Hobbies and special interests


After work Elisabeth often relaxes with a couple of Aerobics classes. On weekends and holidays she is also hiking and running. If you want to know more about her aerobics lessons or look at the pictures of her hiking tours, just click here.

Comics and cartoons

Except Marvel comics it is mainly cartoons, that we have gathered in our trunks amass. And in the course of time certain series stood out from the others; series, which we like to read again and again and that have not lost their attraction after many years. An overview you can find at "Comics and Cartoons".

Movies and TV series

When in the evening we come home from work, we enjoy it to relax with a funny or suspense-packed movie or an episode of a TV series. But as you surely know, when there is time for watching TV there is nothing on worth seeing - and that on more than 30 channels! Lucky for us, there are VCRs and so we can watch leisurely what has the most interest to us. What that is, we reveal at "Movies and TV Series".


"Every day you did not laugh is a lost day", an old proverb says. And that is especially valid for Elisabeth, who almost every day attends to the newsgroup rec.humor, to discuss with other jokers from all over the globe the state of the world - which is as everybody knows "hopeless, but not serious".

We prefer especially the English, the Irish and the Yiddish humour.
The humour of the British is black and very dry, they particularly master the art of "understatement". Representatives: Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson, Assorted Nuts, Hale and Pace.
The Irish humour is brilliant, snappy, sarcastic, full of puns. Markus likes to remember the Irishman Dave Allen(?), whose show he has seen a long time ago but has not heard of him since then.
The Yiddish humour on the other hand is usually more melancholic and often philosophic. Representatives: Woody Allen, Ephraim Kishon.

To our special favourites we dedicated their own page.


Reading is a very practical hobby. We can do it everywhere, it does not disturb anyone, does not use energy (except some light) and appeases out hunger for knowledge, is a good diversion for long travels or simply relaxing. And it is not only comics, we feed our brains with, but almost everything from news paper to philosophic tomes. Again we have our favourites, which you can find at our hit parade of readings.

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