Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero Premiere (HC) (Legendary / Marvel) (2013)

Front coverAlex Ross
ISBN: 978-0-785-15394-8 / Marvel Preview
Ti:K-Day / Turn of the Tide / The Bond97 (37-30-30)
Cr:W-Travis Beacham   P/L-Chris Batista, Sean Chen, Yvel Guichet, Pericles Junior, Geoffrey Shaw   I/F-Matt Banning, Steven Bird, Pericles Junior, Mark McKenna   L-Patrick Brosseau   C-Tom Chu, Guy Major, Dom Regan   AsiEd-Greg Tumbarello   Ed-Bob Schreck   SVEd-Guillermo Del Toro   E-i-C-Bob Schreck   Dsgn-John J. Hill   Pre-Press and Production-Nicolas Sienty   Chairman and CEO-Thomas Tull   President and Chief Creative Officer-Jon Jashni   Vice President Creative Affairs-Jillian Zaks   EVP Marketing-Joel Chiodi   Director Marketing-Peter Stone   Senior Counsel-Jessica Kantor   Legal Counsel-Natalie LeVeck   Publishing Operations Coordinator-David Sadove   Assistant to Guillermo del Toro-Ian Gibson

TextIntroductionTravis Beacham2
Text with art/photosFrom script to the final pages: The Creative ProcessTravis Beacham, Yvel Guichet, Steven Bird, Guy Major, Patrick Brosseau6
Infos and statsKaiju (Japanese for "Strange Beasts)?2



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