULTRAGIRLUltra X-Men CollectionUltra X-Men IIIUltron UnleashedUncanny OriginsUncanny Tales (Atlas 1952)Uncanny Tales from the GraveUncanny X-Men (See:  X-Men)Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction (b&w magazine)ULTRAVERSE (no Marvel title by that name)UNION JACKU.S.A. 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