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In Donaustadt (Danube city, the 22nd district of Vienna) we live since 1987. Here it is much quieter than in the city and it is no problem that Donaustadt is at the periphery as the subway is also in our proximity. As the district still offers space, during the last few years a lot of new buildings were (and still are) erected, which alas reduced the amount of green, open space, but the infra structure was improved. What else happens in Donaustadt, you can find here:


In Gloggnitz Elisabeth spent her childhood and youth and is still attached with this town, not only because her parents and other relatives still are living there.


In Ternitz was Markus raised and whoever knows the area, surly can understand why he resolved to return there sometime.


Elisabeth's colleague from Munich, Bernward Meyknecht, offers a site which is interesting for globe trotters, moose-lovers and astronomers:

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