Agatha Christie

Surly there is no-one who does not know her. The writer of crime stories is the embodiment of a British Lady and her work reflects a small, lovely but not totally intact British world. The backgrounds of her stories are the abysses of the human soul, as no other novel shows better than "The mirror crack'd".

Her best known heroine is Jane Marple, a determined elderly Miss, who studies the human nature within her micro-cosmos of St. Mary Mead. On the out-side she looks old-fashioned, innocent and naive, but her knowledge of man makes her the perfect detective.

The counterpart of the sturdy village-dweller Marple is the Belgian private investigator Hercule Poirot, full of savoir-vivre, always dressed fashionable and worried about his health. He too has a plain outward appearance but baffles by incredible deductions. His constant companion is Captain Arthur Hastings, whose guilelessness and honesty sets a comical accent in Poirot's serious way of work.

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Terry Pratchett

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Ann McCaffrey

Whoever loves dragons, also loves Anne McCaffrey. Her novels about the dragon riders of Pern are famous all over the world. Her stories are almost like fairy tales, filled with fantasy they take the reader to magical worlds, populated by unicorns, were-tigers, living planets, mutants and spaceships acting with humane consciousness. Beside these, she also wrote other series: the Crystal Singer Books, the Talent Series, Tower and the Hive Sequence and the Ship Series. She won many SF awards, amongst them the Hugo and the Nebula Award.

Born in America, she started her career as successful singer of operas and operettas, studied literature and Slavic languages, gained world wide renown as writer and today lives in Ireland and follows up her successful career as breeder of racing horses. There are next to none pictures of her, she herself described her looks as: "My eyes are green, my hair is silver and I freckle; the rest is still subject to change without notice."

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Vampir- and Ghost Stories

Markus is thrilled by vampire and ghost stories. Not those, where blood is running in streams, but those where the horror enfolds slowly and subtly. Among the first novels he read were "Dracula" (Bram Stoker) and "Frankenstein" (Mary Shelley).

An new heights was the book "Interview with the Vampire" (Ann Rice, and its follow-ups. Alas, here it is the same as with many series: The first book is the best, the others are dropping step by step.

Star Trek

We liked the original Star Trek when it started as TV series and although there are no new episodes (and also no new movies), we can enjoy the adventures of Cpt. Kirk, Spock and "Bones" as books. The Heyne Verlag has the most extensive collection of "Star Trek" books within the German-speaking countries (for the original series alone there are more than 90 books), and it is extended by a new book every other month.

But also the Goldmann Verlag has published "Raumschiff Enterprise" books, especially for the stories from the TV series.

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Liking the Conan comics, Markus started to read the books published by the Heyne Verlag. Again, more than 50 books are already in the shelf. But there haven't been new books for quite a while.

The Conan-collection is complemented by some books featuring Red Sonja (but they were no big success on the market).

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