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Questprobe (1984-1985) Save link
Front cover?1
Ti:The incredible Hulk20
Cr:W-Bill Mantlo   P/L-Mark Gruenwald   I/F-John Romita Sr.   L-Joe Rosen   C-George Roussos
Ch:Hulk I
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Front cover?1
Ti:Mysterio times two!22
Cr:W-Allen Milgrom   P/L-James Mooney   I/F-James Mooney   L-Janice Chiang   C-George Roussos
Ch:Spider-Man I
Front coverRon Wilson, Joe Sinnott1
Cr:W-David Michelinie   P/L-Ron Wilson   I/F-Joe Sinnott   L-Richard Parker   C-Julianna Ferriter
Ch:Human Torch I, Thing

This series was supposed to have been a 12-issue mini-series. One missing part can be found in Marvel Fanfare (I) #33.