MAELMILL stands for MARKUS and ELISABETH MÜLLER (for Müller we used the English spelling Miller, as no German special characters were allowed).

Everything you never wanted to know about Elisabeth and Markus and were also not bored enough to ask:

Elisabeth Christine Müller

Date of birth February 17th, 1965
Married since August 2nd, 1986
Living in Gloggnitz, since 1986 in Vienna
Nickname Billy (from Sybille, nobody knows why)
Education Studied mathematics at the Technical University, here are her final papers (in German)
Job Software developer for Thales
Hobbies Running, Aerobics, Comics, Fantasy & Science Fiction
Favourite colour green
What's your sign? Aquarius
Favourite music Rock'n'roll
Preferred place to stay in the net rec.humor, de.rec.sport.laufen.*

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Markus Werner Müller

Date of birth November 23rd, 1963
Married since August 2nd, 1986
Living in Ternitz, since 1986 in Vienna
Education Technical College for Electronics
Job Programmer and System Engineer for SIEMENS
Hobbies Computer, Comics, Fantasy & Science Fiction
Favourite colour blue
What's your sign? Sagittarius (ascendent Aries, descendent Libra), what ever that means
Favourite season Autumn
Favourite holiday Halloween
Favourite music Irish folk, Country & Western (both of them), Yiddish folk, Synthesiser music (J.M. Jarre)
I am laughing about Monty Python, British humour in general, Yiddish Humour, Woody Allen
I like to read Comics, vampire- and ghost-stories (Dracula, Interview with a Vampire), Star Trek, fantasy stories

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